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November 01, 2012


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My heart leaps up when I behold,
Some washing on the line

I am so pleased to hear I'm not the only one who feels this way!


Hi Lucy, I love your blog, it's fab!
Where do you manage to buy such lovely buttons and beads?


I sincerely hope I'll never lose my pleasure in kicking through piles of leaves, and searching out the crunchy ones to jump on. I introduced a 23 year old friend to this pleasure only a few weeks ago.. How can someone reach their 20's without crunching leaves?!


I thought the same as Rachell. Sue over at The Quince Tree had forewarned us about the programme and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Seeing your canal in moving colour made me smile.


Watching a prog called Food in England on bbc4 and Skipton features including a grammar school's headmasters daughter who wrote a history of food book. Fascinating. I wonder if this is your son's future school...?


Hi Lucy

I was just wondering if you are going to post your Bower Bird pattern before christmas? I would like to make a pair of lovebirds for my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary on Dec 22nd.

Thanks for your years of inspiration,


http://crochet-plaisir.over-blog.com/article-coussin-granny-et-son-pas-a-pas-en-images-au-crochet-106538672.html look at this!!


Wow , you have been busy!


Aww, looks all war and cosy again. I saw you bought tulip bulbs. Did you know that one of our princesses (sister of our queeen) is named Irene and that Irene means Peace. peaceful>

Just wanted you to know.

Love your work (still)

Best wishes,


Amanda Thornton

love these autumn photos! The moorland is gorgeous, even if it is wearing a brown coat ;)

here is my recent blog post, featuring my current knit and some pumpkin spice bread: http://www.thorntonjournal.blogspot.com/2012/11/im-morning-person-now.html

Gniewka Racimirowa

I love your photos - so much color, so optymistic :)

Kay G.

I just did a link to you on my last post.
I was because of your photo of the CHEESES!
Also, I wanted to tell you that I really wish I had your hot water bottle with the polka dots!

Angela-Southern U.S.A.

Lovely post,as usual. Still in that transitional stage here,warm,then nippy and back.Gathering the last items from the garden,sweet potatoes and fruit, apples, persimmons,trading for walnuts and pecans.Raking leaves,washing windows,still hangin laundry,for now.Congrats to L.M.and the jack o'lanturn looks great,mine like to do the carving themselves(posted some pics of Halloween decor,witches lair,Flickr)Trying to stay out of all the candy...so hard! ;) Yes,looking forward to the "tah-da" on your ripple.OH!and the cheese looks de-vine!Let's not discuss housekeeping!..so much to catch up on...a mothers work is never done.Have a good one!


Lovely post - I like how much you celebrate the little things. I adore this time of year. Despite training for a run I have gained some weight but cannot think of dieting in the run up to Christmas - that is wrong, surely?? It can wait to new year! xx


Our Halloween trick or treating will be done this Sunday (tomorrow for me) as Sandy upset a few things. It will be early from 4-6 so the children have some light. I must admit I don't quite understand the British school system. Ours is fairly straight forward and the kids go pre-k, Kindergarten, 1st thru 6 grades and then to middle school which is either 6 to 8, or 7to9. Then onto High School 9thru12 and onto college if they choose to do so. Mine are all out of school and onto their own lives now. Whew!! Those homework days are long!!! Bless you!!!


I love this post - all these beautiful Autumnal colours! Well done to your little one on the results, too.


What a lovely look back at your month. I've so enjoyed reading it and looking at all the lovely pictures. I feel that my Autumn hasn't really happened this year as I am the size of a house and feel very restricted in all that I do so it's lovely to read about other people's activities. Well done to little man on the 11+ pass. We have the grammar school system in our area too(S teaches at a Grammar in fact) so we will have to deal with the dreaded exams too at some point in the future although no doubt it will have changed by the time F and no.2 get to that stage. Looking forward to hearing about your housekeeping activities in November. Fiona x

Joyce Stewart

Lucy, lovely posts recently (but aren't they all -yes!) - just wanted to send my congratulations to Little Man (not so little now really) on his passing the 11+.
Honestly there is so much hoo ha about this exam. Over here in Northern Ireland the children will be doing the exam this month and the results don't come out until February I think. Our two boys both did it and passed. The younger boy went to primary school here and they didn't prepare the children for it normally as they just progressed to the secondary school. So the Head of the primary school took it upon himself to prepare our son as we wanted him to attend Grammar School. There are the two opinions on this. My own opinion on the 11+ is this. How are our children going to cope with other situations in life which need stress to be dealt with if they cannot learn at an early age to cope with 'exams' in any form. Life is an exam every day LOL!! It prepares them for GCSE's and A-Levels and all sorts of situations in front of them in the years to come. In some ways children are too much mollycodled....I'll probably not be popular for saying all of this but it is my humble opinion.
Best wishes to you all...it is very good news indeed.


Lovely to continue reading your delightful blog Lucy. Blanket making is a must this time of the year - I agree! However I'm nearing the end of making myself something for once, a luxurious crochet scarf in a bobble stitch called 'Blackberry Salad Stitch' in a light mossy green to go with a coat. Can't quite believe how well it has come out! " books that I absolutely adore - and you may too, are both by Good Housekeeping. 1. Crochet Designs - An illustrated pocket guide to over 80 beautiful patterns 2. Crochet - An illustrated pocket guide to over 90 beautiful patterns. They sound virtually similar titles but are different, trust me! Janette


Wow I am sooooooooo behind with my blog reading, it seems you had a magical time in France and I loved your Birdie Ta-Da it was delish!! Great photos I felt like I had taken a trip with you to Provence.

A lovely October posting too, great to see your wintery goodies and I too adore porridge with a drizzle of honey...but I am going to try the addition of banana sound scrummy.

My crocheting is coming along well, well let's be honest I am totally addicted to it....granny blankets for the little lady's bed and dolly pram are the current projects....looking forward to keeping up with you through the chilly days...{{{hugs}}} Elisa x


just reading this post made me feel all warm and cozy and ready for bed. The only problem is that it is only 10 am here and I've work to do!

Becky Ganzhorn

Only just found your blog today, charming. I love your colors and sensibilities. Congrats for your son.
Whenever i read about, see or hang laundry out, i am reminded of a rich little book by Kathleen Norris: The Quotidian Mysteries. If you haven't read it, i recommend it to you... Joy in the simple routines of daily life.
So glad to have found your gentle, lovely blog.
Now, to read your earlier posts... Peace, b


Pumpkins,colourful blankets,porridge and candles...what a lovely Autumny post!

Love my hottie too!

Bellaboo x


I love your blog so much. Always i come back here. Thanks for the colors, thanks for the light, thanks for the crochet, thanks for the moments... thanks from the heart.


Lovely post from your breakfast at lunch to a view of Autumn from the attic. I am wanting to explore cheese more also, in fact have been looking for a good Wensleydale. Oh yes, we did celebrate Halloween with goblins and witches at our door for candy.

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