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November 15, 2012


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Debra Jewell

I love these little flowers, but I need the instructions for the US, I don't live in England!!
What is the difference in the directions??


I shall be trying your flower and stem which I have loved since I first saw it. I have yarn and a crochet hook, and I've arranged crochet lessons with a friend when I see her in January.

Looking forward to joining in.

Claire D

I'm a happy knitter who now drools at your beautiful crochet crafts (love love love your happy colour choices). I'm so inspired to try a smaller flower or two but will aim at something more complex like these in the future.

Is there any chance you might consider videoing some of your tutorials and posting them to youtube? It would be soooo helpful to newbies like me.


Some congratulations in french...
Merci Lucy, merci pour tout !
Vous êtes adorable. Votre univers si personnel est un régal pour les yeux et votre générosité fait chaud au coeur.

Rona (rondaletts on Ravelry)

Love them, Lucy! I'm making one right now - it will be a lovely hair clip for my littlest lady! :D Thanks for sharing your patterns with the world. I think I've made almost all of your colorful creations! :D


Hi Lucy, I am still trying to catch up in your blog (I don't want to miss a thing!) so I don't know if you know about this... A Granny Tree Skirt Crochet Pattern!!!


I saw it today and had to share it with you immediately! I couldn't find a way to contact you directly so I am adding it here. Enjoy!!



Oh Luce!
What else is there to say?
You are second to none as all these comments confirm.
Perhaps we should have regional 'Love Lucy' groups?!


PS If Dorothy is reading this she can rest assured she's not your oldest admirer!!


I get all teary-eyed just reading all the warm and loving posts here. So much love and appreciation... and all so well deserved by you, dear Lucy. As many of the lovely people here have already said, you do so much more than share your beautiful work and life with us- you teach and inspire and brighten up our lives. I guess we all wish we could meet you, hug you and say thank you in person- spend some chatty hooky time with you or go for a walk through all those lovely landscapes surrounding your home that we learned to love through your wonderful photos. Thank you for another great tutorial, for your love of life and all the kindness you give us through your blog. You really deserve a book! Hope all good things keep coming your way!


Thank you Lucy! You've inspired me to make a donation. Now when's that book coming out...?


The flowers are beautiful and I will be making some as soon as I've finished my current project. I know it will be easy following your expert tutorial. I fancy the flowers will make pretty brooches with brooch-backs on them. Thanks for taking the time to write your tutorials.

Wendy Wool

Thanks for another 'Lucy Fix'. Was wondering which cotton yarn everyone prefers for crochet. Rowan Handknit Cotton is great but 'disappears' off shop shelves in autumn/ winter. Is Rico Cotton prone to splits? Would appreciate crocheters' views, thanks.

mrs juan

dear lucy, hi there. Am a silent reader of your blog but today decided to chirp in..I'm always looking forward to ready your new post especially your tutorial. They were a big help! Thanks a lot..wishing you more ideas and time!


Lucy, thank you so much for the wonderful tutorial, for the time that he gives us, for your sympathy, your stories, for the photos and everything else, you're a wonderful person, you can send your creations with love you have for this technique and the color that you have inside of you!

claudia w

I want to make bunches of these and spread the cheer! I. LOVE. THEM! You are so talented, and you do such wonderful things for us! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


I love them!!! Thank you for all your hard work, I really appreciate it. Debbie

Patti In Pa

thank you! :)

I always love your color combinations!

Linda Pritchard

Thank you Lucy for all your efforts. You have got me back into crocheting big time! From your tutorials, I have already made the hexagonal blanket, the crocheted bag to keep my wool in and am currently making a ripple blanket. Your instructions are always clear and your colour choice is inspiring. I was always a soft pastel colours crocheter but I am now bolder in my colours and I love it. Everything you create I want to try and make but its getting harder to choose what to make cause I want to make them all! I'm already picturing myself making these flowers now but I have so many crafty things on the go they may just have to wait (am having argument with myself :)


Thanks for flower tutorial. Can't wait for Bower Bird.


Lucy I am new to crochet, probably your oldest admirer (63) and have always knitted. Just making some cushion covers in granny squares for my daughter-in-law's birthday. They won't be anywhere as nice as yours but I hope she will like them. I love your blog you seem like an old friend, thank you. My aim is to try and make your gorgeous flower cushion in the future....have a lovely weekend with your family. Dorothy :-)


Those tutorials sound like such an enormous amount of work, but I am very grateful for them. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put in. It is much appreciated.


I love their colorful, done over a work inspired by you. And every time I visit him I want to take thousand lines and coloring the world. Very inspiring.

Liz Barnard

Lovely xxx


Thank you Lucy and Little B for your crafty expertise. All of your tutorials are wonderfully inspiring and instructive and have given me hours of joyful hooking bliss. I can’t wait to give these flowers a go over the weekend : ) The time end effort you put into the tutorials is very much appreciated.


Thank you, Lucy, for all of your wonderful tutorials that you so freely give and share with us wannabe like Lucy crocheters!! We appreciate you taking the time (and we realize just HOW much time it takes) to painstakingly give us the directions to your creativeness when I'm sure you could be doing something else for yourself or your family :) You inspire us and also challenge us to go outside the box on occasion and that's why you have such a large following. Thanks again :)


Thanks Lucy for sharing yourself with us. As we celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday next week in the USA, I am truly thankful for the happiness you put into my life. Because of you I have completed more projects this year than in any year of my life. So if you get a warm feeling about 3:00PM Philadelphia time next Thursday, you will know my family and I will be offering you a toast. Cheers:)

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