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February 09, 2013


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This mosaic looks great. It`s a real pain to create mosaic - you need perfectly shaped pieces or cut them, next you need to cover yourself in grout and thinset and afterwards almost always something went wrong and you need to remake. Fields are also looks marvellous. Color palette is astounding


I have a mug of feathers too :) people think I'm crazy!


Wow, to think that I've been born and raised here in the Netherlands, and I've never seen the tulip fields! Must go there this spring ^^ If you want to see some more Dutch landscape, google 'Kinderdijk' for some picturesque windmills :)


I really love the tulips and the hyacinths as well as the fragrance its fragrance.

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fatmanur şensoy

hi lucy I'M konya ,Turkey. tulip's motherland is Turkey.your pics are wonderful but. we have got a lot of tulip fields in konya .if you write ASYA LALE in google you will see . would you like to come and see these fields in turkey, april and may are the time of the tulips .in konya ,in istanbul,anda lot of cities in turkey you can see these tulips


I love your fireplace, makes me feel happy inside when I look at your pictures. Love your new Tulip Mosaic and especially love your little finch next to your globe. My dad used to keep Gouldian finches when I was little, he looks just like them. Have a great half term holiday. x


Somehow I managed to miss this colourful post until my Sis asked me yesterday at playgroup if I had seen you pictures of the bulb fields. Being a textile designer she was as blown away by the images as you are. And I am too now. They are amazing. I really want to go there too. We go to Belgium quite a bit and I keep saying to S that we should make a trip over the border one time when we're there. Love the little mosaic you've bought. Going to check out her other work now. Fiona x

Gina Affery

Hi Lucy,
We share a love of bright colours.
I love your granny square blankets and your blog!
Gina Affery

Rebecca Hooper

Hi,I absolutely love your blog!Could you tell me where you got your little bunny on your mantle?Did you make it yourself? thanks.


Lucy that last picture that you showed us of the tulip fields was breath taking thank you it looked just like one of your blankets with all the colors lined up wowee what a beautiful picture it was wish I was ever so close to there as I paint also besides crochet and it would be wonderful but live in USA and cant even think about it only in pictures so thank you dear Lucy for all your beautiful pictures to take us there rar


I Live in the Netherlands... if you will visit; go to the 'Keukenhof'. A special place with even more flowers! Holland is great, you will love it! My mom knits and chrochet a lot. If I could help you out with anything with visiting Holland, let me know; [email protected]


The next time I drive into town, I will stop at the florist to see if there are any pots of hyacinths available yet. But first, I must dig my car out of a snowbank...


Wow! The Earth is the LORD's and all its fullness, the world and those who dwell therein. Psalm 24:1 Thank you for sharing some of His fullness with us. I LOVE how His creation is so colorful and intricate.


Tulips are my favourite flower and these pictures made me smile on a very cold and wintery night. You might enjoy the pictures here:
Tulip Love!


I am sure it is lovely! By the way, with all the color in this post, I am reminded to finally ask you about the dolls on your mantel (1st pic in this post)...I assume that you crocheted them...where did you get that pattern? I love them, and I would love to make a set, but I have not found a pattern as cute as what I see on your mantel. Thanks!


I too love globes and your lovely new one looks very familiar. I was a child in the 60s and had one very like it. Does yours come apart round the equator? If it does then it's just like the one I had - when we bought it the inside of the globe held a bag of sweets!


The tulip fields look so beautiful. I can't wait for spring as we have fields of daffodils and then tulips for the Spalding Flower Parade. Fields and fields full of them! Have a great week. Chel


What fun!! I love the little blanket already. I had no idea that the Netherlands had such huge, lovely fields of Tulips!! I hope you will be able to see them sometime. I used to live in a little Iowa town that has a Tulip festival (Dutch ancestery). Those fields totally remind me of all the lovely tulips in springtime!


Just wanted to say how much I love popping into the Attic, so much inspiration and yummyness (is that even a word?!lol). You've had my hook dancing away, now as I type I have yarn-birds (Girl-Bird 1 & 2, aand a rather harrassed Boy-Bird) Random flower's hanging, granny square's & ripples.... Thank you :)


Hi Lucy,
I love your bright, cheerful blog. Have been reading for a while, and thought I would comment for the first time. I am 50, and I used to have a globe pretty much like yours when I was about 8, and I loved it! And those tulip fields look so amazing- I hope you manage a visit. Have a lovely day,


Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting those amazing images of the tulip fields!


Lucy you've done it again! Beautiful images and colours. But what's your secret? - How do you keep fresh cut flowers in a heated house?

Sonia Petitpoint

These tulip fields look gorgeous !


lovely, and I live near those dutch tulip fields, just 5 min by bike :)

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