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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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January 15, 2013


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Silvia Arévalo

Very beatiful!! thanks for sharing


Hello Lucy,
it's been quite a while now that I started following your blog and I really love the peaks into your world, how you call them. Today I finally figured out of whom you remind me. I always thought so, but never knew who it was. You know Anne of Green Gables? The Canadian girl of L.M. Montgomerys books with lots of imagination, creating her world the way she likes it, which means lots of colour, flowers and love in it - well I could go on. :)
Please dont think I'd mean to butter you up, I just thought about it and why not tell. :)
Wish you all the best and looking forward to your next posts,
love from Germany - Doris


Hello Lucy, I LOVE "The Attic" .... I find your "attic" my little hiding place...I find myself spending hours here...I love to read about your achievements and interests...we think so much the same...love each of your crochet patterns....and love looking into your world...so beautiful! I love your Church...it is so peaceful and serene...the tranquility of a white winter day. I also wish the confusion of the seasons would settle into the right pattern. I thank you for sharing your patterns ...I love them so much. As for "little B"....enjoy him while he is "little"....mine was just 3 yesterday...and I turned my head ...and now he is 13! makes me sad...but as you said and I agree....time is flying way too fast....I think I would like it to look as slow and peaceful as the picture of your fireplace and lovely granny blanket...it seems as time could stand still there...Crochet is my peaceful little place of "Therapy"...My life long dream was to live in England ....and your blogs and pictures let me visit for a while... Sending you Love and warmth on this 4 degree F. morning in Ohio, U.S.A.....xx <3 xx Patti


Love your Granny Square Blanket, such pretty colours. I have been trying to subscribe to your blog but the link does not seem to be working. Are you aware of a problem? Please let me know when it is working again.


Snow and hooky...mmmm!

And I've only just read yours when I blogged this on mine about my 11th Jan purchase-how odd!

I like odd! I like reading you and feeling less....well, mad! Sorry Luce!

Thanks for sharing and happy new year xxxxx
Happy Birhtday Little B xxxxx




Hello Lucy!!!
Beatiful post, love all your pictures...fireplace,blanket,snow - gorgeous!


I love. it's WONDERFULL.................


this is probably a silly question but which granny square pattern was used for that blanket?

Debra Stewart

Hi, Just FYI. Your subscription tab is broken on your blog. I want to subscribe, but all that shows up is code.

Here is the NW of the US it is cold too. It is cuddle up with your yarn and read by the fire. I agree that it should be cold in the winter and hot in the summer. I have a stash of yarn and want to make granny squares but it never turns out right. Does anyone have tips for the perfect granny square?


Hello my lovely and a Happy New Year - internet problems have enforced a bloggy break chez moi, but I'm back and busy catching up on all my faves! Isn't it freezing outside, but oh so fun, I just love it when we get snow at weekends, we went sledging aaaaaalll afternoon today - we had lovely pink cheeked kiddos at the table this evening for our ritual od post-sledging drop scones. Gorge to be visiting you again, all those lovely bright colours warm my heart

Rehan Ahmed

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You might like to take a look at this. Isn't that your photos for the Blooming Flower cushion? No attribution or link or anything? It's a shop's site and they should know better. I was rather sad to see this, will leave comment on their site. The blog entry is a collection of 'crochet inspiration images gathered from around the Internet, many with no link or attribution.
I found it through a Facebook entry from
http://www.facebook.com/dicasaqui?ref=stream , a Spanish one with links to craft ideas, many recycled. They linked to the shop entry, but the shop gives you no links or credit.
(I'm making two different versions of your BF cushion, and love it! - thank you).


A adore your blog and your crochet ... just found your blog and I love it. You seem to crochet many usable items that likely have to be washed quite often, can you tell me the type of yarn you use? thanks Margaret


oh Lucy, such gorgeous pictures, as always


Slightly late!! Happy New Year dearest Lucy and to your lovely family too xxx Love the pictures and all the goings on at yours... I so look forward to your posts, thank you for all the inspiration you provide us with! Talking of inspiration have you any idea what has happened to Alice's site HookKnitSpin? I can't seem to get onto it? Enjoy the snow... lots of love xxx


Looks like a great beginning of the new year!


Love the blanket and its colours


i just love visiting your blog! Such beautiful photos and writing...it's so cheerful and uplifting. :)

Pembrokeshire Lass

As always so many bright and cheerful colours! I love the snow pictures particularly the one of the afternoon sun from the attic window. That is just beautiful! Joan


Thank you Lucy for keeping up your blog. I have been reading it for over a year now and enjoy it as much today as I did then. You have a true passion for life and it shows.

Cilla rule

Love the pictures of the cool snow here in Australia we have scorching 40 degree days currently in Sydney I think I prefer the snow very hard to function in this weather. Love your blog thanks for the glimpse of coolness cilla rule

Sue Harding

My daughter used to live up by that church, her flat overlooked the canal! She used to work in Skipton library - who knows, you might even have passed each other in the street at some point! ;-)

I love that your colours are so bright and fresh - you are very adventurous! It all looks a splodgy mess when I try to mix vibrant colours - so I tend to stick to more subtle shades!

Twitter – @Librarymaid


Happy New Year! And congratulations to being written up in Tricotin.com Wonderful.


Lovely pictures again today Lucy. I know what you mean about life going at a fast pace. Only yesterday I suddenly realised that it had only been 3 weeks since Christmas Day yet it seems so much longer ago. I agree with you about the seasons doing what they should although I have to say I was wishing the cold and snow away this morning. I let S have the car today so walked to our local playgroup. It's not far and all was well on the way there but on the way back I had to deal with worrying if Harry was warm enough(he was of course under the layers of blankets) and a crying 2 and a bit year old who's walking pace is just not quick enough in these raw conditions. The only way I managed to keep him going was to bribe him with a stop at the shop at the top of the road for chocolate buttons and the lure of cbeebies! How I wish for a double buggy on days like today. Looking forward to seeing the finished blanket. It looks lovely so far. Fiona x

Ana from brazil

Congratulations Lucy for a great year in 2012 and a better now in 2013.
So cute, Little B birthday, the three years old of my kid will be in April, but I'm not too happy in this new year, my Little boy is sick again... It's always the same...When it finish? Many mothers said to me that is a phase. When he complete five years it's over, but I don't know. It's my first baby and I'm desperate, it's like this here in my house. You carry your baby for a walk, when I want do the same with my boy, he turns back with flu! I just arrived from the Hospital, one more night without sleep. I don't tolerate to see my kid sick,my new year began like this. That good have you in my PC,it help me a lot. You're so positive and your pictures makes me dream a little bit here in my busy and tiring days. Thank you too much darling. That 2013 I can smile a little more than just to live... kisses xxxx

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