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October 31, 2012


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Sigh..all simply lovely. X


I REALLY want to go to Provence myself now! Thank you Lucy for taking us on this wonderful journey with all your photos and your words. I sincerely hope there will be another chance for another trip :)


Lovely post, Gorgeous images, Lucy! I´m happy for you! :)


One of the first things I do when I log onto my PC is to check if you have made a new post. Your posts are always so full of colour and interest and it is always lovely to read. Can't wait for the tutorial on the bird wreath. When are you bringing out a book???!!!

Cristal Punnett

Your blog is amazing, thank you for sharing it


It's been fun coming on tour with you, it looks like a fantastic trip. Now, what's on your hook at the moment? Xx


I'm so pleased you have had this opportunity and your birdie wreath hanging is adorable x


Had been so looking forward to the posts on your adventure,
And I would like to say I have enjoyed them so much, you really
Brought things to life for us with your great descriptions and photos,
It was lovely to see a few photos of yourself too !
Thanks very much
Penny x

Sonia Petitpoint

What a wonderful trip ! Thank you so much for sharing your pictures and thoughts about it.


Hello, thank you for sharing all the beautiful pictures and for the lovely comments about Provence ! I love your blog, it's a real pleasure to read you and discover your work all over the year ... And your holidays :) greatings from France


After a night of constant heavy rain- a night that started around 4.30 in the afternoon- how lovely to see colour and sunshine- I can almost feel the warmth!


Lucy, it has been absolutely brilliant sharing this trip through your attic window! A belated very happy birthday to you! :-) xxxx


Hello Lucy I have been following your blog for sometime now. Always very interesting. This one about Provence has been such a treat. I am sure you are happy you went. Well done. You seem such a lovely lady that I would love to meet.
I live in Yorks probably not too far from you.
Keep up with such lovely blogs.

Thank you


I've really enjoyed reading about your wonderful time away, and looking at all the sun-drenched pretty pics, thank you for sharing with us. :) xxx


I am busy quilting a quilt I made with fabrics of the Provence. I come there a few times a year. It makes me so happy.
Reading your blog I know you will return there.


Thank you Lucy for letting us share your wonderful small vacation, or I guess large at heart.
I'm not a people person either, happy with my fabric, yarn, and always something in the making. I find pure joy in creating. Its so fun to see what you have created. You are so talented with the hook and camera.....
Rebecca in WA USA


Well I'm very grateful to you for letting me travel Through Provence!

Donna S.

Oh so awesome!! Thank you for your beautiful sharing posts!! I would love to visit someplace like that some day but very very doubtful!! So you "took me with you"!!


it's a real pleasure to read your posts!!! I love to read your crochet news or holiday news: in both the occasions I have the occasion to know you a little more! Thank you,
xxx Alessandra

Angy Braine

There is something so special about seeing through the eyes of person who TRULY appreciates life and it's blessings. You are most certainly one of those people Lucy. Truly you are. Thank you for sharing. Some of us may never make it to all these stunning spots and even if we do, every experience is unique is it not? For some your posts have surely added to their bucket list and for others it may even have been a trip down memory lane. Awesome. Just awesome. :-) ♥♥♥


Loveliest of posts. You have such a beautiful way of putting photos and together. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and day to day life, it is such a joy to read about.

JoDee Costello

Will you do another "hooky" tour? I would love to be part of that next year!

Jane S.

I'm so glad you had a wonderful time! Being able to share your memories and photos with others is almost like getting to live the holiday all over again, isn't it? Thank you for telling us all about it. :)


Lucy it's been an exceptionally great series of posts, thank you.

"One of the things I have most missed since coming home is the sunshine"

When we visited the UK in 2005 on a driving holiday I very much missed the sunlight even though it was May. When we drove into the northern part of Cornwall I felt like I had come home (to Australia), I totally got why it has been a mecca for artists. The Provencal light looks even more like our Australian light.

Since 2005 I have had many moments of really noticing our light in all it's forms. I'd love to show it to you one day -- I think our winter light would blow you away!


What a wonderful time away in such a glorious part of the work. Thanks for sharing all the special moments with us. Happy Birthday!!

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