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February 18, 2013


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I have got the same thing to do at home in so many rooms...


De-cluttering definitely IS therapy and an absolutely splendid way to pamper the heart and soul! And especially this time of year!

I love your blog and your images - and knowing now that there are others who love living in a kaleidoscope pool of color.

Angy Braine

Have fun!! I'm off to make Kale Chips right NOW! ♥


Need to do some de cluttering just working up some energy for that. Might have ago at knitting your daffodil though ! Have a nice break with your family x.


Hello! I just came across your blog and I'm glad I did! I agree, just a little de-cluttering can make a big difference. In my case, it helps me think better! :-)


good idea, my house could be decluttered :)


pleeeaaassseeee come to my home jejejeje


my decluttering usually consists of hiding lots of things but I have a day off after the children go back to school so am organising a charity shop bag, a recycling bag and several bin bags. wish me luck!


It seems to be that time of the year, de-cluttered my desk BEFORE I saw yours, also, in an attempt to get rid of the winter and to summon spring... Is everyone as sick of boots and winter coats as I am?? Maybe your de-cluttering therapy will give those cosmic weather powers a boost ... go Lucy!

Kelley Hart

Well, that lovely contrast of photos really made my day! I've been TRYING to be more organized, declutter, reduce stuff etc. Tough for creative folks who make stuff. Thanks for inspiring!


My entire workspace looks like the 'before photo'... organizing is on my list for the week--no, really :-) Thanks for the inspiration!


Looks great. I definitely need to do a bit of de-cluttering myself. x

Maria Cândida

My name is Maria Candida, I'm from Brazil. I love to do any kind of handicraft. The colors of your works are so happy! Congratulations!!
I'll be very glad if you visit my blog.



LOL I did a little de-clutter myself yesterday...its like a breath of fresh air!


Ohhh, yes! You're so right! And that's why I "decluttered" my living room before writing this comment... and I'll start with my "to file"-pile just now.

Thanks for your inspiration - always at the right needed.



Decuttering ~ I need to make bits of time for it too ~ thanks :)
haPPy day :)


Nice! I should do that here too ;-)


I live in south Australia and have just started following your blog, thanks for sharing your beautiful creations, so so inspiring!! Can't wait to read more!! Ali xx

Jo Roberts

Finished my Christmas wreath in february! Check it out here. Thanks for the inspiration Lucy.
Jo xx

Dawn Cox

Hi Lucy, I love stepping into your world for a few moments, it's so comforting, gald to hear that the littlies are all well again, and I love the Tiffin recipe, will have to try that out with my 3 y.o. grandaughter. I wondered where you got the rabbit from, that you have on your mantle, I would love to get her one for Easter. X


you are the declutter princess! oh i do love tidy spaces and before and after photos!


I wish I loved decluttering ~ it is truly a painful process for me. I get so distracted and sidetracked and forget what I am doing and before you know it I am off on to another project! But so freeing when it is successful! Lovely inspiration! :)


THAT is what I need to do. And I will do it.

Lately, I lose more time searching for the tools I need than I do using them.


Yes! Absolutely, feels wonderful but amazing how it creeps back so quickly (but maybe that's just my & family's hopeless bower bird nature) ... Your room looks lovely :)

Tina Robson

I love to de-clutter and get things sorted, it's my therapy.

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