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February 19, 2013


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Montse Martí

hehehe... a lot of British Grannies living in my zone (Murcia- Spain) were traveling this week to England. I asked them what's happening there, because all ladies travelled only for a few days and turn back. Also, they travel alone without husbands...
So I know you have a holliday school week.
Enjoy it!!!

Kisses and hughs from the south-east of Spain!


Enjoy your time away. Love the Daffodil. x


Oh I do like to be beside the seaside.........have a lovely time.
I started a Springtime Wreath yesterday and have just finished the cover for the ring - random greens for the bottom bit, yellows for each side and blues for the sky at the top. All I need now is that nice daffodil I saw somewhere recently to start off my decoration!! Ha ha!
I think you've started an epidemic Lucy - wreaths will be springing up all over the place and you are solely responsible!
How do you manage to sleep with the excitement of a STUDIO to plan? Your Creative Mind will explode!
Have fun.


lovely daffodil! Hope you will share how to crochet this!


More lovely, spring-is-coming photos! The daff is gorgeous....as is the bower bird (will you be doing a tutorial for the bird soon? hint..hint)!


Oh that book!!!! It's almost as gorgeous as YOUR house! My fave company is Rice too and I'm slowly collecting their fantastic colourful patterned cups. Makes it hard to choose which one to use though! ;)
Have a wonderful trip Lucy.xx

Anna-Marie Field

OH, please take me with you!! I'll be no bother,promise!!!
Enjoy your little break and can't wait to read all about your new STUDIO!!!!


Enjoy Whitby. A lovely place to spend time. Hope the sun shines for you


Studio?! I'm SO intrigued! Please don't keep us in suspense ;) You deserve good things!


Beautiful daffodil!
Enjoy your stay .


beautiful moments. I"m glad your kids got better, God bless them!
Have a wonderful week, Lucy! Be happy :)

Marie Walmsley

Lucy, I live in the US, and recently discovered your blog. It is amazing! The photos are beautiful, and you live in a beautiful area! I love reading about your family and your crocheting projects. Keep us all up to date on your goings-on.


Chimichurri Tejidos

Chosen as BEST BLOG!...you can see my Top 10 list here...http://chimichurritejidos.blogspot.com.ar/2013/02/mis-10-best-blogs.html



Wonderful pictures! Mmmm...kale chips! We make them fairly often. They're so good! I haven't found any other way to eat kale that I like. Those books look fun! I like that crocheted daffodil. It's really cute!


Have a great time
Love the look of your daffodile
Easter wreath, how exciting, can not wait to see it
congrats on the coming craft room, it is great to have somewhere to keep you stuff. I Love mine but find I have all my hooking time in the lounge
Hugs Audra

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy, what a fun and happy post! What a pretty glass plate.. is it a soap dish? Oh, you're going to have so much fun at the beach! I look forward to learning more about your studio. I have an office, but it's full of beads and things, I need to purge it! Have a great tip!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Kathy, France

Have a lovely time at the Youth Hostel!! We did this as our last holiday before we left the UK (22 years ago) and it was lovely - we stayed in the Lake District - I can't remember the the name of the village but the Youth Hostel was the former home of a famous poet which had been left to the Association and we were in an annexe with family rooms - all pine and bunks and lovely countryside - it was a lovely time and you've brought the memory flooding back - thanks!!
I've just been catching up with last week's postings (it's been one of those weeks) and I LOVED those Brambly Hedge books too - my little girl was born in 1984 so it was her era - I could look at those pictures forever and still see something else in them!!lol - I'm also with you on the subject of stuff we'd have loved when we were little but it didn't exist!! My sister and I used to play with Mum's nail varnish bottles pretending they were little people - when Play Mobil came out - we both said the same thing - "wouldn't we have just LOVED those"
Thanks for the memories!!


Such happy, colourful days! That little play tent is just a dream--I would have loved it as a child... what a wonderful space you've created for your family, Lucy. It makes me happy just to step into your space for a few minutes as I read each post :-)


Another vote for the daffodil! Too cute!
Enjoy your trip - it sounds lovely!


I really like your blog and your photographs are beautiful! I follow your blog for years, I'm a girl from Spain. I apologize for my English. I invite you to visit my blog if you want. Phibi.


I just discovered curly kale chips last week. Today I tried sprinkling them with finely grated parmesan before baking - oh my goodness so so good !!! My kids enjoyed them plain ,but the cheese ones just fly out of the bowl.


I certainly hope you post a tutorial for the lovely daffodil! :)

Elaine Lewis

Goodness, what a lot of loveliness to digest!! It would be amazing if you could do a pattern for the daffy, my husband is Welsh and i'd like to make some for St.Davids day. Enjoy your hols xx

Elena Hunt

Lots of great stuff!!! I love the pictures you have posted... It is snowing here today, wishing I was home by the fire Crocheting...


I LOVE reading your posts and your colourful pictures. It's always a treat when I see that you have posted an update. I'm off to the shops tomorrow for the new copy of Mollie Makes with my little lady who also makes me laugh so much. Have a lovely break.

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