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January 21, 2013


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OMG!!! It looks like you played in Narnia. So please the littlie had fun this year.

So envious of the lovely yarn you work with - I am still practising with donated random balls - having fun and learning loads, but one day I shall actualy buy for a special project.

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy the snow just keeps coming. Our woods were just like yours.
The snow was blindingly white. I think we are due some more on Friday.
So better make the most of it. Using the indoor time to finish a blanket
(crochet of course). xx


I love how the first half of your post is all shades of grey, then the second half is a joyful burst of colour. We've had loads of snow too, and we've been loving it. Last winter my son refused to put his foot in the snow without screaming (he was two then), this winter I can't get him off the sledge!

Gillian x

Anne Arthur

I love the rick rack blanket. I did one many years ago when I was visiting the US. Would lobe to do another one, but cannot remember the pattern.....


Hello, I'm Becca. I love your crochet! I've recently taught myself how to crochet, and now I'm completely hooked! Following now. A happy day to you!

Lucy in the Clouds

What a contrast between the snowy outside photos and the colourful woolly ones - beautiful!


What beautiful photos, snow is such fun! I could feel the warmth from your lovely home as you wrote. What a treat to come back to such a cozy, colorful yarn-filled home! Thanks for sharing Lucy!


Tablecloth from Ikéa! We've got the same! ;-)


Can anyone tell me if the stylecraft DK is soft enough for baby knits? Baby wool comes in such boring colours!

Stevie Godson

I just had to let you know that a day with a post from Attic 24 in my Google Reader is a happy day. In fact, it never fails to bring a physical smile to my face (just as well I work from home so no one can see how stupid that makes me look!).
As a Brit living in South Africa - where we are experiencing a sweat-inducing heatwave as you freeze - your posts bring a welcome taste of England (albeit a gentler England than much I read of these days).
I'm also a brand new crocheter - well, 9-month-ish, new so your blog is a practical help, too. Like any convert to almost anything, I have the zeal of a fanatic right now and have completed a queen-sized granny square blanket, as well as a hexagon lap rug. Now into yet a different pattern for yet another rug/blanket/whatever. The beloved is getting decidedly rattled. When does it ever end, he asks. (Silly man.)
Thanks again for your wonderful blog, Lucy. My own Word Nerds (http://www.wordnerds.co.za) blog is a little more serious so yours is a blessed relief.


Love the snow and the fireside crochet time! Sounds like a lovely day :)


Looks just like the weather I've had this week. But your fire looks very cozy.


Sounds like a perfect day! We are expecting snow here in New Jersey on Friday... we may get a snow day or a snow, lazy weekend.


Sounds like pure joy to me! Snow, Kids, Warm Home, Fireplace, Yarn, Coffee, Cake, and just pure happiness! Beautiful Pictues! ~May


You are lucky to live in such a beautiful place, those snow pictures are glorious.




Love the snowy pictures and reading about your fun day. You've also made me feel better about Frederick's aversion to snow. He refuses to stand in it. He and S went into the town in the snow on Saturday and S had to carry him all the way there and back! He's about 9 months younger than your little B so hopefully next year we will have him loving the snow too. F x


thought you might enjoy this short....



Hi lucy, love the pictures reminds me of snowy days when i went sledging with my children who are all grown up now, oh happy days!Just finished my first blanket with your help got it draped over a chair and keep looking at it i am so thrilled.


We got a heck of a storm last night ourselves. About a foot! Great photos :)


Oh that yarn looks beautiful displayed like that and those snowmen are so cheery! Hurray for snow. Hoping you received my email..


Sigh! Please, do you have room in your beautiful home to adopt a 62 year old great grandmother who crochets EVERY day, loves snow (and doesn't get any in Houston, Texas) and thinks you lead the BEST life? Seriously, I just love your blog (discovered it quite recently) and VERY MUCH enjoy visiting you daily!


We have had a lot of snow here in Sussex UK... we managed a lovely snowy woodland walk too which was beautiful. Not much Hooky time for me at the moment. I spent last week making your hooky floral squares (54 so far) and now have RSI.. so having to give it a rest. I love all the colors too but cant afford all the "posh" wool so have to make do with acrylic unless I get some special balls from friends but they are all extra special when I get a new ball of anything.


So nice to hear about your family snow play. Making memories that your littles will carry forever! We had a good bit of snow overnight in Rhode Island but sadly I think I may have just seen a school bus go by. Poor kids...I'm sure many we're hoping for a nice snow day! I have one planned today :). So tempted to start a granny patchwork, too!


Oh truly fabulous ... those onesies are fabulous!!! We had a fair bit of snow too ... and my time this weekend was spent walking and taking photos!! Really beautiful!! xxx

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