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December 30, 2012


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This is absolutely breathtaking.


Wonderful neat ripple blanket so relaxing to do this pattern and the rhythm you get when doing it I have just finished 28 rows in 14 colours now I am going to go random planned if you know what I mean. Also have the style craft chunky yarn to start a weekend bag I found the wool shop in Redditch had style craft chunky hadn't got the list if colours so I just went with my choice for 8 yarns so I will see how that comes out. Thank you for your interesting site I enjoy reading it. You have given me such inspiration.


I am almost done with my first ripple blanket and (because I'm too excited to wait) I'm starting a new blanket this week! The pattern is slightly different than the one you posted, but I'm going to try this interlocking method with my colors. I finally decided to try out the stylecraft special DK yarn that you rave about and I'm really loving how it feels and works up. The colors are also very vibrant and lovely! I only wish there were more stores around me that sold this line of yarn because waiting for it to be shipped is almost too much to bare! :)

BTW, thank you for all of your tutorials...I've only been crocheting a few years and I owe a lot of what I've learned and mastered to you and your blog (my crochet eye candy!).

much love, all the way from Virginia, USA -K

Sharon Hill

Hi, I love your blanket it's beautiful
I was wondering how many balls of wool would I need to complete it as i'm using a large (400g) ball of Aaran in blue that changes shades as it goes along hope that makes sense.
Many thanks
Sharon x

Barbara Leftwich

Do you happpen to have a tutorial, or any kind of pattern for the Firestarter Afghan that was originally posted on Ravelry? I have seen your name mentioned on several blog post, and they thought you were the person to ask.
Also, I love your Website, it always is so inspiring, and I also tried your Kale recipe, and everyone loved it. I live in So. California bewtween San Diego and Los Angeles, so you touch lives far and wide. Thank you sharing your designs and imagination with color, it is greatly appreciated. Barbara Leftwich...
Also thanks in advance for an answer, when you have time.

Joanna Grimstad

Lucy I totally enjoy your blog, I found my love for crocheting all over again! I too am all about colors, the brighter the better. I was wondering if you have a pattern of the colors used for this blanket. I have the yarn now just need a color chart

Kate Korochkina

Dear Lucy! How are you washing your merino blanket? I just put mine in a water and it became awful and stretched :(

Simone Seiter

Dear Lucy,
first I´like to say sorry for my Engslisch... A frind of mine, told me about your blog. I love your ripple-blanket-2 so much!!! And I like to start. I found the special wool in a shop but the question is, which colour (of the 18) I need twice? Can you help me? Thank you very much for your effort!
LG Simone from Germany


Hi there Lucy, I have a question for you but appreciate you are a busy lady with a family so won't be offended if I don't hear back. Anyhoo, I managed finally (it's caused much frustration and tears) to crochet a ripple for my little bean due in December. I really wanted to finish it like yours, ie with the border with the long Dc's but can't for the life of me work out how to do the very final round (the one you did in blue, except mine will be purple. If there is any chance you could help I would be so grateful, love and light Kat xx


Lucy, I love your site soooo much. What a wonderful designer you are! I have made your Granny Stripe Blanket using your Stylecraft Special DK yarn and love, love, love it. I plan on making your Cosy Stripe Blanket and Cottage Blanket with the Stylecraft yarn packs also because I really like this yarn. But first I simply must make the Ripple #2 Blanket ahead of them all because it just simply can't wait! I am going to use the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino yarn from Wool Warehouse. But the color numbers do not match, so I am having a problem matching colors. Why is that? Also, is it possible to get your color scheme? I am not a designer and want to make it exactly like yours. Please, please help me!


On my fourth ripple blanket and am doing the interlocking ripple one. Already falling in love with the colours I've chosen. Thanks for keeping me out of mischief Lucy.


I wanted to thank you for your inspiration. I just finished a blanked similar to yours, after 1,5 year of work. This was a real journey and I'm so proud of me. I layed it on the floor and sat just to watch it for about 15 minutes ahaha !! All I have to do now is to make the edge...
Your blog is awesome, thank you.


OMG! Beautiful! So many ripply rows!! There must have been hundreds of tail ends to weave in! That's the only reason I avoid making a blanket... How did you tackle all those tails?

Linda Ballard

Lucy, I am trying your colorful wavy ripple for my granddaughter. I have had a few problems and have started over four times . I had six rows done. My v's and a's were not lining up. I am not going to give up. I am going to take a break . My desire to do it and learn what I am doing wrong is taking over to obsession. Ha ha . Just do not want to let go and let it beat me. It seems easy when I follow your great instructions. My granddaughter picked your blanket out over all we looked at. I have made baby sweaters for her
When she was under a year old and they were beautiful. I know I will get the ripple. I love it. Thank you for sharing the love.

Donnis Bauman

I love bright colors. Kaffe Fassett has always been my inspiration but.your colors in this blanket are just a amazingly beautiful. Thanks eversomuch much for sharing

Roshni Joseph

Made this!!! Came out wonderful!! Thanks !!!

Betty Smith

Please just finishing the granny ripple blanket, I purchased the 17 colours attic 24 yarn, soon I'll be crocheting the edge ,,can anyone tell me how much yarn I will need for Working Lucy's edging, any idea ?
It's looking fantatastiic, hopefully a silver wedding anniversary present for son& daughter in-law.

Nicola Dickenson

Well i finished my ripple blanket for my daughter. This has been daubed the University blanket, stitched with love by mum to keep her warm and cosy while away. Started as a single and ended up as a double... :)

Thank you i love the pattern. xx

Claire Robins

Thank you so much for sharing your ideas. I just used your edging idea to finish my first ever blanket and have had the pleasure of watching my little girl having her breakfast 'picnic' with her toys on it - hopefully the first of many!!! Going to start on a mandala now! x

Corine van Wijk

Very, very pretty.

Mamie Hockenberry

This is absolutely stunning work! Bravo!


Can someone please email me back the patten to this "interlocking color ripple:Tah:dah" I've been over and over this column, wondering if the pattern is here and I'm just not seeing it!?
Im familiar with the "Neat Ripple" pattern, however I'm unsure on how she is interlocking the colors? I know she states 1double & 2singles. I'm just very confused with how she interlocks the colors. And is she only going through 1 stich when she double crochets, (to bring out that pop up look) can someone please email me back with any useful tips please! I desperately want to start this blanket! This is my second email, & I haven't heard from anyone, I know and understand it's a busy life, so for anyone to address this, thank you so kindly:) I love this blanket and can't wait to start it. Thanks again, Mindy


I am so glad I found your site. You are so talented, I love the way you use color. Thank you so much for sharing. I always found ripples take me forever (am not a fast crocheter) but you have inspired me to try again.


I'm absolutely in love with this patten (Interlocking color ripple) its stunning!your color choices are beautiful. I wish I was able to get such a variety of colors! I'm wondering where can I find this patten? I'm working on crocheting a blanket from your pattern (Neat ripple) right now, which i love & thoroughly enjoy:) However I'm intrigued with the interlocking of the different colors, so I would love to get the pattern!!! Im new to your page, and have enjoyed learning your patterns. Your talent is amazing! So it could be right under my nose, Lol;) & I'm just not seeing it. If you haven't posted he pattern can you please direct me where to go to get this patten?

Silly Little Sheep

I love the way you work with colours!! I made a baby blanket for little someone lately and I also loved working on it!! :) Little people can use blankets for all sorts of things, they have such rich fantasy! :)

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