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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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March 03, 2013


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Carolyn Geoffrey

Hi Lucy, and good morning to you from Texas in the USA. I love the owl and the rabbit patterns, but hon, when can we expect you to post the tutorial for your sweet French Bower Bird? I was hoping you would do so in time for us (your adoring fans) to create an Easter wreath using the French Bower Bird, but alas that didn't happen. I know you are busy with your new studio and everything else going on in your life. I hope you can post this tutorial for us very soon.

Thank you for all the sweet tutorials you do share with us.

Carolyn Geoffrey


I think I have the sister shard to that piece of pottery! I live on the Tamar River in Sidmouth Tasmania right next to an old church and as Australia goes, its pretty historic here (baby steps compared to "The Old Country" but whatchagonnado eh? ;) ) and I often find washed up bits of gorgeousness on our tiny riverbank. We are just around the corner from the sea so we get all kinds of driftwood and pottery bits and smooth rumbled glass and I can be found regularly in all season out front of our gate hunting bums up ;). I LOVE those fingerless gloves! I think I am going to have to go hunt for a pattern. If you have shared one here could you please point me in the right direction? It's our autumn that has just settled on us like your long languishing winter and as a horticulturalist I am after something just like this (crocheted in khaki ;) ) to free up my fingers to work as autumn is our planting season :). GORGEOUSNESS GIRL! So excited to find this blog and rekindle my latently burning love of all things crocheted :). My own children are out there ruling the world (or so they would have me believe ;) ) and I have plenty of time to crochet but I replaced the kids with dogs and dogs never get beyond 4 years old and are curious as heck about yarn (and Earl is actively to be considered ADHD! ;) ) so wish me luck!

monument patios

Spring is coming so I'm very excited to work in my garden. It had been hurt by the winter and I'm fixing it now.


Such a pleasant walk. I like the landscape around your Attic...such great opportunity to escape from the house.
Have a fab day, Lucy!


Oh Lucy, you wouldn't believe how your photos have just transported me back to there. We used to take a walk around that very spot on Sunday afternoons... Love, love love it when you remind me how beautiful that part of the country is. x


Seeing my little boy run about like a mad thing is one of my favourite things too. Love your crochet fingerless gloves - pretty :-)


Lovely pictures! I've been trying to get my boys out for a walk more often (they're 9 & 11) but they practically need surgical removal from the house. Once out, they moan and moan until I crack and we come home. I think I'll give up and get a dog to accompany me!


Sounds and looks like a lovely time spent with your family. Moments like that add such sweetness to weekends, don't they? I agree with you, it's so fun to see the little tikes always running everywhere. I wish I had that kind of energy!


Dear Lucy, You are for sure an amazing crocheter~Designer.... BUT you are also an amazing Author... with such beauty in your words... I feel, hear, and smell the sights as though I could look up from my computer... and actually be there!! I find myself waiting to sit down and read some more about your colorful life... Everyday brings my heart closer to your Country... As always Thank you for including us in your world... <3 Patti


Oh, what a beautiful images i can imagine little B's smile!


Looks like y'all have some actual green stuff on the ground! We're still covered with snow over this way. Great photos. Makes me wish I was back in England! I miss living in East Yorkshire!

Doreen Ganley

Lovely walk for you all - a bit of fresh air is good. I think little B will always be ready to go out because he will have been used to going out taking the others to school every day rather than just staying in. Sunny today - hooray. dojo x


Hi Lucy,

I have to tell you I don't blame those kids. It's so colorful in their warm and cozy home and it's so brown/grey outside! It's a testament to your nesting skills.

I have some exciting news. I bought a camper. You probably don't remember a few years ago, sending me connievan wishes but they finally worked...sort of. Thing is, it isn't a traveling connievan and her name is Coral Belle, not connie, but I love her just the same. I plan on parking her in our back yard (we have a few acres for a back yard) near the bees. I want to sell my honey in the camper, and maybe have a few little vintage markets, or sometimes just sit and relax and of course, I can't wait to decorate her! I need cushions and pillows and curtains and bunting for starters. But for starters, before that.....she needs finished. She's a mess, but did I say...I love her!

Cindy Bee

PS - if you want to take a peek you'll need to go a couple of posts back, to the one titled I'm Excited! I am!


I'm always rather reluctant to add comments because you already get SO many & I feel mine are not that important to take up time. But I HAVE to this morning because I've wanted to tell you that I can barely WAIT each day to 'visit' you & see what you've done or where you've gone. I also avidly crochet and love, love, love your beautiful creations! ALSO, love the outings you and your family take, and would give anything to live where YOU do! In Houston, Texas it's generally hot & muggy. I LOVE cool to cold weather, and overcast days make me HAPPY! Thank you, Lucy, for always making my mornings nicer! SO grateful you are in the blogging world!


Blissfull walks are the best!

Linda J

Gorgeous pictures, as always, Lucy! Isn't it funny that whenever you find a bit of crockery like that, it nearly always seems to be Blue Willow Pattern? It is for me, anyway. Just shows how popular it's been, I guess!


It's such a nice landscape where you live. Very very pretty. Makes me want to visit England so much! But our son The Teenager is NOT at all doing that...haha

Anna-Marie Field

Hi Lucy, That looks wonderful, that's the type of work one could do everyday, isn't it? Love the stone packed wall and piece of crockery!!


Your pictures reminded me of Ireland at first!
#1 daughter and I had a most lovely day at the zoo today - it was quite sunny and so wonderful to (finally) be spending some time outside!


Beautiful pictures :) It's been cold and rainy here so haven't felt like walking much lately. Thanks for sharing your wonderful day!


Wow the country side where you are is amazing and so beautiful. xxx


Gorgeous pic's Lucy.
Family walks can be the best and the worst lol.
The older they get the more they complain and then say what fun it was later, love them.


Oh , forgot to say....I've now got a lovely blog in my blogroll....called Down By the Sea.....Sarah lives in Dorset and takes beautiful coastal pictures, thought of you :0)
Jacquie x

sherri mclaughlin

lovely thanks


Lovely photos Lucy. I took my dogs up to Blackmoorfoot Reservoir outside Huddersfield about 8am last Thursday and it was breathtakingly beautiful, but very chilly! Most of the surface was covered with ice and as we walked it was just starting to melt away. I know exactly what you mean about the moaning on walks! I love my son very much, but my dogs are much better walking companions- lol!

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