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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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February 27, 2013


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Sea Glass and crochet !!! That is my life's addiction :) I literally have rubbermaid totes of sea glass gathered as my mom and I walk the beaches together in the summer...and crochet is my therapy :)


That top picture actually made me feel a little bit homesick. England is so pretty!<3

Seaweed & Raine

Your pocket full of beach treasures are so pretty - will you pop them in a dish?
Happy planting up of your hanging pots when you do venture out.
I have a question... how do you organise the kids when they get home from school so that you have time to yourself to cook without them in the kitchen? My eldest has just started school, and he and his younger brother are often found bouncing around in the kitchen while I make dinner.

Charlyn Hada

What lovely pix of Whitby...oh my it brings back lovley memories of the town of Capt. Cook. We enjoyed the visit to the "church yarn shop". Love your blog and I'll continue to follow from Missouri in the center of the US, where we still have snow. Spring will be coming soon I hope, but until then warm fires and hot chocolate are a delight!

Karen Chapuis

Hi Lucy~
I love your blog! Thank you for sharing your wonderful home life in England with me. I really enjoy seeing your beautiful pictures and reading your refreshingly honest posts. I love all the bright colors you use in your sewing and in your home~ so cheerful! It is always so nice to read about other moms who are happy at home. I look forward to Spring and more of your lovely posts!
Karen :)

Claire Mackaness

If your heading to Kent, your not too far from Essex. The kids could visit Southend on Sea for the day and we would love to meet you at Beautiful Things HQ. We often follow your patterns at our crochet club and classes.

Paula Hendrickson

The deep-toned heart stone seems the perfect sea treasure.


I just love love love to read your posts full of colourful crochetness and other happiness. :) instead of clicking your buy-me-coffee button, I'd love to send you a bamboo crochet hook with leather soft grip with your name on it, that I've made myself. Please let me know if you'd like that! You can find them here: http://nicollie.etsy.com :)
Love, Nicole

Jo Roberts

Your holidays are exactly the same as ours, I could not believe it when you posted the row of houses in Craster, we stayed in one near the end and this year we are going to Lyme Regis - it is all a bit spooky! I love holiday planning and I am getting itchy alotment fever too.


Hello Lucy! It's still quite chilly here in Indiana, USA too. Your fireplace looks very warm and cosy. I'm still making heart hangers. I gave my daughter & mom one for Valentines, one for me & 2 more for BD gifts. Thanks for sharing the patterns. I didn't understand increases, but I wanted to make it so bad I frogged til I figured it out! Now I don't even need the pattern to make one. :) have a lovely warm day. Leah D


Sun been shinning here to for the last few days in county down but still very cold. It's got me thinking of spring cleaning and gardening but I can't leave my knitting down. Thanks for your lovely pics. Best wishes x

Sajid Khan

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hiya - I'm sure you'll have lots of advice, but for your trip to kent, why not go down in connievan? I can heartily recommend Broadhembury Caravan Park as a place to stay (near Ashford). It was really well maintained, staff very friendly, nice little park / play area for the children, and the toilet block / kitchen sink area was beautifully clean. We stayed there last September and my eldest boy (3 yrs and 9 months old) still remembers it and wants to go back!
Two years ago we made a trip from Kent (where we live) up north to visit family in our new 'van. It was our first trip and we did a bit of a trek - stayed near Lincoln (for sherwood forest - Lincoln is like a mini York by the way - lovely), then stayed near York, then up to a village near Hartlepool to stay with family, then across to a park just outside national trust Lower Sizergh Park (near Kendal, edge of Lake district). It was next to the most gorgeous, most fabulous, bestest-ever farm shop I've ever been to. EVER. You HAVE to go there!) and then back down via Oxford. Long and Short of my waffle is if you do come down with the 'van, I suggest stopping somewhere near Lincoln as its a good midway distance!
Anyhoo, if you've not fallen asleep already, I just would like you to know that I thoroughly enjoy your blog, it never fails to cheer me up and I so wish I had the patience for beautiful crafting and good eye for colour that you have! Thank you!

Anna-Marie Field

Hi Lucy, As always a pleasure to read your posts. In contrast, I am, for the first time in my life, looking forward to winter. We have had an exceptionally hot summer here with day time temps averaging at around 45 deg Cel and night time temps about 15 deg cel cooler. You literally never stay dry and I've really had enough.Come on winter!!!!!!!!!!!


Glad you're feeling a bit better now Sarah - we all have bad days - it's the guilt as much as anything that gets to you (especially women!) - don't feel guilty for giving yourself a bit of "me" time i.e. crochet - it'll make you a better mum in the long run - much better equipped to deal with the little ones after an hours crochet than an hours ironing!!


sorry I meant 'Kathy' (baby on my lap here!)


Thanks Cathy! Bad day yesterday, and the day before, felt a bit grumpy with myself in my messy house with my kids giving out to me all evening and no time to crochet a coaster lately! I do love this blog though :) Thank you x


I have recently discovered you and your blog, in a very roundabout way, from the Yarndale website. I am already hooked and loving your creativity. I am a knitter and make tonnes of things already but have always snubbed crochet as both my Mum and my sister do it and I didn't feel like I needed to. However, having read some of your posts and especially seen the photos, you have inspired me and last night I enrolled on a crochet workshop for complete beginners. So, thank you! x


I love it when you find forgotten treasures in a coat pocket or a bag that are filled with happy memories that make you smile remembering!


Hi Lucy, Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy your "touristy" updates (as well as all the other bits and pieces you post!) The pictures and stories from Whitby brought back so many memories-we visited there in 2007 (seems a lifetime ago now) - I was immediately transported there again - keep the photos and info. coming about the places you visit - you should be on a commission from the "Visit Britain" Tourism Dept.
Regards Sam (Adelaide,Sth. Aust.)


Ich weiß gar nicht mehr, wie die Sonne aussieht! Seit Wochen gab es bei uns in Merseburg (Germany) keine Sonne.
Liebe Grüße, Conni


Thanks for the sea glass picture! I was in Kent years ago for three weeks! I can't forget the scones and jam I had at Whitstable at a remote hotel overlooking the sea and the wind was menacing outside!The Canterbury Cathedral of course and Dover Castle and Hever Castle and Dickens' House and .....Oh I love those memories!AriadnefromGreece!


Your photo reminded me of the old Brio railway track that was forever set up in front of the fire when my children were young - and then again for my granddaughter! Those were the days.... actually I was always tripping up on it and complaining!
Angie x


So good to see your cozy fireplace and a house full of colorful things :) We are also planning a trip, hopefully will make it in March :) Trips are great!
We have about +20 here now.
Have a nice day, Lucy!


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