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February 26, 2013


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stephen Geoffrey hughes

Am Stephen from Preston.my mother was born in wonderful whitby and as a little girl use to live at the foot house of the steps when sadly went to the higher side of life in April 2011.I made a stone rockery with her Leeds United things around opposite the abbey. Every opportunity I get I always come back to wonderful whitby.and highly recommend to anyone else to go to the best seaside resort town in Britain.it's my mum's wonderful whitby.

An Valenteyn

So nice to see these places through your eyes again. In may this year me and my boyfriend went to yorkshire for a meeting with facebookfriends we got to know in a photogroup. 2of them are from Yorkshire and they took us to see a lot of nice places. I was so happy seeing all of them because I had wanted to go for such a long time.
The last days we spent in York on our own but right before that we had 2 days in Whitby an Robin Hood's bay. Our hosts also love it there. And it really was a great experience for us too.
It was great to read about it again here today :)


Oh what memories looking at your photos. I grew up in Harrogate and summer hols each August were always on the East Coast. I now live in Australia (Melbourne) but have been back many times and always visit Whitby, Robin Hood's Bay and Brid. I've just discovered your Blog and am just LOVING the colours you use, keep it all coming.


"a steep walk down" is a bit of an understatement !
visited when i was 4 months pregnant and my OH had to practically drag me back up the hill ha ha
Beautiful though

Handmade in Israel

Ooh, thank you for this post. Your enthusiastic words and gorgeous pictures have reminded me of our own wonderful visit to Whitby and Robin Hoods Bay a couple of years ago.


Hi Lucy! I've just written up my post about our trip to Whitby - Hope you can have a look!
Thanks Ax


Gorgeous pics! I've been to Whitby just the once. As an Aussie, I'd say that Whitby is best known because of Captain Cook!


Beautiful pictures...wish I could blink myself into your part of the world and visit for awhile. I would arrive in my warm fannel pj's, robe and slippers, along with two cups of tea and lemon yogurt cake to share! Hot chocolate for the kids, storytime too, then watch you crochet. I need some lessons! Kitty from New Jersey USA :)

Kate Dengra

Was feeling slightly depressed tonight so I thought I would nip into your blog to cheer me up with some bright colours and warmth your blog gives me. It totally lived up to expectations! and this post is fab.....although I live in Spain I do miss the N.Yorkshire coast and Whitby and Robin Hoods bay are 2 of my favourite places (Staithes being another).
Not been back to UK for nearly 4 years and it is nice to see these photos and I can go to bed and have nice dreams of the lovely times I had when I lived in Scarborough.

J Munro

I've been to Whitby and think I actually went to the same pub as you. I remember clearly how the North Sea looked VERY different from the English Channel - It was dark and foreboding and looked very scary! I live in Brighton and the sea here is usually quite blue/green and very sparkly. You should definitely try to move to the seaside if you can; I've been here 18 years and it STILL feels like I live on holiday!

I love reading your blog; I'm not at all into bright colours like you are & prefer simpler palettes and using a lot of white around my colours to make them ping - but I still check your blog every day and recommend you to the people I teach crochet to. Keep up the good work; you're a brilliant resource & provide the most excellent tutorials. Even if I do have to mentally have to convert them into US terms!

Taciana Simmons

I feel like that about the ocean myself. Of course I grew up in Brazil and right in front of the beach every day.... It's hard to understand how we can go away from such beauty. It's a lovely place indeed. :)


Such lovely pictures :) I know how you feel about the sea! I've been a beach girl all my life from living in Alexandria, Egypt on the beautiful Mediterranean to living on the east coast of the USA by the great Atlantic. Since I got married almost three and a half years ago i've lived inland and everyday I long for my home, the sea!

Tracy Dixon

Whitby is a beautiful place I think it is what a seaside town should like on a postcard. I walked the West Highland Way a few years ago and we booked hostels to stay in I was very nervous as I'm quite fussy for accommodation but they were great places to stay in clean, friendly and better than some hotels that I have stayed in. I think people, certainly I know I did have a misconception about hostels but I would recommend them to anyone looking for a cheap break away


Oh, I live way down here in Australia, and started reading along here sometime ago because I am another hook addict, and I love your work, but I do believe I have stayed in the very same youth Hostel in Whitby long ago! I loved it there. This post makes me want to come back.

(And I also believe Captain Cook left from Whitby, so it's a place of meaning for us Aussies.)


Oh to wander the beautiful streets and alleys of Whitby again. My Nan was born there, though since has moved away, and we went to stay there for a week with her. It was one of the most wonderful places I have ever been.

Marianne Richardson

Hope you managed a visit to 'Bobbins' and its amazing yarns...and other things. it is in an old chapel just before the 199 steps. When my family were younger we used to send them up the 199 steps to count them...6 children always had different answers....so we sent them up again, a great February warm-up!
Hope you write a book soon, your blog is so rich with colour and inspiration, thanks so much.


Thank you for sharing your experience. What a lovely place to visit. I can see why you are so drawn to the seaside. It is good for the soul.


There's another great hostel just down the road from Robin Hood Bay (next cove along) called 'Boggle Hole'. We had the run of the place a couple of years ago!


It all sounds so wonderful!! Reminds me of when I lived in the UK. I love those towns by the sea! Thanks for your wondeful post!

Judith Solecki

I am reading this post in the middle of another Monster Snowstorm (I'm in Ontario, Canada). The photos and descriptions of your trip have completely changed my mood from whining to content. Thank you for this and all your other wonderful posts.


Thank you for the great vacation! I was in need of a little trip and I feel through your blog that I have been down to the Yorkshire seaside.


we spent a week in Whitby last year and now I want to go back :) lovely!


Thank you for taking us on your little jaunt.
I've just taught a lady to crochet your teeny tiny flowers and introduced her to your blog - your admirers must be growing to vast numbers!


Lucy, I really enjoyed your 'postcards' from Whitby!
The next best thing to being there. xx


We were in Whitby the week before last - it was only the second time I've been, and I loved it - I can't wait to go back. We stayed in the lighthouse cottage, just past the Abbey. Looks like you had a lovely time :)

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