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January 29, 2013


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Kathryn Payandeh

Just have my muffins in the oven 5 minutes to go.They look amazing.Made them in silcon muffin mould no need for cases then.Although they are pretty in case.Made grated apple with freeze dried raspberries.Thank you for the recipe Lucy Best Wishes Kathryn


Thanks for the recipe, my friends and I loved those pretties. I added a link back on our blog :-)

Einat Cohen

thank you! they were everything you promised and more!
juicy, soft, not too sweet, addictive..and the smell!! seductive...
We made them this morning with apple and raisins and dates and I gulped my girls' leftovers ;-)
I am talking about them in my blog today, although in Hebrew.


I will definitely be trying these! My tummy (and my children's tummies if I manage to share!) thank you!


Will give these a go, look fab and great quantity, enough for one family sitting. We made flap jacks today, a great thing to do with or without the children around. Pop over and see what you think, oh yes a bit of crocheting on the post too! http://eclectichomelife.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/rainbows-wristwarmers-and-flapjacks.html


My youngest is gluten free. This was an easy recipe to convert! To my gluten free ingredients I added an extra 1 1/2 tsp baking powder and 1/2 tsp baking soda. We added frozen fruit to some and chocolate chips to others. They were light, fluffy and delicious! Thank you for such an easy recipe, the delightful peeks into your home and crochet projects. Blessings from across the sea. Robin

Louise B

Thank you so much for this recipe. It has been a staple since our oven broke a few weeks ago. I can quickly mix up a batch of 6 and cook them in our fan oven microwave in no time.


got to try these muffins "!"! love the little blankets inspired to do these for charity soo cute

ANB of Suburban Sonnett

Thank you for this, we have just made them for the second time in a week!

Fiona Scott

Thoroughly enjoying reading about your lovely family and I think I now feel brave enough to try crochet! I love making muffins though trying to lose weight so not making them too often!

Liz Moynihan

Just made these with frozen raspberries straight from the freezer. Worked well. Next up - blackberries from the freezer? apricots snipped from the bag? Endless possibilities. Thanks for the recipe. Like all of yours I've tried, it worked first go. PS also regularly make the lentil bake you posted ages ago - and add crunchy peanut butter instead of salted peanuts. Luvverly!


Thanks for sharing your recipe and for including the US conversion. I've been craving muffins lately myself. :-)


The US conversion is CORRECT to have the baking powder added. Self rising flour is used mostly in the South. All Purpose (AP) flour is universal in the US and has no leavening, so anyone not having SRF (incl. Europe) can just add about two healthy pinches of baking powder per cup of AP flour or cake flour for this recipe to work.

A key to good muffins & cakes is to NOT OVERMIX. Fold in the flour to wet ingredients and fold only until all the dry ingredients lurking at the bottom are incorporated. Don't beat, because the leavening starts to work as soon as it hits the moisture. You can easily beat out the rising bubbles! Have oven hot and ready for the muffins to go in the minute the tin is filled. This way you'll get the light texture of Lucy's muffins. Making some blueberry muffins today--thanks Lucy for the hint about snipping the ras-bries before sheet-freezing.

Melissa L.

Wonderful idea for adding delicate fruit to the muffins - plus, an equal amount of fruit in each one! I really get annoyed with a muffin with only TWO blueberries!

Thank you to your reader Hannah for converting the measurements to US terms for us Yanks.


Hi Lucy, many thanks for posting the muffin recipe! I have just made a batch of blueberry muffins using your recipe and they are wonderful and a big hit with everyone here. THANK YOU!!


WELL me muffins were delicious! very easy and the hit of Raspberry in the middle is gorgeous. Thank you for posting this


Wow - a recipe which really works! I've tried lots of muffin recipes before and never really had much success. But I've already tried a double batch of this one (half blueberry and half raspberry) and they're fab. Thank you so much :)


Mjamm, the muffins look terrific!! I also have bulbs throughout my livingroom, they have such a fresh and innocent appearance!




Ok just got me rasps, off to do a muffin bake!


YUM. Mine are in the oven now. Replaced milk with apple juice for more appley flavour. Is "appley" a word? Well it should be. Lovely smell filling the house.


Great post Lucy. Will try your fruit adding technique next time I make muffins. Raspberries and blueberries particularly make for odd coloured muffins when you mix the fruit in the batter!


I made your muffins yesterday. My first attempt and they were a success! :) I put banana inside. I am planning to buy a second muffin form and try make more ;) and with berries.
Thanks for sharing the recipe, it's great!

Mary Polensky

Lucy, I made a batch last night and ate 2 of them right out of the oven. Yum. I only had fresh blueberrys on hand, and they worked great. Thanks for an easy but yummy recipe.

Liz Robertson

Thank you Lucy! Made a little batch straight after reading your blog yesterday. Apple and dried cranberry. Yummee! And yes they are so easy. Only change would be to make double the amount next time.
Nothing beats a freshly made cake and a cup of tea to make me nostalgic for 'home' in a nice, happy kind of way.

Sonia Petitpoint

They look delicious !

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