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March 17, 2013


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Bombs away

No, actually, you may take credit for your fun word and use it in your cute context however Prettify is not a word the verbs for pretty are "to make pretty" and "beautify" i opened my actual dictionary because the internet is full of garbage words in so called "dictionaries" just because someone submitted a made up word doesnt make it real if you like we can play:
handsomify,uglify,kindify, gentlefy,stinkify,loudify,cutify, lets just ad fy to every adjective and call it a real word shall we. No lets not....English already works...unless you want to go back to school and relearn english because your english is now outdated...or no wait, lets rather go ahead and ignorantify the world with nonesense words cause that is really the best use for the internet hey? Or perhaps we should show some responsibility towards the written word so we dont stupidify our children!!


Great makeover - I might try something similar, I need an inspiration board near my craft closet.

idiosyncratic eye

I love it! :)


Modpodge? I have heard about it out in the blogosphere...not even sure if it is even available here in Australia but it might be time to check out if it is! It looks like it has the potential to liberate the bolshie art of yarnbombing from a select few to just about anyone...imagine modpodging a mailbox with fabric? How about a street sign? a telephone booth?! I have a large bridge spanning the Tamar River (yeh, we have one of those here too ;) ) that I could mod podge!!! (might take a bit longer than the mailbox and I might need a bit more fabric but I am up for it!!!). That clear plastic sticky stuff is called "Contact" here and a more fitting word was never given to anything...as soon as it makes "contact" it sticks like super glue and won't let go :( They are the stuff that mothers who have been told that "I need my books all covered by tomorrow mum!"...and who are still up at 3am listening to the blackbirds singing with a cold cup of tea in front of them and all 600 books from each of their 3 kids (did I mention all 3 of them needed the books covered BY TOMORROW?!) and it IS tomorrow and you are only half way through because the bloo#@ "contact" has torn holes in all of the books and you are trying to use pins to stick holes in and have gotten all of the cereal out of its box to try to recreate a cover in some form... yeh...I have been there and done that and know that it is a parents rite of passage to cover books! It sorts out those of us who can, and those of us who stick a sad sticker on the front of the books in the vain hope that their children will get away with it! ;)

Margriet Duursma -Spijkerman

What a wonderful studio you've got. I envy you( just a little bit) hugs from Holland


Have you see this? I thought of you!


I love this idea! We certainly need some prettified magnetic boards in our house . . .

Liesbeth Houtman

Dear Lucy, you do such pretty things with very simple things. I love your ideas. Keep up with the good work! You inspire me! Isn't it wonderful for you, to know, that you inspire so many people? That must give you a very good feeling about yourself! Are you happy with that? I wish you well, success with the Studio, where ever that me be..... In your own neighbourhood?
Love from the Netherlands!

Bari Jo

Everything you touch turns pretty! Can't wait to see the reveal of the studio!

Joy Boughey

I'm always inspired by your blog Lucy, such beautiful work and photography - and have to say the scenery shots make me quite homesick at times, me being a Scot and having now lived in Australia many, many years! I also have had strong connections with your exact neck of the woods in days gone by. Thank you for all of it and I wish you and Tracy many blessings in your new shared studio!


I would say that board has been Lucyfied! Heehee! Now THAT word should be in the dictionary! The little button magnets made me squeal a bit, they're so lovely!


That was a pretty good piece of upcycling! I couldn't work out what the grey thing was at first :)

I might need to investigate modge podge if nothing but for the name alone :p It sounds interesting. The problem is.... When I discovered super glue (like it was some new invention) I couldn't stop gluing stuff, so I'm a bit worried I might try modge podging my whole flat haha!


P.S I now know it's Mod Podge but I quite like my name for it :D

Jo Roberts

Been doing a bit of {gulp!}upcycling myself here:


Dianne Vittone

Lucy.....I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. I've crocheted since I was vey young and love, love, love it! Thank you for all you post, it's all delish! Warmly, Dianne Vittone, OH,USA

Lyn Z... Isle of Long, NY, USA

SO excited about your soon to open studio!!! You sound so very over the moon happy!! I would be as well.....
When you mentioned those little birds in your last post I thought to share with you another amazing artists work.... Her name is Geninne....... I Am including a link to her blog....... http://blogdelanine.blogspot.com/2013/03/the-blue-agave.html She does LOTS of birds, butterflies and other images.... she carves her own stamps and is ever so talented and gives great tutorials as well....... (NOT a crocheter)
Also I recently saw that little VW Bug all Mod Podged and hope you noticed the bit someone wrote about using 'EXTERIOR" Mod Podge if you decide to resurface Connievan :) <3

Liz Davey

That is fab. I waited for ages for the first photo to download, before I realised that the grey rectangle was the photo! Love the new version


Hi from the Netherlands, love your blog, keep on posting. I am inspired by your knitting and crocheting!

Sonia Petitpoint

I really like your pretty notice board !


You are awesome! If only I lived closer so I could visit you in "The Studio":) I can't wait to see pictures of the studio's journey.

Jane Wolkowski

The way you write your blog, for me, is like reading a bestseller novel. I totally devour each and every word and I also like all your pojects which I try to copy and I thank you for you taking the time to share.

Denise Rotherham

This is beautiful - I have something in mind for the Teen's bedroom to prettify school reminders! Have a lovely and colourful week.

Julie Lealand

HiLucy, I read your posts all the time, each & every single one of them but never comment. I just had to comment today & say that I absolutely LOVE what you have done with your noticeboard & magnets & cant WAIT to see your studio reveal. Thanks for sharing, hugs across the miles, Julie :-)


Love the buttons for those people that don't have a glue gun you can use clear bathroom sealant instead you can get it in DIY stores, uni bond do one in a bottle that doesn't need a gun squeezy thing and it holds really well!


It's ADORABLE! The buttons are the perfect Lucy touch! But I have to wonder if I am the only person who sat and stared at the gray rectangle for a full 10 minutes waiting for a picture to load? LOL! I felt so silly when I realized that the gray rectangle WAS the picture! I need a vacation!


Prettified indeed! The stitches on your buttons are awesome - I always say that a button should never be nekkid!

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