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November 30, 2012


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They're lovely. We have two piggies (Lulu and Mrs Armitage) and they are just the best little pets, they really are. Friendly, squeaky, love to eat and eat, nice and chunky and oh so cute. There is no nicer pet.


FAN..BEEP..BEEP..TASTIC....sorry for the expletives......HOW fabulouso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lovin'em....lovin the indoors-i-ness...cudddli-ness...re- liven the childhood ness................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh deep joy..real jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!love me down the dale....sigh!!! Jeannette..x


We had one..Rhino Rock Star (what happens when you allow your five year old to name him..). We made a fab cage that was always open to the air..made loads of stuff for him but from fleece ..what snuggle bunnies! Loved ours very much!


I made a quilt for our dog when she was a puppy - no, crocheting a personal blanket for the piggles is not a daft idea at all! Both our cat and our dog prefer handknitted blankets to doze on...


You have the Owl and the Pussy Cat!
Your piggies are adorable. A crochet snuggle blanket for them would be super sweet, but I'm not convinced that it would last long knowing how piggies like to chew!


Gorgeous piggies. I knitted a jacket for my sister-in-laws pigs....just a bit of fun really they don't wear it all the time, very cute though!

Here is a photo and link to the pattern - Hope this link works!


We had guinea pigs when the children were small and I think they make ideal pets.Big enough to handle but not too big and they make noises.Great pets.Of course you should make them a snuggle blanket.I made one for our cat Ziggy a couple of weeks ago.It was made specially for him and he loves it so join me in the "daft" brigade who make things for their pets!!


We had the dear little cuties when we were kids, then my kids had some in the 70`s..l love them but cant have them now..l have a Jack russell.. We wont go there... Always a delight to read yr blog Lucy.. AND do make the little piggy wiggys a blankie...
Best Wishes.
New England, Australia.


Ahhh! Cute piggies! I am currently a cavy slave to Mark & Jeremy the guinea pig brothers. Guinea pigs are adorable and make great pets. Mine love a fleece cozy to snuggle up in, not sure if they would like some crochet?


I have 2 piggies and it's a big no no to make them a blanket. When my 2 had play time they found 1 of my blankets and chewed a massive hole in it ..... Of course I didnt find this out untill I got it out to snuggle under. Stick with cat houses and pet beds :)


I love guinea pigs !! We used to have a lot over the last 10 years, the most we had at one point was 5 plus 2 rabbits ! Now they've all gone up to animal heaven and we decided not to take any more pet until summer, so we can go away freely. Maybe in September we'll adopt some, or a rabbit, or the girls were talking about fish... we'll see, we have 9 months to make a decision !
But I sure do miss their little noises and giving them the vegetable peelings or leftovers pieces !


PIGGIES!! We had guineas too, ours were called Pip and Meggie! Those sweet little noises they make are adorable, aren't they? I miss our piggies, they are the best ever pets for kids. :) (love your pretty owl too!) xx

Phyllis White

Guinea pigs are just the best! So much more communicative than i.e. rabbits (we've had both), because they are more communicative their little personalities shine more. You are going to have so much fun with them, enjoy!


Guinea Pigs don't need blankets but they do love hammocks! You could crochet a hammock for them. If you use an uncoloured yarn, there would be no problem if they would try to eat it. But they are much more interested in biting hard stuff like wood. You can find a lot of pictures of piggy-hammocks in the internet.
I wish you lots of fun with your animals!
Greetings from Germany, Lilli


Sweet little Dottie, indeed! love her.

Love your little guinea piggies, too! My children are full grown adults now, but have the fondest memories of our little Miss Phoebe. She would squeak and squeal when she wanted us to quiet down, and purr when we did. What a sweetie. We had her for many years and when she died, we all buried her in a special place in our yard. Miss her.


Mari Mayhew

What lovely guinea girls! We have two boys called Fluffy Guin and Jeffrey Jam, they are such brilliant critters to have as pets and give us all so much pleasure with their weep weeps! Have fun and always keep the fridge full of cucumber,lettuce and carrots!

Angela-Southern U.S.A.

Oh how wonderful,for all!We had hamsters,birds,
fish,rabbits and pet squirrels(not all at the same time)when little(and of course the usual outside pets),a friend of my youngest has a pet chinchilla.The hubby's folks raised guinea pigs for sale when he was a kid.I'm sure the children are over the moon!Maybe you could crochet them a sweater a piece :)You did indeed fool me,I was thinking a piggy in yarn,lol!The little owl is just the cutest thing(and the kitty),they look right at home,setting on the shelves.Enjoy!

Kay G.

I am thinking we will be seeing these guinea pigs represented in crochet form very soon, am I right? And of course, you must make them a blanket!


They are adorable! And of course they need a blanket. ;)

Eva Zallmann

Guinea pigs are great. I had two when I was little. I would like to have them again with our boys but since we already have two dogs it might not work very well for the piggies. Anyway, I love them and I am sure they will bring lots of fun and cheerfulness to your home!


The guinea pigs are so sweet! Love Miss Dotty too


....I'd be soooo disappointed if you didn't hook them something!


awww piggies cute my daughter has always had guinea pigs as pets she's on guinea pig number 7 whom i'm piggy sitting at the moment.great pets for children they are soooo good natured. every time i go past his cage he runs out squeaking for more veggies hehe he's a rather greedy piggy


Hi Lucy,
I had Guinea Pigs as a child, too. They are wonderful, aren't they?
I would not make a blanket for them, because they probably would eat it. But, as supposed above, a cover for the cage would be very nice.

Best wishes


Of course they have to have a Lucy creation in their little home!

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