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November 09, 2012


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Hello Luce
That looks like one wonderful week!
I've just completed my blooming flower cushion (yes, I know it's about time too!)and it looks fab - I'm so pleased with it.
PS Hope my pics found their way to the attic.

Sonia Petitpoint

What a wonderful week !


I love a good bonfire aswell. We went to two home parties this year, and although the fire works were tiny, they have such a huge impact in a little back garden! and you can't eat hotdogs all night! So for me bonfire parties at home at the new black!
Loved reading about your cozy hols! sounds divine and right up my street!xx


Sounds idyllic!
I have a nespresso machine and love it. Such a good investment :)


I'm jealous of your snuggly blankety week, your Nespresso machine, your day at Saltaire,your beautiful sash windows, but like Pamela who was first to post, jealous in a GOOD way! Thanks for sharing Lucy...enjoy your coffees. (I've just put that machine in Titanium on my list for Santa,I do hope I've been good enough!)


Really love your pictures!
Greatings from Holland,


Beautiful!! You have such a wonderful way to taking us all on the adventurous ride with you.

You never disappoint. So colorful. Thanks for that.


Hello, You have a really lovely blog! I particularity like the picture of your kitchen and the crocheted flags! How adorable! I love looking at all your handicraft! What a great house you have! I've put a link to your blog in my blogroll.

Linda from Boston

When my boys were little, we bought small blank pads of paper and did fingerprint drawings in the upper left corner of every page. Then we gave them as gifts. Problem was........they were so cute, no one wanted to use them!!!


Sounds like you had a lovely week. Is that your granny patch WIP in the bottom picture or can we expect a lovely tad-dah post soon?


What a perfect half term holiday! You are so right to treasure these times, as children grow up so fast. My youngest is 17 and I miss not having to step over his toys spread across the floor! Thank you for sharing these moments with us. Best wishes, Pj x

Ada Bea

Sometimes these are the best weeks, where you bunker down and let the children decide......have a great weekend Lucy, enjoy your coffee, sipping and sitting, looking out of those fabulous windows! :)

Tabby P.

Looks like you had a fabulous time with all your holidaying around! Glad to hear it! Isn't it wonderful to enjoy your littles enjoying a good time? To me there's nothing better than to listen to them laughing and playing with simple things that we may have forgotten were so simply and pleasurable in our adult age. Such as a blanket fort or big cardboard box. Thanks for having your lovely photos!
Hugs and love!


My sis in law bought me a Salts Mill bag from her visit there earlier this year, it looks fantastic -just on the bag!- I must go thanks for such a great description of the place.xx


It sounds like a perfect half term week. We always find the October half term less pressurized than other school holidays, and, funnily enough, time to start doing a clear out and decoration of the house. The fireworks looked fantastic and so jealous of your fabulous coffee machine! Enjoy!! XX


Blanket den making is the best! And Little B must have the best siesta's in the world surrounded by all that colourful hooky goodness! :-) xxxx


I posted some pictures of my new Christmas baubles (tiny ones, all colours from Paperchase -you'd love them)a few days ago and someone said they looked like Nespresso pods. I had no idea what she meant. Now I do. Very tempting machine.


Your post left me craving buttery crumpets! (even though you didn't mention crumpets!)

Fireworks are THE best thing about Nov (I would say that - I work on firework shows!).


Lucy always very happy to read your stories!


I loved this post-so interesting! I must tell you that a friend of ours bought us that exact same nespresson macine(except mine is cream colored)for our anniversary. I LOVE it. Being a complete coffee junkie-it brings me great joy to have such a creamy cup of coffee each morning. We also found that the generics (slighly cheaper) work just as well. Did you know you can the little pod casings from somewhere in the Netherlands-4 at a time and they are completely reusable,refillable and dishwasher safe with a usage life of the say "forever"so I guess a pretty long time. Worth it I reckon,then you can add your own coffee.
It's such a little luxury and I love it too! Enjoy it!


You make it sound all fun, warmth and happiness. Make me feel good all over.


happy weekend Lucy!!!
xxx Alessandra


ooooh the UK organized firework displays!!!..Been in NZ 36 years and you brought a childhood memory to the fore! :)


Love the cubby Lucy.What are beautiful blankets for if not to be used by our loved ones? Their childhood memories will be all the sweeter for having such a luxury as part of their play. My 3 boys are now 13,17 and 19 so the days of cubby houses are long gone but I have lovely memories of whole rooms made inaccessible by a collection of sheets, doonah covers,soft furniture and pegs! Priceless

carmen attie

Dear Lucy: You are going to looooove that machine! I´ve been in love with mine since it arrived home. Greetings from the other side of the world, or... mexico city

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