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October 31, 2012


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Heather Leal

Dear Lucy, Ive had a year off from blogging as I discovered Instagram! But I have now restarted with a new laptop and am pleased to be catching up with you! I am also delighted to have you join us crafters on facebook! Just wanted to say well done you for taking a break on your own, this sounds amazing! Please may I ask a bit more? Was this a group of crocheting girls you went with or did you go alone and meet like minded folk as Id love to do that. Heather (The Patchwork Heart)


I am glad you enjoyed really provence trip.
It inspired me a post on my blog.
I invite you to come and visit my garden (or what grow on my garden).
Marie in south of france
Ps it is always a gret moment to read your post.

Eliane Cieplinski

Hi Lucy,I was looking for some craft images and came across your beautiful posts. Loved all your gorgeous crafts. Something in common, My family and I went to Provence last july and I was amazed by the French country life, the sounds and smells and I had the same feeling while reading your posts describing life in Britain and your beautiful pieces of art.
:) Eliane in Brazil


Looks beautiful!


lovely to see you Lucy, and so brave I think! we love you Lucy !! Heather x


this good memories will last and keep you going troughout the wet and cold winter...the remembrance of sunny days with all those lovely people doing toghether your most beloved crocheting in the Provence is hartwarming when you think back sitting by the fire on a cold evening. And you know what? It even brightens our autumndays by reading your blog and dreaming away with all these beautiful pictures...thank you for sharing and greetings from a also rainy and cold netherland...

idiosyncratic eye

Lovely, absolutely lovely. :)


so glad you had a lovely colourful sunny time away! you say you are not a 'people person', and yet you send out your colour filled life enhancing blog into every corner of the blogosphere! enriching our lives! thank you for your blog! xxx


I loved this post. I could really feel your personality and your love for your work and for the beautiful setting in Provence. I also loved seeing pictures of you! You look very happy and peaceful. I'm so glad you've found a way to make your hobby such an integral part of your life. I began crocheting seriously because of you, and since I did that I realize how much good it has done me to have a hobby and creative outlet. I never looked at color before the way I do now, and I owe that to you. My entire home and way of life has changed for the better. Perhaps the most important thing you did was teach me to wear an apron in the kitchen! You would not believe how many shirts I ruined while cooking before I started following your blog. I even treated myself to a Cath K apron (and matching oven mitt, both on deep discount), which will be part of my birthday gift from my husband in a few weeks. Thank you so much for being you, and for inspiring me to be a better me. :)


I have loved and enjoyed your pictures It looked
like a great place to visit!!!

Thank you for sharing them.

Jeanine (In MI)

california sue

Lucy, can you identify whereabouts or give the town of the little corner shop/inn covered with wisteria? I think it says "rooms"? It is beckoning!! I want to see it IN BLOOM!

Liz in Missouri (with Lucy)

I can't begin to tell you how much I've enjoyed rambling through Provence with you this past week. Your photos and descriptions are SO beyond the normal "look-at-my-vacation" pictures. You have such an eye for the interesting details and colors that this region really came alive and it has been well worth the wait (while yu were away) for all that you saw and did and have now shared with us. I find your blog to be both and inspiration and a joy and I want to say Thank You, again, for sharing your lovely life with us all.


It has been a real pleasure to read your Provencal posts. So lovely. It was also a pleasure to see some pictures of you. I know privacy is important and I agree with it, but it's also nice to be able to picture the person I'm reading about. Also, where did you find that polka dot crossbody bag? Love it! Please don't say it's only available in Britain.


This trip does sound just wonderful. And I would just love the creativity and laughing people. Oh the colors of Provence sing to my heart.


Yes indeed !! Provence is a really beautiful place to visit and live ! I live in the North of France and we often go there on holidays for the sun and the beautiful scenery of "le massif des maures" near Bormes les Mimosas (did you see it ?) and the clear blue of the sea ! Nevertheless, I find England has amazing places to see too !! The cotswolds are one of these !! It's a real pleasure to read your posts ! Bye !

Debby P.

How I wish I could have been there with you. What a wonderful place and time you had. Thanks for sharing all about it. I can kinda go there through your pictures and words. I have always wanted to go to Provence. Maybe someday.
I also love all your projects. You have inspired my yarn projects - both knitting and crocheting. I use lots of color now.
Debby P.

Ana from brazil

Wow Lucy,I loved to see a picture of you with your lovely smile. When I read what you write about your friend Petah, I confess, I felt jealousy (rsrsrs) but I can't avoid. I wanted stay a little bit by your side and see that you're real(rsrsrsr). I'm dreaming here if any day I'll to meet you personaly, I hope that yes, maybe in this trip called provence Temptations. But still is earlier because I don't get yet how to keep positives and good thoughts, still hard to me in some ocasions. I wanna be most strong like you are indeed. I stay happy your husband encourage and help you. It must be nice to get anyone like this and I would like to thank him. Everyday and for some moments in my days I remember your words. I'm realy trying to be most cheerful. I feel that never is too late to trying to be glad.
Thank you for all Lucy.

A big and warm hug to you darling.

Your friend here in Brazil --- Ana .



What a fabulous trip and the pics you've shared are wonderful! Will you teach again next year? If so, give us a heads up early so we can join you. I would love to see France in the way you've described and I'd love to learn to crochet.
Thanks for the blog that continues to enthrall me.

gina in al

I love Sylvie's granny square top in the pic above with the spinning wheel. Was this crocheted with her own angora yarn? Wish I could visit Provence one day, your blog is the next best thing!

Angela-Southern U.S.A.

What a wonderful time,such lovely memories for you all,thanks for sharing!OH,the spinning..so fascinating,I'm trying very hard not to start a new hobby!(have WAY too many now)lol.I relate to that "quiet soul" type,if I don't have my "alone" time...well it's not pretty ;))Have a great day!


I really have to save for a trip to Provence, but it have been almost to be there following your blog.

clare powell

oh it just looks so wonderful especially on a grey day like today!


What a wonderful, wonderful trip. Thank you for sharing it all, Lucy, and thanks for a wonderful blog.
Wendy in New Hampshire


You've inspired me in so many ways! I always look forward to your posts. I'm glad you had such a wonderful birthday!


Happy Birthday! You look like you had the most wonderful holiday in Provence, and thank you for sharing the whole trip with us. It is lovely of you to share the colours and the sights with us, as we didn't go with you, though, in a sense we did.

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