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February 27, 2013


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I was surprised on the news last night when the weather lady said you had sunshine up north! We had a brief minute or so late afternoon that disappeared as soon as it arrived. Today another grey day, but lovely to read your sunny blogposts!xx

Lyn Z... Isle of Long, NY, USA

saw a blurb on FB today ~ a post of your flower scarf but it mentioned a site called ANPT... A needle pulling thread - mo mention of you however.... I posted that the scarf was your design and to check out your blog..... I KNOW it was yours as it was draped over your green cord jacket!!!! Just thought You'd like to know....
Ah yes spring is just around the corner here on my little Isle as well - mostly its been rainy and cold but the sun broke through today and there was birdsong in the air...... noticed the tiniest of buds at ends of the twigs on my maple tree out back!!!! Even my 9 year old mentioned she could smell spring coming <3


Lucy, I started following your blog a few months ago for the crochet but I keep coming back for your wonderful stories! You should seriously consider becoming a writer... I love your descriptive tales!! Your crochet is BEAUTIFUL, also!!


message to Sarah in the previous post: there is no code - please don't beat yourself up - these ARE only blog posts - everyone has rough times - even Lucy , I imagine - just imagine putting all the little happy bits of your life into writing every three days and think what you'd put down just the good bits!! and go from there - please don't feel down - we're all struggling and Lucy just makes us think of the good bits - she's not trying to make you feel inadequate - she's just doing what we should all do - looking on the bright side of life!!

andrea robbio

i really love your blog! you sound so peaceful.
here summer is about to finsih. lucky you
andrea from buenos aires argentina


I am loving the longer days as well, especially that it is daylight when I get my boys up for breakfast and to get the older one ready for school.


You live in the land of happiness, all your blog posts are so cheerful...and all the comments... I must crack the code on being a blissfully happy mother of three. I have my days, but really can't relate that much!


My goodness Lucy - two posts in two days - you must have missed us!!lol what a treat!
I'm still in shock that you eat at 5.30pm - our children, here in France, are just getting home from school about then - they have a 'gouter' (snack) probably something like Nutella on bread or a couple of biscuits and then go and do their homework and we all eat dinner between 7-8pm - people don't get home from work here until that time - most shops and offices close at 6.30 or 7pm is you husband home and ready to eat at 5.30pm?? and doesn't he need a half hour to unwind with an aperitif!! a little martini or pastis and a few nuts first!
Maybe I've been here too long!!lol

Mrs A

And here in Australia I can't wait for Autumn, it has been a long hot summer and soooo dry. This is in Victoria, in the south whereas in Northern Australia they have had torrential rain and now floods. HOWEVER we have had two and a half inches of rain in the last three days and it has been blissful waking up in the night to hear the rain on our tin roof, then drifting off to sleep. AND today is cool! Just overnight the grass in front of our house is turning green. Some of our trees are just beginning to turn so a sign of Autumn. You have all had such a tough winter in the Northern Hemisphere so no wonder you are looking forward to Spring! Lucy, I love your posts, the beautiful country-side and of course your work....or should I say play...your lovely crochet. Thankyou, Mrs A

Gillian McM

It's raining here in Cambridge, Massachusetts too, and very cold, but little by little the light is lasting later into the afternoon. Spring won't come here until April-May, alas, so I love to look at the picture of your fireplace - they make me feel warm. What a happy life you have - may it continue to be full of blessings!


When you go to Kent I recommend a visit to Whitstable if you are in the area. It has a lovely harbour and beach and some fabulous independent shops and galleries full of beautiful things to buy. I think it would be right up your street. Have you thought about taking your caravan to the continent? We had a very successful trip last year, the crossings are fairly reasonably priced and towing on the other side of the road went better than I imagined. There are some great sites for families.


I love reading your blog because your life is so much like mine. So many of the same rhythms and patterns to both of our days, weeks, life in general. I do hope you get to have a few good trips this summer; I am very much looking forward to seeing Connievan all decked out again too. :)


Aqui, en Buenos Aires, aun estamos en verano, con temperaturas entre 12 grados y 26 como máxima. Soy fan de su página y admiro sus trabajos. Me encanta encontrarla en Facebook. Un abrazo. Noemi


Oh how I wish I felt spring was coming. But here in central Iowa I have 11.5 inches of snow at my house.


Very gloomy cold wet rain... sleet and now snow.. expecting a few inches tonight here in Ohio! But Lucy... you bring sunshine to our home every story I read and all your lovliness! :) Thank you for everything.... me my yarn my hook, the wee man and D...and my dear Lucy... Life is good... xx <3 xx

Rachael Iddon

It has certainly been a glorious day. I read your Facebook post this afternoon and it struck such a chord. I was in my happy place right then too. One bit of sun makes all the difference.

Elena Hunt

Here in the US, we are still in the throws of winter... Today however is sunny and warmer than usual. I live at the base of a 14000 foot mountain so it will be chilly here for a while. I love hearing about how others are fairing across the world.. Thank you for the insight into your area and life.


We had a couple of hours of late sunshine this afternoon- very cold out there and apart from those couple of hours, very, very grey and dull. November-style gloom for four months....can't wait for it to start to feel more like Spring is on the way.

Angela-Southern U.S.A.

Yes,seems everyone is holding their breath for spring :)can't come soon enough,ours is very close now(fingers-crossed).Love the heart shaped rock,my youngest daughter and I always look for heart shaped..anything!The daffy's look lovely in the blue dotty jug andI agree,gathered around the table in the evening is a blessing.Bring on spring!


I got washing out on the line today! Overly exciting really! I stood with my nose rammed into it afterwards - ahhhhh. Looked like a bit of an odd bod to the neighbours I s'pose! Hurrah for longer days.


You could make a nice necklace with the beach treasure glass stones.
I am fed up with the snow, I want to see some green leaves soon. The birds are back and chirping again. Spring is just around the corner.


I can't wait for spring either, I have huge tray of primroses that need planting up in the window boxes and hanging basket of the summerhouse, but it's still so chilly out, even here down in Kent.

Jenny Grant

Funny you should mention sea glass. I was looking at ways to make necklaces from this all weekend, but got distracted by an orange seahorse I found on eBay....

It was sunny when I left work tonight, it was uplifting! And the sky was pink stripes reflecting on the buildings too. So pretty!


We sat in the sunshine and had our dinner (lunch) overlooking the sea today and instead of doing my to-do list this morning (dusting, hoovering, and ironing) I walked on the beach, found lots of seaglass and went rock-pooling. Housework tomorrow. I am a lucky girl, Lucy.

Love and stuff xx

Ali Dufty

So glad you enjoyed your mini-break and are refreshed and revived .Your pictures and tales manage to transform the gloomiest of days .
I too, love the seasons here in the UK and embrace the change and promise of each one ! (although Spring is just a little bit more special than the rest I think !)

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