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January 29, 2013


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Heather F

Yum!!!! Going to print this out at work tomorrow & give it a whirl this weekend. Thanks for posting! (and Alicia P is an enabler for all sorts of lovely things!)


I have lived in France for more than 20 years and LOVE your blog - having just returned from a trip to England (unfortunately for a funeral) I am amazed that anyone makes anything - let alone cakes or muffins - the price of these in the supermarkets there are so - incredible really - that I was amazed!!! but having bought some of these they were very lacking in taste etc. so bravo to you for doing it when it would be really easy to just buy it!! here we can go to a patissiere and buy the same thing but at a cost of about €2 (£1.75 approx) per cake - but the quality is superb - so it's financially worth it to maybe do it yourself - I felt that in Britain they had cheated you out of doing it yourself somehow!! does that sound strange???

another Hannah

Thank you for the conversion to US. Yes, we do have self rising flour here. But, why are you adding baking powder to this when self rising flour already contains baking powder? Does it need more than the flour contains? I need to be very careful if I want to bake this (which I do!!) because I live in the US, but at high altitude. We always have to reduce the leavening here. Tricky.


Thanks for posting, including the US measurements. My muffin recipe has been disappointing of late, can't wait to try yours!
Also - loving your Tulips. I nearly bought a bunch at the market yesterday, but decided to hold off and use it as a reward after I tidy the house. Motivation is needed!


I have your carrot cake recipe, made into muffins, in the oven as we speak :-D My daughter is bringing a little friend home for tea and it will be a lovely treat for them!


The Alicia P photographs had the same effect on me too! Great tips about the frozen raspberries & layering the fruit in the muffins. Yum!


The muffins look great, good with Spanish raspberries, but we have a few raspberry canes in the garden so will be keen to try with out own raspberries later in the year!


I made this recipe for breakfast this morning (just amended to make gluten free and used frozen blueberries) - lovely! Thanks for the recipe!

Sara Jenkins

I thought I'd make a batch before posting. Your muffins are delicious!
Really easy to bake too - I made a batch after work today.
I understand why they don'[t hang around long - but I'm hoping there will be a couple left to take on a "picnic" tomorrow when we go to watch my son play rugby.
Keep warm and dry! x


Thank you for the recipe, i'll definitely be baking up a bit of my own cosy-fluffiness this weekend. Great tip for freezing raspberries too.


For American bakers, here are the conversions I figured out, because none of my measuring cups have the metric unit.

1 c flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 c sugar

4 T milk
2 T sunflower oil
1 egg
1/2 tsp vanilla

25 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit


Nut spread!!!! Not butt spread!!!!


Ok, I am officially drooling! I can taste them through my screen... I had planned to make banana choc chip muffins tomorrow, might have to do a fruity batch now too. Tonight, however, I plan on making a chocolate, macadamia but spread! A belated Christmas present. Best I not eat it before I deliver it! I hope this afternoons baking was delicious?


These sound absolutely delicious. Thanks for the tip for adding the fruit


Thank you Lucy for the lovley looking muffin receipe. Now I have to have a math class to figure out what you said - mg/g to tsp/cups - ooh my poor brain. ;)

I love your colorful, cheerful home.


What a lovely muffin wrap!
I would love to try them, but here in Buenos Aires we can't get fresh raspberry. There are great ones in the south of the country, but they don't get here.
Have a nice week.


Ohhhh they look scrummy! Thanks for sharing :)
Jones x
PS love your flowery cake plate!


Just pinned them! They look so delicious!
I just wanted to tell you that I recently discovered your wonderful blog and you're the reason that I've been crocheting granny squares like crazy over the weekend! I always had trouble following crochet patterns but not yours! Thank you so much for the inspiration!!!


gosh i can almost smell them!!! (and I will soon really be smelling them!!!)

Jane in U.S.

Must pass on something I've learned on Pinterest and that ACTUALLY WORKS. Like magic. As soon as you get home with your beautiful berries, toss them in a bowl of 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water. Whirl them around, leave them for a few minutes, then rinse in clear water. (They say you don't need to rinse, but I do.) I then toss them in a colander, and refrigerate. You will be astounded at how many days they will last. No mold. They will wrinkle before they mold. Please try!
Love your blog.

Maria João

The muffins seem so delicious that I'm going to try... thank you.


Lucy, I tried your recipe right away with apples, and the muffins were perfect! I'm buying you a coffee! Thanks for taking the time to explain:

Julia Lask

I have just been to the shop to buy some fruit to make your muffins. You not only inspire me with your wonderful crochet, now with baking too. My son is going to love these muffins, I can't wait to get started.
Thank you for the recipe,
Julia :)


Hi Lucy - lovely post as ever, reminding me of those happy family weekends so many years ago now, when the weather was cold and it was ok just to "mooch" about the house, bake, sew or knit, and keep the rest of the world out. Enjoy these years as they are so precious and they go so fast. I should know as my babies are 33 and 28 and it seems a lifetime ago now. I haven't baked for ages but I think I will go and buy a muffin tin and some cases and have a go.
The days are slowly getting longer and the outside world will soon be calling :)

Mineya Giordani

these look amazing! Probably were delicious..
I really enjoy visiting you, everything is so colorful!
Thanks for all!
Kiss, Mi.

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