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February 19, 2013


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Lucy, your happy just gave me the warm fuzzies, so thank you. Hope your seaside break is dry and joyful and I look forward to hearing more about your studio!


Have a lovely time in Whitby. Could you please let me know what the YH is like as we were thinking of booking there too.


Linda K

Hi Lucy, when my boys were small they always suffered at this time of year, sore throats and coughs, and I noticed last year yours had the same. It took me years to discover (including a couple of hospital stays with asthma) that it always coincided with the spring flowers bought indoors. Now it may not be the case with yours, lets hope not, but now I never bring daffodils or hyacinths indoors, sad I know but its better than feeling ill. If I've been given a present of them I always put them in the closed off conservatory to look at. I think your crocheted daffs are lovely and I shall try and have a go myself. Hope you enjoy your few days away.
Linda Warwickshire


Love colorSSS like you !


Whitby is just stunning, have a lovely time! Love the daffodil too :)


Dear Lucy,

I treated myself with my most favourite Magazine yesterday: "Landlust" and now, look what I've found there: http://www.landlust.de/dl/3/7/7/6/3/4/Sattel_Klingelbezuege.pdf

Aren't those lovely? Too bad that I still can't master multitasking-crochet... :)

PS: if you might need some translation service, let me know... :)


I swear, your posts tend to make me wanna say "eeeep!!!" to everything you post! I have a running conversation with myself, while reading your posts, about how lovely everything is, and when it's finally the end, I'm not only sad, but have no idea how to sum up the happy feelings you've tappity-tapped to us!
Thank you ever so much for sharing.
Oh! And certainly can't wait for the Easter wreath. You will do a fabulous job. No I'm not psychic, it's just a fact - you + crochet + happy colours = perfection.

Sandy Campbell

Lucy I love going through your blog! You have amazing talent and photos!! Sandy

Lisa jenkinson

Can you show us how to do the daff? I have tried and failed miserably. Wanna do a wreath also but failed! Help x


I love the crocheted daffodil! You are so talented.

Elaine G

Lucy - lovely post. Saw this and thought you might like it http://www.kaisercraft.com.au/newsite/projects.php?proj=518

Elaine x


Such lovely photos!! I adore seeing your snowdrops, especially since right now we have waist-deep snow here!

Adelle Rozear

I simply ADORE your crochet daffodil - you MUST share the pattern! :)


Hello Lucy all the way from the southern US. Your blog is very inspiring to me. I looked up Mollie Makes magazine to see if they deliver to the US. I found that this magazine is very expensive at $10.20 an issue @ $132.59 US a year. I'm very sad'n about it.
Your daffodil is delightfully delicate. What a beautiful wreath it will make for spring.
Have a wonderful weekend on the north coast with your family.
What a grand friend you have gracing you with such a fabulous gift. She is very talented, just as you are :']


How lovely! I'm glad you've had some lovely times with family and watching the boys heal. Can't wait to see the wreath, the daffidol looks devine.


Gosh there is SO MUCH happy in this post!

I just loved the piece of dotty glass, your crocheted daffodil and the frosty landscape view. The wreath sounds wonderful :)

Hope you have a lovely time in Whitby.


What a lovely couple of days, indeed! I love your little daffodil, and I look forward to seeing your Easter creation!

Ladybird diaries

Looks lovely indeed! Beautiful pictures as always.
M xxx


You are gng to be having a studio....how exciting.
Gotta love Whitby, such a lovely old fashioned place to have some family fun. Enjoy!

Kim W

Dear Lucy,
You are so inspiring!!! I hate to be a nag, but could you please, pretty please, with sugar and cream, someday post the how- to on the French bower bird? (Close to Christmas would be just abut perfect-- though not too close cause I am still VERY slow at crochet. Have a great mini-vacation!


What a simply lovely post. Really excited abou the crochet daffodil! Have a fab seaside adventure.

Susanne Humberg

What a nice mixture of themes for this blogpost! I adore your daffodil. Much prettier than the one I made. Are you going to write a tutorial? I wish you wonderful days at the seaside! Susanne


Beautiful pictures, I loved reading your blogpost. Have a great trip!


Enjoy!! x


Ha, we are in unison making daffodils!
I'm really glad to read that everyone is starting to feel better. Thanks for linking to my Kale Chips recipe.
Enjoy the seaside :)

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