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February 09, 2013


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No wonder you jumped for that mosaic. It's just like your very own blue pot of tulips. What a great little piece. And those breathtaking pictures of tulip fields. I just might join you on that trip.


The colours are amazing the pic where you can see the little people looks like a painting and I Also think of rug because the pic looks textured ( bit of mad thought) nice and cheery on this cold snowy day.


Hi Lucy, I have a question, the Japanese patterns that use symbols, when they refer to a stitch, such as treble or double crochet, do they mean a uk or us stitch. Do you know, I would love to have a go at a pattern but I'm not sure what they follow, I follow uk.....
Thanks Lucy, xxBrenda


hi... being a dutch girl Addicted to Tullips and your blog, I do understand completly your need to come to holland. If you do decide to come to holland you really shout visit the "keukenhof" http://www.keukenhof.nl/nl/


Lucy - the bulb fields are just like here but seeing them with your own eyes is just wonderful.....you are already steeped in colour at home.....more and more over there....it really is a place you will never forget. There are lots of little tours which go there in April - I'm wondering would the kids be a bit young - maybe not if you go to the cheese market and Volendam as well.
I do hope you get to go.

carole wheeler

Hi Lucy, I always love seeing and reading your blog because I love your enthusiasm! If you manage to get to the tulip fields pls bring back hundreds of photos. They look fabulous in your pics of the aerial views of the fields..Have a great day..xxx


The tulips are beeeeuuuuutiful! My Nana used to go to the Keukenhof gardens regularly to see them. Thanks for another bright and inspiring blog post, you do wonders for my mood!


Thank you for colouring my morning! When I got divorced several years ago I bought myself tulips of different colours one for each year of marriage, a bunch of 15! Beautiful.


Love the photos, tulip time is so colourful & offer all sorts of creative thoughts & dreams!


Your mantle is beautiful and so meaningful, too. I am trying desperately to bring more color into our home, and I am getting a lot of ideas from you. Thanks for the inspiration! I've seen the ranunculus flower fields in Carlsbad, CA, but I think the tulip fields would blow me away. The pictures of them are gorgeous, and great inspiration for another afghan!


Your hyacinths are not as bright, no, as your normal fare, but I think the pastel is a good fit for this time of year. Its not yet a bright and happy spring, but its not droll and dreary as winter tends to be....its more hopeful for things to come soon! And those tulip fields? To die for!!! xoxo, Jess


Your house looks Dutch too, with all of those colours!


Dear Lucy,
If you are visiting the tulips, you can stay at our place. I have a spare bed. We live in Noord-Holland, were the flowerfields are not far from here.
I would be very happy to drive you around between the flowers!


can I come to the tulip fields, too???? gosh, they are gorgeous!

I do love that your little mosaic looks like your vase/pitcher of tulips. Meant to live at 24!


Now you've made me want to buy some fresh flowers! They are signs that spring is coming, and I sure miss spring. Pity they are so expensive around here...
Lovely home you have there.


Oh, now I want tulips ~ nice bright ones!


Love all the color!! It makes me happy just to looks at the colors of your life. Thanks


As offspring of a bulb farmer i can only like this post very much :)
Tulips and flowers everywhere at my place too! Enjoy the colours and smells.


Hihi, i live near those fields. It's not very special to me any more. But when I see them right now there's are realy beautifull.


I cannot tell how much I enjoy reading your blog, it makes my day. I am also following you on facebook. The photos of the Dutch tulip fields are breath taking. You know where I am going to on Google don't you?


I do forget how special our tulip fields are. Hope you make that trip!
Love, Mariel

Anna Watkins

Your blog has such a lovely homespun Cosy feel. I really love the twigs on your mantle piece, I may try something similar with a bonsai tree that I killed but couldn't part with , as it is such a lovely shape. Good luck with The Tulip Trip!


Robin Hood's Bay is one of my favourite places too

As Helen said, the ferries go from Hull so that might be an option. Or slightly closer to home, there are always the Tulips in Spalding in Lincolnshire. There is a festival every year (http://www.spalding-flower-parade.org.uk/home) and lots of fields I think. Obviously not the scale of the Netherlands but may be another option?


I too love tulips, one of my favourites. And that mosaic is just gorgeous! My sister lives in Amsterdam, yet in all my visits to see her, I've never timed it for the tulip fields. It's on my wish list too! How right you are about the blankety nature of the fields, just gorgeous. Whenever I visit I always go along to the flower market to bring a big bunch back with me :) I hope you manage to squeeze in a visit - if not this year, then soon!
Jones x

Anne Rohr

Dear Lucy, if you will visit the Netherlands just for flowers some time you must have a stop at Keukenhof ! i was there sometimes and bought the biggest Amaryllis bulbs ever. I follow you colorful blog almost 5 years now and it is always brightening up my day. Thank you!! Anne from Germany

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