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February 16, 2013


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Oh my I have had a need to get my old childhood books out of the loft now seeing you reading bramley hedge has made me want to do this even more now!!

I am glad the boys are better!! My big boy has been poorly too and now he is better I have been refreshng my place too!!



I, too, was too old to grow up with Brambly Hedge, but my kids loved them! We have all eight books and, like you, I still like to look at them once in a while, as does my daughter who is now 17. I'll be saving them for the grandchildren.


Oh I LOVE Brambly Hedge. They were published the year I was born so I grew up with them. Still a very favourite. Must hunt them out... Thanks for another lovely post, your home looks like such a cosy happy place.


Hurrah for tiffin and blankets and cushions and HOME....hip hip hooray
bestest to you Lucy!
Daisy J

Lynne Gill

Glad to hear your boys are on the mend - not easy to deal with more than one sickie at a time! And now you are on the up and up would you please pop round to mine and do a little House Blessing for me....I'm so tired catching up on sleep since our return to UK that I haven't done more than unpack, wash a few loads and do a bit of shopping - house in serious need of a good 'doing'!


Autsch! My husband just called while I was reading your recipe, did I need something from the supermarket?...Digestive biscuits, dried granberries, good chocolate...THANK YOU!


I am so pleased your boys are recovering, make sure you look after you so you don't also get this awful virus. My girl is currently recovering, albeit very slowly. Love the photos of your tiffin, will have a go at the recipe tomorrow. Take care. Chel


So many horrid bugs about, such shame when kids are poorly especially when it is school holidays.

Thanks for link to Tiffin cake, me and son going to make some tommorw can't wait.


Can't concentrate on anything now...I W A N T that Tiffin!!!!!!!!


Glad the boys are feeling better. Brambly Hedge is one my favourite childhood reads I remember the illustrations are just amazing, such a beautiful world to get lost in. I'm trying really hard to resist a trip to amazon right now to buy the complete set.


What a charming, comforting nest you've made! This is my first visit to your blog and I'll definately keep checking back in!


Amen Lucy! There is no place like home, ever, ever. I am so thankful and grateful for my home and all the people that have passed through it (children all grown and gone). Such wonderful memories and warm feelings. Thanks for sharing that with me this morning. Your Alabama friend, Marilyn


I saw this book recently in one of the blogs and was drawn to it immediately because of the illustrations. I am planning to buy it on Amazon. :-)
Your house looks wonderful. So bright, so welcoming.
Have a nice weekend!

Hil Clayton

Oh Lucy you made me smile!! I just went and found all my Jill Barklem books to read again, I remembered how much I love them. Glad the Little People are feeling better, I had three boys and went through The Wobblies many times. Love to you all. Hilxx


Aw I am glad your boys are feeling better. I have had one boy with a runny nose since October pretty much and The older boy was sick this week too, but once he realized the enxt day was Valentines day he was suddenly all better. Funny how that works?

Jo Allen

Sounds like you and I had an identical week Lucy. My big boy now better and back to school for the last day. I had very restful half term. Lots of hooking alongside my poorly boy. His Dad hs it now!


Your cookies are lovely, very lovely! And the mice... Do you want visiting my blog and take a comment (ex.: "Beautiful blog")? You know, tell me if you like, please!:)
I wait on my blog!
Kisses and hugs!
Love, your friend,
I'm 11 years old!!!:D


I'm never sure why looking after ill children is so very wearing.. a mix of worry, juggling the ordinary demands of life with their care..or even the likely possibility that you are doing all this on not much sleep and a mild (or not so mild)version of whatever they have..and then when they are on the mend ...you are by this time relieved and shattered at the same time and they can be so fractious...they could drive a Saint round the bend...
Tiffin and Brambly hedge sound like inspired choices :0)
We went for Milly Molly Mandy and Icecream...but now I shall add Brambly hedge to the comfort shelf...and Tiffin to the recipe book :0)

Kayleigh Gerrard

Thought I recognised Brambly Hedge.. I had them on cassette tape as well as the books when I was growing up and would listen to them to help me fall asleep! :) Glad your boys are up and feeling better now :)


Hope your boys are feeling much better now
I love the Brambly Hedge books, so many amazing little details, I really like the cross section of the tree house, I definitely had the winter one, it was lovely.
We've had a lovely blue sky today in Manchester, hope you have had it too


Lovely post and pics as usual. I'm the same age so I missed the Brambly Hedge books but luckily for me by the time I had had my son the series had started on the telly. Oh, what joy I used to get watching that programme! And even though he's much older now I still use any excuse to see the programmes (in fact, I got a framed print of the above picture from a charity shop years ago for myself). I too will have to keep an eye out for the books...purely for when grandchildren appear on the scene (hopefully not just yet!)

Love and stuff xx


Apparently I went to school with Jill Barklem but I can't say that I remember her and was obviously too old for her books (we are all in our early 60's) but that one page you showed is so sweet I think I will have to find a copy and catch up with what I missed! I like the idea of the 'dresser of Doom' from 'Sew' -I did think of your shelves of doom.

As for the tiffin - I made some for Christmas and all the blokes who pretend not to have a sweet tooth, well, there was none left one they descended!

Sherry in MT

I adore how you de-stress! Glad the boys are on the mend.


I'm sorry you had a hard week with the little ones (and the not so littles) but happy they are on the mend. It is very draining... I know exactly what you mean! But you've made it thru, baking and hooking along the way. AND you've ended on a very high note ~ that is a wonderful place to be! We are excited to try your cake recipe today...if we can figure out this metric thing ;) have a good weekend! ~ Paula


Do you think that's the Brambly Hedge's Dresser of Doom?!
Glad your chaps are on the mend - worrying about them is so wearing all round. Your room looks irresistably comfy!

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