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November 30, 2012


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Your little owl is so cute, I've just popped over to Caroline's etsy sop and added a couple of things to my Christmas list, so thanks for the recomendation. Your new piggies are absolutely gorgeous, I am so jealous! And yes you definitely should whip them up a couple of different snuggly things to hide in, piggies love that sort of thing xx


What sweet piggies and what lovely names - I let the children name ours when they came to us 6 months ago and ended up with Buzz and Richard! I never expected them to have such personalities, Buzz in particular goes mad every time he hears my voice - he loves to chat! Wishing you all lots of happiness with your new additions. Em x

Carolyn Alessi

Not crazy at all. My 11 year old daughter begged me to make a tiny blanket for her 2 guinea pigs. Foolish things love to snuggle under it!Now she thinks they would look good in skinny jeans...


I think the piggies definitely need a snuggle blanket. Can't wait to see it. They are really cute. x


What precious pigs! :)


Heehee! Love the little piggies! I have crocheted wee little blankets for my small dogs, so I say Go For It. They may takes some nibbles, though, so probably cotton or wool would be best for them. Please do share pics if you do make piggy blankets!


Pets are a wonderful thing. Bringing joy to everyone that is around them. I can see a guinea pig blanket...they might enjoy that!


We had 10 Guinea Pigs,they make gorgeous pets but if yours are anything like ours they will eat the blanket.... ours ate a net curtain once that I put them too close to !!

Elizabeth Armstrong

Guinea pigs are the best - I remember the miracle of new babies arriving in the night and then we would see these furry golf balls in the morning.
I can remember all their names and I also can recall how sweet they smelt.
DEFINITELY crochet a blanket - mmmm......
Would a little dome to crawl in be a good idea?


Yes! Crochet them multiple blankets, christmas is just around the corner, you know! I have two cats and have made them crochet blankets, pillows, quilts. Right now I am crocheting a nice wool basket for Zelda, since she loves to snuggle up in a private spot....


The first thought that came to my mind when I saw these cute little piggies was that they would need a cozy crochet blanket! so, please, do make it!
Love the Owl! Caroline is talented indeed:) Love th style and the owl is cuddly!
Have a great Monday!


Oh your piggies they are soooooo adorable!! I love them!


My children were the proud owners of guinea pigs too. They make really interesting noises, and yes, they do like to eat -- all of them, kids and guinea pigs. I lost the bottoms of a set of window drapes by foolishly placing the cage too close to the fabric. Chew, chew, chew. Yum, yum, yum. I settle for my kitties, my dog, my goldfish, and all the birds in the outside now.


Oh go on! What are guinea pigs for if not for crocheting for and watching and stroking and listening to? Oh I love them. we had 20 at one point when I was little. We kind of became an unintentional rescue centre!
Now last year when I went to get one each for my girls I couldn't resist my own too and came home with 3!!


Hi Lucy,
It is funny how many things you posted have been flittering around my semi conscious for the last week or so. It was only this morning that I was thinking of making some pompoms. Love the colours as always! I thought you may be interested to see these little robin decorations I spotted in Wilkos the other day. They are robin shapes with a small hole cut out to push the pompom through. I am sure that they could be made out of card instead of ply http://www.wilkinsonplus.com/festive-range-decorations/wilko-robin-with-pom-pom-decoration-wood/invt/0322688/?htxt=%2FUvRjc0xAaKk26JwgsxcsV6E2gjpK53ITJCPcypNRrR6jhjYX3SDlEUFWaOdTpLU0xVcTayKYYOc%0Aw4t9gBa9qg%3D%3D I am sure other animals etc could be made following the same principal, perhaps you and the small people could put your makes to good use. Whilst at Wilkos I also stocked up on some giant pompoms which you also said you liked (much cheaper) but I did notice that you can also buy honeycomb paper on ebay to make your own. Keep up the good work Lucy, your site literally brightens the day.


Oh I would love a piggy too but one little terrier in residence would be certain to gobble it us so it is not to be. I'll just enjoy the thought and enjoy hearing about your little piggies! x


Omg! They are SO adorable!! I have to show my dad these. I've been begging for one for ages.


They need a blankie as they are babies and all babies need a cozy blankie.


I hope you really do have 2 girlies - our neighbour had 2 girls piggies, then suddenly there were 6 little piggies one morning. Everyone thought poor toffee was just a porkie piggy!!


Oh, I love "peegs!" The squeaking for leafy greens! The chitter-chatter! And don't forget the little guinea pigs lips! Congrats on your new additions!


go with the blanket!!! ;oD
xxx Ale


why don't you crochet a "Pea-Green Boat" for your "Owl and the Pussycat"?

Jacky Matthews

My children wear their guinea pigs in bags that hang around their necks and sit on their chests. you could crochet them. Jacky Redcliffe Australia


Oh they are sweet - mine are desperate for a dog, but I'm really Not desperate for a dog ... I wonder if I show them these pics, whether they may be swayed in to wanting piggies ... it is possible that I may be more tempted in to joining the Has Pets club for a pair of cute, un-requiring of walkies, piggies ...
Hope you are well and enjoying all the xmas prep xx


Oh!!! Someone just sent me a link to your wonderful blog and I love your guinea pigs!! Thank you for such beautiful pictures!

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