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January 21, 2013


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Hi Lucy, your blog is beautiful. Can I just ask how you wash your wool blankets. I wash my acrylic ones in the machine but I'm scared to wash my wool ripple, it's so lovely and soft! xxx


Ciao Lucy. Thank you for these beautiful pictures.
Miriam, from Italy


Dear Lucy, Thank you for sharing your inspirational, creative and colourful ideas. It is always a pleasure to take a look at your blog. Just wish we had some snow here.... have a wonderful week. Greetings from Mozambique. Willemijn


Wow I can't believe I haven't came across this blog before! I must say it's the most beautiful one I have ever seen :) Just looking at the photos made my heart so warm...


I do not know if you read all your comments but I had the sudden urge to leave one! My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was 13 years old [ a VERY long time ago] But I was never up to your standards. She used to crochet blankets for charity right up until 96 years of age. They were always with any wool she was given so I have only finished blankets in the same way. Multi coloured and round and round until we had reached the size we wanted . Then tassels or scalloped edge. Suddenly due to the bad weather and my children grown up I had the time to sit and do nothing! So I started doing small granny squares. This is where you come in . Thats if you are still reading this! It was the satisfaction of seeing all these little squares piling up giving me a great feeling and I just keep smiling at them and showing them to my husband who thinks I have lost the plot. Now I know how you feel when I am reading your blog. I thoroughly enjoy your news so thank you .
Thats all now promise . Happy hooking .

Ellen Brugmans

What a lovely day you all had! Reading this post I can just feel the excitement of the snowy outdoors playing session, and the welcoming warmth of your cosy home. Seeing your hapy pile of blankets and that gorgeous display of yarn makes me want to start a new blanket right away! Still have to finish a couple of other projects, though :-).
Thank you for writing yet another colourful post to brighten my day!


Lucy, thanks so much for sharing your life's moments. I do love your cozy house since the time I joined your blog:)you created fabulously beautiful home over these years. be happy always!
the yarn..oh..i wish we had such shops here, we do have, but yarn range is not such and the quality a little not on the level. but i found few fibers which make me feel good when i work with them:)
have a nice day!


Still lots of snow here, glad you're enjoying it too!


I've been making the lemon drizzle pie a lot lately (with your recipe). Yesterday I added the ingredients in the wrong order and spoiled the cake completely. :(
Crochet goodness and fire...Sooo cozy...

Anna-Marie Field

What a wonderful time you must have had!!! It's always such a pleasure to read your blog and I always feel so happy once I've visited with you. Absolutely true about the blankets!!! I am busy with one myself right now (also made from all the left overs) that I will proudly show off on my blog later.
Stay happy and cozy


You do live in a lovely area. I prefer the snow by enjoying it's beauty through the window! It's bitterly cold here in my part of Canada and tomorrow, on my day off, I'm planning on starting a fire in the woodstove, making a cup of tea, and getting out my knitting, similar to your afternoon.

Barbara F.

I am not too fond of winter, but your photos are beautiful, and I love your roly poly snowmen! We are expecting snow here too, tonight and again on Friday. Tomorrow it will feel like 5 degree F :/ xo


1. I loved your "skin condition" comment on the snow man's little brother. :)
2. My business is called "Hannah Plays Hooky," and everyone comments on it. I thought of that when you said, "I'm now a hooker on the edge."
3. Can't wait to see your new color collections! I bought Stylecraft for the first time to make your granny stripe. It is slow-going, as I have a busy little boy (you know about that), a small crochet business, as well as everything that goes into regular life. But I hope to share the finished product with you on Facebook when I'm done! :)


Those snowmen are quite glorious! I too whisper sweet-nothings to my crocheted blankets - glad I'm not the only one, ;)
Thank you for sharing, and again, cannot wait for this blanket to be finished - the colours are fantastic!!
xoxo, Jess


I am jealous of snow and snuggling by the fire. It has been over 30 degrees for days on end here in Australia. Too hot to bake :( Almost too hot to crochet but have been getting a bit done in the cooler evenings. My kids are spending their days with almost no clothes on!


Looks like a lovely snow day. I wish we could have one but that much snow is just business as usual around here.


We've gotten approx 4 inches of snow here today (and it's still snowing!) So today was a 'jammie' day and I got another small crochet project finished as well.
PS...my CATS have claimed all of my crochet blankets today :-P


Lovely... and I looooove the rain boots colorful!!!
I loooooove this boots... and the landscapes...
And stylecraft dk I looooove too
Kisses from Catalunya, Lucy!


Wow! All that snow. We have had record high temperatures here on the south east coast of Australia - 45.5 Celsius on Friday. Oh for some of your lovely snow!


There's nothing quite like getting in from fun in the snow is there? I started my first ever crochet blanket this month and I must say it's quite addictive, I've got a few ideas in my head for some more. Your work is quite inspirational! :)


Sounds a lovely few days with the family and snow- good to hear you so bright and enthused. Lemon Drizzle- very hard to beat a Lemon Drizzle...


Oooooo - pretty yarn display. Your spot on the sofa by the fire looks so cozy.

Angela-Southern U.S.A.

The perfect winter day!Sadly we see so few of them here.The snowmen are hilarious!!!The lemon cake looks de-lish,and the hooky time by the fire...divine.I've started on the spring wreath,a twist,I've started it off with some... knitting,and will be adding some polk-a-dots too!Looking forward to the yarn reveal,have a great day!


What a perfect snow day, every aspect of it excites, from one who has never had a snow day : -)


sounds like the most perfect day! I spent yesterday sledging, I don't have children so I just went with friends, it was a bit surprising just how many adults were out being very daft, so much fun, today I was at work (unfortunately schools in Manchester are mostly still open)but this evening I too have been curled up crocheting which is a lovely way to end the day!

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