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January 09, 2013


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I just discovered your facebook page today Lucy and now the pics on there of the fabulous patchy sheep all make sense. Gosh I wish I lived in your town so I could come to your knit and natter group. Such a shame that we are planning a trip up to York and Yorkshire in September but it is at the beginning of the month. Would have loved to come to Yarndale. It sounds like it is going to be fabulous. Fiona x

carole wheeler

Hi Lucy, I just LOVE the sheep!! Well done to you all!!..I love your blog and read it most days..(If I don't, I catchup the next time I read it..:)..)..As someone who is mostly bedridden I really enjoy everything about your blog especially your enthusiasm and pictures of anything and everything! Thanks for taking the time to do your blog...Carole..xx


Just popping in here to say that at our church seniors group yesterday we had a powerpoint presentation about a group of walkers who went on a walk from your area over to Windermere...along the Wharfedale....oh my - there they were walking alongside Bolton Abbey and I just had to think of you walking along there too....such wonderful countryside we have here in the U.K.


So wish I could join you but will follow all the action on FB


Wow I love the sheep! It will be very fun to see the different types of sheep that you all are making.

Will you be having your own booth or perhaps be making somethings for the fair yourself?

....I soooo wish I could come to the fair. It sounds so inspirational.

Birgitta, Iceland


Wonderful..I follow your blog from Italy. Wondering if I can combine a trip home..(near manchester) to coincide with Yarndale ...The look of that lovely cafe with tea and cakes makes me feel home sick. Happy hooking!


Wow! How exciting!!! What an amazing event it will be. I wish I could fly to England to come. The sheep certainly deserves first prize!


Love your sheep! It sounds fantastic - I may have to make a little (child free, of course) trip up to Skipton for the event with some yarn loving buddies.

Gillian x


Your sheep is brilliant....high praise coming from New Zealand where sheep still outnumber people! Yarndale sounds great....if only I lived in England!


Wow you knit n natter ladies are incredible!
Pity I live so far away as I would love to come to Yarndale; we haven't decided on our holiday destination for this year yet so maybe I can convince my chaps to come to Yorkshire - is there any mountian biking to be done there? that would definitely sell the idea!
Failing that I will look forward to all your lovely pictures of the event.

Liesbeth, the Netherlands

Dear Lucy,
how many hours do you have everyday to do such wonderful and beautiful things? Are there 48 hours in your days? My my, I admire you so much, blogging, posting things on Facebook.... taking care of your family..... Please, do take care of yourself, you are always so busy, pleasing us,
your loyal Lucy-fans! I love the things you do and everything you tell us. But DO take time to think of YOU. Much love!


Love the patchwork sheep! Did I miss where she resides now that her photo session is done?


This sounds so wonderful - Oh why do I live half-a-world away?! Happy for you Lucy. It's gonna be awesome.


Sweeeet! Might be the right time to fly over and drown myself in skein goodness and colour overload and maybe take a suitcase full of the most gorgeous yarns home!!




¡Buaaaa!!!! ¿Por qué estás tan lejos, LUCY????
Mis mejores deseos para Yarndale.


Fantastic! Have booked the caravan in at Bolton Abbey and conned the boys with promises of ruins, castles, puppets and good beer - see you in September xxxx


(Can't stop this in my mind: I'm thinking if I should organize a trip to go there... it is not so far from Hungary.)


Oh, it is sooooo Great! Can't wait to know and see more about it! ♥


What a fantastic sheep!!! Oh, how it would be fun to go to Yarndale...but I'm sure you will have fun when it rolls around. In a previous post you had your heart hanger...what a neat gift/project idea!!! Thanks for all your creativity!

Lynne Gill

Oh gosh! September 28th! My birthday! how better to celebrate! It's do-able, very do-able. Thanks for the heads up, I'll get working on it, perhaps a few friends......yes, very do-able.

Love the whole sheep thing, how enterprising of you all! Lx

idiosyncratic eye

I love that sheep! :)


Wow, exciting! The "award" is really nice!


That's sounds like a great event, must start saving my pennies! Just wondering, will your book be ready for then, is a good opportunity for a launch (and signed copies!) x


What a lovely idea!!!! unfortunately I live in Argentina and it's quite far from you but please take a lot of photos and upload them to the blog!!!

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