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November 26, 2012


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Time to check Thin Brick

Thank you so much for making this post. It really helped me and now I can make my own pom poms😜


I have to laugh at your 'no swearing' comment. We had a blizzard in Wisconsin last week so I spread yarn all over the table to make pompoms. My kids were really gung-ho and happy--I was the one who got stressed trying to keep the yarn together while tying the knot, but not cutting the cardboard templates. Then came the "haircuts." So many schnibblettes of yarn all over...Still, we made a great garland for the living room in time for Christmas. I must purchase one of these pompom makers! (BTW, Love your blog!)

J Munro

I'm going to use the pompoms on my little winter twig tree. It's got festive bells, little china santas and birds, and a tiny wooden bird box on it at the mo, but I want to keep it up all year and the pompoms would make a lovely addition. I just ordered the maker - thank you!


Lucy Brazendale


Wilkinsons also has the paper balls in brig colours for £1.00 and £1.50


How sweet of Maartje to make a necklace especially for you! I have followed her blog for a while now, and I love it too!
Greetings from Ellebel (also from the Netherlands)


I might just get the bigger ones next time... I love the Clover range of hooks too...


I had given up making pom poms as they were such a fiddle with the cardboard, then I bought some plastic rings and they were fiddly too (I lost the insides as well which didnt help!)... After I read your blog I went straight on to Ebay and found the Clover Pom Pom maker and received it yesterday... what absolute fun now to make them! I made 4 IMMEDIATELY to go on a "little friends" hat and I know she will love it.. thanks so much for writing about it as I had no idea there was another lovely "hooky gadget" I could get for pom poms. its so clever. Sue


Wonderful post. I could get lost in your blog. PomPoms - my childhood's favorite craft stuff ! Thanks!

Sue Addison

Reminds me of my childhood. My Mom taught me how to make pom poms and I loved making them. I made a whole bunch of them, planning on sewing them to a piece of burlap to make a rug of sorts. Never did finish that project. Just like the granny squares I wanted to make into curtains. I wonder if she still has them somewhere. Thanks for sharing your pom pom adventure.


All your post are great ... your life that much color, Lucy! You make me happy my days and thanks to you the color came into my life. I'm infinitely grateful to you and I invite you always in my world of wool. Thanks for everything!

Zoe Scented Sweetpeas

Not sure if someone else has told you but those big paper balls you have been lusting over are for sale in Wilkinsons for a very reasonable price :-)

Amanda Maddick

Lucy, you make me smile.....love your blog.


I love love love the pom pom makers. I don't have the two little ones yet (but I will soon). I made a garland for St.Valentines last February. But Oh my yummy goodness that wreath is fabulous and I must make one.


Snap! But I have used my PomPom's in a different way



Pom poms are so much fun Lucy, just like you! Am planning to make some with my lovely little people this weekend, a whole two days of looking after my gorgeous grandchildren whilst Mum and Dad have a little break at the Winter Food Show at the NEC. Am taking lots of yarn, paper, glue, felt, you name it I am taking it, hoping we can make an Advent Calendar......here's hoping. Have fun Lucy I love your blog, it makes me smile.
Love Dorothy :~) xx


Thanks for another glorious colored post. Your blog cheers me up.

I make these with my kids every winter, to brighten up our grey days. Perhaps it could be an advent activity to make your own?


Lucy - Wilkinson's have got paper balls in a range of colours, shapes and sizes for much less than a fiver. I'm sure they're a Northern company so you'll have one up in Yorkshire.
I too fell in love with SOS's wreath just before reading your post. Hooking flowers and pompom making like mad now. I MUST have one. :)


I haven't made pompoms in ages and ages. They'll look great made into a wreath :)


This is my first time on the computer in over a week.(my new gorgeous little boy arrived!) I had to pop over to your blog first of all for some colour therapy and you really haven't disappointed me today. Such gorgeous things. Those wreaths are scrumptious and the necklace beautiful. I discovered Silly Old Suitcase myself a few weeks ago. Really lovely work. Your pictures today have helped with curing my anaemia much more than the yucky iron tablets I'm having to take! Fiona xx

Debbie Gallett

Saw this on facebook this morning and thought of you.

pom pom and holly decoration.


hey i want that pom pom maker. ;)


Hi Lucy, thank you for another inspiring post. I see several people have mentioned that Wilkinsons sell paper balls. They also have pom pom garlands and a gorgeous "jingle bell wreath". I think that page in their catalogue was put together with you in mind!


Yesterday, I visited a friend of mine, whose daughter is in the hospital at the moment, due to diabetes.
It's just routine, nothing serious, and it is a real task to keep the little patients entertained. So I brought some yarn, your great tip on making pompoms, and had the whole room full of eager kids all wanting to make pompoms. I had only brought one pair of scissors, so that was a bit tight, but the all enjoyed themselves very much. We even had some ideas for variations, like multicolored pompoms, and a figurine (bind not in the middle, leave the smaller loops untouched, but cut open the longer ones - voilà: a little ghost!).
Thank you so much for posting this cute crafting tip!


Hi Lucy,
Have been loving your blog for a couple of years now, I have been living in Tasmania, Australia, for seventeen years and love that you give me a regular fix of the seasons and festivals at their 'proper' times - you know, Christmas in Winter, Easter in Spring etc! Adore your photography and your love of all things simple, soulful and homespun. I wanted to suggest that you make these tissue paper pom-poms instead of pining over your honeycomb balls? Tissue paper is much cheaper in bulk on eBay than anywhere else - I bought 200 sheets in ten different colours recently, enough for a year's worth of craft for about five British pounds! Have a lovely Christmas and thanks for helping with the home-sickness :-)



Hi Lucy! I have been following your blog for a long time. I love it! I am trying to start my own blog called "coffee with tams" Could you please check it out and maybe give me some pointers? I would so appreciate it. Thank you.

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