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February 05, 2013


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lovely colours and pics :) seems nuts that there is snow outside when you have gorgeous tete a tete's showing off their sunny heads. those mini colourful squares are making me drool...can't wait to see what you do with them


I LOVE the bowl of teeny granny squares and can't wait to see what they will become. I'm intrigued by the long tails!


What a cozy day! Especially love the snow falling pic...I love your town/village. If it were possible I'd move to England and live. I love my country, the USA, but there is something so wonderful to me about England. Probably because my ancestors hail from that part of the world. And the history--it's so rich, and I love the old buildings and castles and the countryside. Ahhh..you have a lovely country.


I love the babushka dolls in the first (hyacinth) picture. DO you have a pattern for them?


A lovely day!

Donna Chapman

I want me some teeny granny squares in those beautiful colors!

Dianne Davis

I hope the hyacinths have a beautiful perfume. Great blog. Thank you
Dianne - Hereford


What fabulous 'todays' ... and funny ps's ... they have all made me smile :0) xxx


Your day's indeed cute and lovely and brought a smile on my face. As ususal.... you paint your day with colours...

Have a colourful day


Love the tiny granny squares. I actually managed to crochet a little heart last night. I cannot seem to get a square though!

Lovely colours as ever on your cheery blog.


Ohh how I wonder what you are cooking up with that delightful bowl of mini grannies! Can't wait to see :)
Jones x


I discovered your blog about a year ago and since then have had the most wonderful time reading back through all the posts and wallowing in the beautiful colours, fantastic photographs, gorgeous yarns and lovely snippets of family life. Having finally caught up to date this week, I had to write to say thank you so much for sharing your world with us all, it's truly uplifting. I've just sent you a little donation, hopefully enough to buy a coffee or a slice of cake, maybe next time you're at Hive Beach (a favourite place of ours too!)
Thank you again,
Rebecca x


I love how you have used ribbon to stop the hyacinths from flopping. Such a simple solution but one that I have never thought of. No more floppy hyacinths for me! I watched a video on you tube yesterday teaching how to crochet. Just about managed a chain so far but finding it really difficult. Have you ever posted a 'how to crochet' tutorial on here? I'm sure you'd be brill at explaining the basics. Fiona x


Spring bulbs are THE BEST!
Are those little squares heading for Yarndale?


I was looking to some of your recent posts, and saw the picture of the drying colorfull laundry.
Here's a (dutch) blog of someone who makes clothes for her children, and I think you might like those :-)
(and an extra thank you for all this inspiration and patterns!!!)


The ribbon on your hyacinth finishes off a pretty picture perfectly!
Bestest wishes to you today
Daisy J


Hm, the picture of snowy skies looks familiar...*sighs* :) Love the bowl of tiny grannies - I've got a granny project on the go too, loving it!

Anna Massagué

It looks so lovely!!!!!


Oh... Ribbon round hyacinths to keep them upright! I've sworn off buying them as they always droop over, would never have thought of doing the ribbon trick, what a great idea!

Jenny Grant

Always a shot of colour on a winter's day!

I love how you always embrace all colours in each work, I like to focus on just one rainbow corner.

Today I am blue, blue, blue!

Taciana Simmons

Love the tiny little squares ! So cute!

Thomasina Tittlemouse

Love your colourful "today"! In fact, that's one of the nicest things about the Attic that you pull out the colour in every today. Your babushkas never fail to make me smile - made some of my own just before Christmas from Nicki Trench's pattern. I love them! E x


there's nothing like the hope of Spring to make one organically happy!!! Beautiful , inspiring photos - thank you! Am very intrigued about the weeny granny squares.....

Shelley Madson

I always love your comforting pictures if home. I'm swooning over those tiny grannies!


Ooooh, I hope the tutorial is on the amazing edging you did on the blanket, Im dying to know how to do that!

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