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December 13, 2012


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Christine Shaw

Thank you for all of your lovely patterns. I’ve been tasked with Christmas wreaths by my daughter and have found your patterns to be easy to follow with stunning results.

Terra Brame


I just found your blog last week and after looking at all your projects I am so inspired. I love your color choices, they are all such happy colors!
Your home, your friends shop, well just everything looks idyllic .i am so glad to have found you, can't wait to see what you do next.

Thank you,





Beautiful pictures. I love the one of the hot drink, blanket and mittens. Where did you get the pattern from for the mittens? I'd love to make some of those! Julia xx


Love the pictures and the fingerless gloves!

Donna Marie

I used to live on a horse farm outside of Philadelphia. When I moved back into the city, I thought I would miss being in the country during the summer. I was suprised when I missed it the most in the winter. There is a beauty in the winter landscape that I find breathtaking.


I too love the crisp, cold weather - you are right, it is cleansing and energising. But I did NOT love the black ice we had yesterday morning - did you get it too? The worst school run (or slide!) I've ever done! x


I can't wait to see the wreat!!!!

Sonia Petitpoint

Your pictures are gorgeous !


Gorgeous photos of the icy weather. Can't wait to see your 'giddy' wreath.
Ali x


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Goodness me, it's just like a Christmas card in your shopping centre.


I wish I could step inside the shop with the beautiful array of goodies in you gorgeous picture. You certainly live in a very pretty town....wish I could walk around it and experience your beautiful scenery......stay warm and cosy.....love reading about your life and discoveries....xo

Barbara Bolton

Hello from the backwoods of Alaska. I want to thank for a very fun year! You and Colour in Simple life inspired me to crochet. I made over 350 hats and headbands to give to homeless shelters. It has been the finest year! I love all the fun items out there. I love your use of color. You have allowed me to reach out to others while living a very simple life in the woods. May God bless you and your family. Thank you for what you have done ! It is a God given gift...that just keeps giving!


I'm giggling to myself, sitting here reading your descriptions of the cold air. I wondered why I'd never thought about it that way so I scrolled back up to see what temp you're sitting at....from my living room.... in Central Alberta, Canada. teeheee!


Lovely Lucy - you are so brave to go out in those temperatures - but clearly it was so worth it. Your photos are beautiful and I'm guessing the memories are sweet. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


would you do a tutorial on the fingerless gloves :) my thumbs looked weird - yours look great.


It never stops amusing me, the differences in the perception of weather! Face-freezing cold at -4 'C??? Here in Finland the frost was more than 2 months ago, now we have some 40 cm (15 inches) of snow. The weather is untypically balmy at -8 'C for this time of the year... we already had -20'C, so this is easy-peasy! I lived earlier in the far North, 120 km North from the Arctic circle, and winter temperatures below -35 'C were normal especially in February (although not everyday and not every year). The coldest I remember having measured was -41 'C, then the meter froze... but that was rather extreme.
On the other hand, I consider temperatures over 23 'C definitely as "hot" (too hot!) :)
Thank you for the lovely photos!


Such lovely photos. You make every kind of weather look magical.


Another worderful post,Lucy! I love your photos!


Your photos are gorgeous. Thank you for showing us the pictures of them.


No icicles here but has been very cold, followed by black ice this morning. Such lovely photos and what a lovely place to shop.
I'm in the middle of a pair of your mitts, one of the very first things I made when I learned to crochet. My niece has requested a new pair for Christmas.
Look forward to seeing your Christmas wreath.
Carol xx


I like your photo-reportage :-) And yes... your crochet flower with dotty button looks sooo nice!! Have a lovely advent time :-) Jolana

Lisa Ruff

I love your creative projects!! Beautiful


It's not a original comment: but what a lovely pictures! Especially that pretty window of that lovely shop. Here in Holland it's not freezing cold anymore, but you never know for how long....
Good luck with all the Christmas stuff!
Greetings from Ellebel!

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