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November 26, 2012


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You can make a tiny pom-pom with a fork too.
BTW, the pattern of the windmill is available http://lastejeymaneje.blogspot.com.es/2012/08/free-pinwheels-crochet-pattern.html


Saw Selina demonstrating at the NEC a couple of weeks ago. She made pom poms and also big tissue paper balls that you could hang up. Anne x



this tutti frutti pompom version of a popcorn chenille bedspread is the cutest thing i've ever seen done with pompoms. enjoy.

Rachael Iddon

These paper balls (link below) are really easy to make and you can have a lot of fun with the colours you choose. You could in theory make them as large as you like but you might have to get clever with a pair of compasses! I seem to remember you saying you didn't have a printer so this might not work. I'd be happy to send you the templates on a bit of paper. It would be the least I could do for all the pleasure your blog has given me. Alternatively, we used a paper punch in the shape of a five petalled flower. Hope this helps your paper ball wanties.


Oh a pom pom wreath. I'd love to see the results at knitting group.
I just purchased a pom pom maker yesterday, to make a pom pom for a santa hat for my little one, but now a wreath is calling too, or some strings of pom poms to hang off the mantle piece.


I just found a tip on the internet that one can use a dinner fork for making pom poms. The yarn is wrapped around the tines, the tie is looped up behind the yarn between the tines and tightly knotted, and the sides are cut parallel to the tines. And who doesn't have a fork? Very clever.


Hi Lucy, have you seen the pom pom scarf in Accessorize? http://uk.accessorize.com/view/product/uk_catalog/acc_5,acc_5.9/2871079900
Been reading your lovely blog for a while but this is the first time I've commented. x


I love reading your blog - it's a teeny bit of warm-and-fuzzy relaxation in my day. John Lewis has massive red pom poms as part of their store Christmas decorations this year. They look great.

Sonia Petitpoint

Thank you for all these beautiful photos and useful tips !


Hi there lucy i do know that you can buy those paper balls at wilkinsons...they are a lot cheaper at £1 a ball or £1.75 for the larger ones..I know there the cheap and chearful version but they would be ok for the little time they are hung up im sure..Hope this helps
Love your blog always have a once a week catch up..:).


Oh dear oh dear so much inspiration I feel quite giddy! Thank you for the link to Silly Old Suitcase. So much loveliness! I may have to treat myself :)


Hi Lucy, you can get those paper balls from Wilkinsons, lots of different colours, £1.75 for huge ones and £1 for small ones, bargain!


Ohhhh magnifique, je voulais aussi faire une couronne avec des pompons pour noël...


OOh, thanks for the tip on the Pom Pom makers - I've had in the back of my mind to search these out for ages, and you've done it for me! My little crocheted santas and snowmen will look so much cuter when they arrive!

Shirley Flavell

Wonderful post Lucy,love your necklace.Here in N.Z.we are getting reports on our T.V. news of terrible weather and flooding in the UK. Hope all is well in your part of the country.Hugs Shirley


I've just bought some giant red paper balls from Wilkinsons £1.75! Check out my handmade ribbon wreath here http://knitstitchsew.wordpress.com . I'm off to buy that Pom Pom maker!


I got several of the Clover pom-pom makers for Christmas last year and I love using them. It make the job so much easier.

Love those cheery wreaths. They'd be great for Spring.


This is a simple pom pom wreath from The Australian Women's Weekley http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151175012828621&set=a.462447608620.250433.349591763620&type=1&theater
A bit hard to see in this photo but they just attached 3 different coloured pom poms to a fake green pine wreath. Very simple but effective!
Thanks for your sunny enthusiastic blog- brightens my day!


What a wonderful way to spend a holiday making pom poms with the kids! That wreath is fun!

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Hi Lucy! That last picture is just beautiful! Your cushions and blankets always make me happy! Well, everything you post here usually makes me happy ;)

Love from Anna


I still recall learning to make pom poms and using up ALL my Mother's spare wool and being really rather annoyed she didn't have any more wool to make more lovely pom poms- even though most of the wool was school jumper grey, serious sock green and navy blue. They are such a pleasure to make and to play with afterwards.Cats adore them.


Yes, yes, yes make a pom pom wreath!! I am anxiously waiting to see it! :) It's going to be so lovely. I might have to try and make one myself.

carol partridge

I'm waiting delivery of a pom-pom maker ! It must be catching. Mine is a hinged one. I ordered it with thoughts of silver pom-poms for Christmas decs. Thanks for the info on "Silly Suitcase". What a lovely lady. I was inspired to make a necklace from tiny beads and lovely buttons....threaded on fishing line. I love your necklace too.

Linda @ alottastitches

Lucy, you can make your own paper balls, in whatever size and color you'd like! You're only limited by what kinds of paper you can find.



Have fun! :-)

-- re-commenting - edited to correct a link. -


Wow so much loveliness in one post! A total feast for the eyes and I love your new necklace.in the honeycomb decorations...Wilkinsons sell some bells, teardrops, snowflakes and globes for £1 a pop! They're fabulous, hope there's a store near to you!

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