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March 11, 2013


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Liefs Else

I adore the little flowers you've made! And what a beautiful big bunch of Tulips! Liefs Else X


Happy Mother's Day! I loved your flowers! They will be very beautiful on your Easter wreath. I'm glad you got your favorite flower on Mother's Day...you have a very smart husband :).


do you like my blanket?next time I'do a japanese scarf like your!isabella


That day looked very happy indeed!


Wow, look at all those tulips!! That is really awesome!! Sounds and looks like you had a great mothers day!

Angela-Southern U.S.A.

HaPpY MoThEr'S dAy!(here in the US it's may 12th)WOW!A tremendous thrill of tulips!(and all well deserved.)Sounds like a very lovely day.The crocheted flowers are all pretty(the trio of quinces would make a lovely brooch too.)I spent the evening crocheting flowers,need to catch up!;D Happy day!


Happy day ! It's funny, yesterday I was dropping the same hint myself, I told me daughter that for my birthday I would love to have tulips, just tulips ;-)
Thank you for your colorful posts, they bring sun everywhere !


A mí también me encanta tejer en mi camita... :)


That made me laugh! How sweet cramming them into a saucepan.

Seaweed & Raine

You are well loved by your wonderful hubby and little peeps. Just looking at your gigantic bowl of tulips is a delight. I'm so glad your mother's day was a lovely indulgence :)
Hope your week is just as good.


Lynne Gill

OH! What a delight to the eye those tulips are! You are blessed to have such a family who know just what hits the spot!! Gorgeous!

I checked out the book too....drooling over every featured page...right up my street, but a little pricey at the moment; I can't be blogging about getting organised and being more food-frugal then go out and spend £20 on a book! (Well, I might....but not yet!)

We had a family day for Mothers Day and it was very nice, but I sneakingly feel you had the better deal!


Your quince flowers are just GORGEOUS. I used to have a Japanese quince in our last garden and when in flower, it was quite the most beautiful shrub there.


Happy Mothers day Lucy!!! I have been reading your arcives every morning with coffee,and I just finished your announcement that you were expecting your little B... These posts fit beautifully together.Your flowers are scrummy, what a wonderful hubby and little peeps you have.Glad you enjoyed your speciald day.


happy happy - heartskippy happy! thanks for sharing. love your blog!

Lola Valdívia

Felicidades y que cumplas muchos mas.

Un abrazo


What a lovely Mother's day for you!
I love the little flowers you've made, dying to see the finished easter wreath!

Bari Jo

The flowers are beautiful! Wow! And I didn't know that Mother's Day was celebrated on different days over the world! Sweet day your family gave you! Thank you for your sweet pattern, too!

Teresa Kasner

Boy.. that may be the biggest bouquet of tulips I've ever seen! You deserve it! I saw a program today about the history of buttons - I put lots of photos of them on my blog, if you want to see. I adore your new little flowers.. I'll have to try them. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


I LOVE tulips, they also were one of my younger
brother's favourites. Visiting here is always lovely.


Happy Mom's Day! Can't think of anyone who would more appreciate such a lovely flood of tulips! Or more deserve it!


Well, Happy Mother's Day! to you, Lucy! Looks like you had your wish for your special day. Love all the tulips from the family.


Very, very pretty! A belated Happy Mother's Day to you : )


Happy Mother's Day! The tulips are beautiful and I can't wait to see your Easter wreath when it's finished.


I love your little jug of daffs next to the tulips - it puts the size into context! I can so see why you nearly fell about laughing!

Lisa G.

I suppose you've seen Nicky Epstein's book, Crocheted Flowers, but you could write your own, Lucy!

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