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November 30, 2012


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Carol Powell

oh Lucy what a wonderful web sight. What wonderful colours. I have just learnt to crochet, and hope to end up doing lovely colourful things. Thanks for the inspiration. I will definately try to find crochet clases. How clever you are. From Carol xx


I am almost as guinea pig obsessed as I am all things fiber. My piggy is named Rhino and she's probably one of those most spoiled babies ever. She gets her own handmade caves and blankets.


Oh my goodness, they are sooooo CUTE! Dottie is lovely, and the piggies are adorable. Of course there has to be a snuggle blanket for them!


They're absolutely gorgeous!!!

Denise :)

Your guinea pigs are darling...and definitely deserving of a little crocheted love! We had them growing up...and my kids had them growing up, but there haven't been any in our home for a while. Seeing yours made me a little nostalgic! I hope my grandchildren get to enjoy the pleasures of piggies soon! :)


LOL! my guinea pig was called Pip!

Tina-Marie Hamilton

Thank for sharing Caroline's work again. I was looking for two prints for niece's new step-daughter's room (she is 1 and 1/2). Specifically, we were looking for a bumblebee print. Yes! Caroline had one, and with nodding girl, they are both headed to Virginia (USA). Addison's room will look lovely. Now, to fight off the competition to get an owl!
Love your blog. Thanks for sharing your ideas and work with us.

fiona miller

I've never commented on your blog before, even though I am a regular reader, but when I saw your guinea pigs, there was no stopping me. Guinea pigs make the best pets. We have two girls, now quite elderly at four and a half, but they are so much fun. My two boys are now teenagers, but they still find time for 'the ladies' as they're known. Ours live outside, well wrapped up and with lots of hay at all times, but on cold nights, we do bring them in, and we let them roam around the living room. They are (sort of) house trained, because if you put their blanket and some food down by the radiator, they make that their base, just making occasional forays to the fridge and for a dash round the chairs. Enjoy your lovely guinea pigs!


Hello Lucy,

you can at least sew some cosy stuff for your piggies:
It is in German but with many pictures wich are self explaining. Our piggies love sleeping in their cosy caves and rolls, this is so cute. Oh, and our piggies don't eat their cosies. They are not like rabbits or rats who eat everything.

You could also crochet a hay net for them:

We also built our pigs a large wooden cage with plexiglass windows and a second floor providing them the space they need and looking more beautiful than those cages you can buy.

Have fun crafting for your new friends!



my daughter has a piggie, too. they are so cute! I think a little blanket/nest/hidey-place would be a great thing for them!


growing up, my family had a pet store and as a result, we were fortunate to have a variety of pets, and I always thought guinea pigs were so sweet-- I love their cute little sounds. They'll be wonderful pets for your children!


Hi, love the new arrivals !! having had winnies (as we call them ) since i was 5. From past experience wool always gets nibbled so i wouldnt advise a blanket. Good to have girls we have 3 boys now and they are so much more of a handfull so much mischief !! Good to keep inside we do with ours it socialise them well. You will notice when they are sure of you they will squeak and popcorn lots !!


Your piggies are beautiful, adorable and so lucky to have a sweet, loving home. But please do be careful with them around crocheted things.
I knew of little pig that got one of it's claws caught in a crocheted blanket and hurt itself very badly in it's panic to set itself free. I also know (my husband is a vet) that many little piggies (including, sadly, one of my own when i was young :( have lost their lives through chewing crocheted, knitted and even (as in the case of my poor piggy) plain cotton fabric things. If they are to be near such items they need very strict supervision. Guinea pigs have very complex and sensitive digestive systems - a good cavies book will tell you this.
Really it is best to stick to hay bedding and use a (non fluffy) towel for cuddles.

Perhaps you could crochet a couple of colourful piggies for your mantlepiece.. that would be so much fun :)

Wishing you and your family much happiness with your sweet charges xxx


Your wee guineas are just so cute. We welcomed two wee dudes into our home in June and they are a constant source of amusement. Im not so sure either about the crochet blanket for them but fabric definitely. Ive seen a site where they are always making things for the guineas. Just need to remember what it was again, lol.

I love your festive wreath, I'm never that great at colour matching.


How adorable! Piggies are the best little creatures. Enjoy every moment with them :)


Hi Lucy - I love guinea pigs and their little squeeky noises make me really happy. We are expecting a puppy in January and I am busy crocheting him a snuggly blanket. I think its a lovely idea to make the guinea pigs one but they may shred them so a natural yarn may be safest in case they eat it! xxx

tejeme mucho

I whink you have to crochet them a littel blanket. They're so so so cute, they deserve it.
Have a nice week!


Hi Lucy, I love that little owl you have there, so cute! We used to have a couple of guinea pigs when my boys were younger, they are very cute little creatures, although a bit too rat like for my liking! (bit phobic in that regard) Thankyou for your lovely comment recently, so nice to hear from you! Julie xx


How cute they are!!


Hi Lucy, I just wanted to let you know I've nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award. I know you don't really go in for blog awards (and of course, this comes obligation-free), but I couldn't help myself, I'm such a tragic fan of yours! Thank you for your beautiful blog! (gush gush!)



And I meant to say that piggies go mad for fresh coriander...try it..their eyes will pop out of their heads with excitement!

Claudia V

I love those little piggies. I used to raise them for a pet shop when I was a kid.
So cute....hope to see LOTS of pictures of them.


We just love piggies in our house. Toffee and Crumble are saying a big hello squeek to Pip and Lola. They are the best pets for little people - and your two piggies will surely be loved and fussed over to no end - they are very lucky.


Lovely to read this - my nearly-six-year-old is campaigning hard for a pet and i think a guinea pig would be a great choice. They are incredibly cute! x


Awww guinea pigs are the best! Now I'm looking forward to reading your posts even more, crochet and guineas, two of my favourite things! and of course you should make them a snuggly blanket! :D

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