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November 26, 2012


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Perfect timing! Just last night I was sitting there cursing at my little cardboard circles, grumbling to the husband that one wouldn't think pom poms would be such a complete pain! Those pom pom makers are *brilliant*! I'm not sure I make enough pom poms to buy one, though. :) For now I'll try the hand wrapping method. Thank you for the tip!!! :)


Your pompoms are beautiful! I have also had pompoms on the mind recently, a plan to top the recently made hat for my little lady...though that idea got changed when I saw the lovely flower tutorial you had recently. Best get on with it as its got mighty chilly In glasgow. Your paper ball decorations reminded me of a link I got sent a while back, a Martha Stewart how-to for giant paper ball pom pom decorations, but have seen a comment above mentioning a similar link x

Bari Jo

Thank you for all the fun tips!!! Can't wait to see your wreath!


What great pom poms and magazines and wreaths and new blogs for us, thanks!AriadnefromGreece!

Lynne Gill

PHEW! I've had to read this through twice, Lucy! Just taking off my sunglasses....there, that's better, I can type now! What a scrumptious, rainbow-clad, heart-stopping, creative-muscle twitching post this is to be sure! Love it. I am SO in love with those wreathes, I jsy need to clear the decks and jolly well get on with one, I know. Craft Fair coming up soon.....oooooh, yesssss! I may even be tempted with one at elast of those mags you've mentioned. And shall for sure be re-aquainting myself with Silly-Old-Suitcase blog.
Sigh, right, cuppa on the go, going to re-read and click on the links as well. Your post is just like the very best magazine, and I'm going to enjoy it again!!

Angela-Southern U.S.A.

It's all so lovely! Looking forward to seeing the finished"Lucy wreath".It's that time of the year,so many crafty possibilities,projects you want to do,projects you need to do...so many ideas..so little time!Happy crafting!


I did not know English! But I often go to you to see the beauty of the blog :) And no one has canceled an automatic translator;) really like your work! And I've linked one flower hook on the description here-http :/ / attic24.typepad.com/weblog/triple-layer-flower.html% 20 Thank you!

Mirka Tekelova

Hi Lucy,

thanks for giving me an idea there is a plastic pom pom maker on amazon. I was still using my cupboard one but it's sniped by scissors:-) And I have to make a new one. But hopefully the plastic one will last forever:-)))


Love the pom poms, thanks for tip on the clover pom pom makers!

Susan Wright

Hi Lucy,

It was lovely to meet you on saturday. It's sue here from Ormskirk. I love this post and am so pleased to see pom poms featured. I have one of those makers and have not really used it before. I will do now. Bye for now . Sue xxx

Ada Bea

I love my visits to Silly Old Suitcase, I think her energy and creativity is amazing! I have my calendar too, it's great! :)


Hi Lucy - try this link
I saw them making tissue paper pompoms on a TV program about doing a homemade wedding - this might suit you and it's something you could do with the kids - I'm thinking of making some with my classes in school. Judy.

Hazel Raison

I've been making pom poms lately too. I've done a garland to decorate the stairs and brighten it up a bit. I made them by wrapping around a large fork (one of those meat lifting ones).


What gorgeous little pom-poms! Anything you make with them will be special because it's a family make.

You should seriously work in advertising! Everything you recommend, I want! Must get pom-pom maker, must follow those blogs, must get those magazines... Do they pay you? They should!

Off to investigate those blogs now,

Ali x

Debbie Healey

Hi, I've seen some fantastic Pom Pom banners recently - the kids could hang them in their rooms!



oooh i've loving the pompom maker. We have spent many a time cutting the circles from cereal boxes. Lots of gorgeous inspiration here.

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy I can just see lots and lots and lots of pom poms everywhere!
I am going to be making some of these! One of my sisters has two lovely grandchildren who would love to make them so I know what to send them for Christmas! I have a copy of the Mollie makes calendar too. A great post
that has made me really excited on this dreary wet morning.xx

Silly Old Suitcase


Here i am.
The Girls are off to school and the Man is off to work.
I'm enjoying a very rare 15 minutes of quietness with a cup of coffee and my laptop.
Just a moment to read my favorite blogs, my mails and comments...

When i read your blog, it makes me so happy because this post is full of brightness and such lovely words about...me?!

I don't think i can get anything done the rest of this morning, you make me feel shy but oh so
excited, thank you so much for your lovely words!

xxx Maartje

ps; i really have to get me a pompom maker instead of using handcut cardbox circles ;-)

ps ps; i'm still waiting for my issue of Prima
Magazine, so it's nice to get a peek here...


hi all!

aren´t we just lovin the pompoms... they are so easy and decorative. i always enjoy your colorful presentations, your pics... my eyes did get HUGE when i saw those snowflake cookies. i will be visiting some christmas markets that take place all over here in germany in the next weeks and will be sure to keep a lookout for some cookie cutters to use to make these pretties! are you baking for advent as well, lucy?

Xs and Os


I just love that blog, just so individual....wonderful. Ohhhh I cannot wait to see what you are doing with the pom poms :) exciting!!!!
Those wreaths have my mind on overtime now, will have to try DO something with all this thinking.
Such a great post
Karen x

Purple princess

Ooh we're making Pom poms in craft club (year 2) the old fashioned way! None have got to the cutting stage yet.... Then we're making them into creatures :). I've always wondered how perfect teeny pompous were made! I've got little plastic rings but they're not neat enough! Those makers are perfect! Thank you for sharing!


I love to visit your blog!


We made pom poms in Pumpkin Cottage this weekend. Perfect for patient little hands. So so much fun.


nice colors, they cheered me up while I was feeling sleepy in the morning...
I see that your blankets' colors don't fade away with use...I really want to make a big granny or ripple blanket!
Have a nice time preparing for Christmas, Lucy:) I am also planning so many things to be crocheted!

Linda @ alottastitches

Lucy, you can make your own paper balls, in whatever size and color you'd like! You're only limited by what kinds of paper you can find.



Have fun! :-)

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