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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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October 02, 2012


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Silly Little Sheep

What a cute boy you have. I love making nests, I make one every night. But yours is so pretty and colourful!!!


Yum!!! That strawberry looks yummy, they seem so far away now we are into November! Can I ask where did you get that beautiful tree cushion from, or did you make it?


Waiting in anticipation can't wait to hear of your adventures and creations :-) your positive outlook always helps me get through the day with a smile. Thanks for sharing


Sounds exciting have a great time!

Brian Turner


I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could e-mail me?



Would you like to know a secret, Mrs. Lucy? You are the reason I learned how to crochet last year. I wanted to make a beautiful granny square blanket that is so full of happy colors and life - just like the things you create. So as much as you love us, we love you right back... you're such an inspiration.


I love your blogs and your colourful crochet projects. They give me a lot of inspiration. I love colours too, brown and grey are not for me.
Thank you

Seaweed & Raine

There is nothing quite like the taste of a sun-warmed strawberry, especially if it is the first for the season. :)

Kate Kerr

Hi Lucy!
I've tracked down your blog through a pinned image of your blankets on pinterest and WOW!
Would love to know if you sell your crochet blankets anywhere as I am dying for one!
Keep up the good work an would love to hear back from you xx


Hi Lucy! I just wanted to let you know that miaslandliv is back at blogging. I discovered her blog through your list a couple of years ago, and she took a long break this past year, and disappeared. I thought you might not know she is blogging again.

I love keeping up with your family life and seeing life in another part of the world!

Portland, Oregon, USA


We all love you to pieces and appreciate the time and energy you put into your blog! You really got me started back crocheting and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I suspect that you are off to Provence soon? So wish I could have come, but unfortunately I am tied down right now with my little family, but do hope you get time to take a lot of pics and blog about it for all of us who got left behind, haha!


I do love reading your blog - it always makes me smile when there is a new entry. You make your corner of the world seem so special - thank you for sharing it and your talents with us. Enjoy France - so very jealous of those that can attend!


I do love your blog. Your craft projects really give me inspiration to keep working on mine! A nice little insight into someone else's mind. Thanks!


Your blog is wonderful!!!


Dear Lucy,
I wish you have a wonderfull time in France,
take care of yourself, take time to relax in between "things". And when you come back, you can show us all the pretty pictures you have made and you can tell us all your stories and new ideas, new inspirations! We are here, and we love you! Hugs from The Netherlands!


Your world is so wonderfull!

Rosemary Dennis

Lucy, saw this and thought of you...



Oh, I know how you feel about Autumn - what's worse is that we seem to be plunging straight into Winter! I just wanted to say that I've just finished my first ever crochet blanket using your ripple pattern - thanks for making it so easy!


Lucy, I'm avid follower but don't usually comment. However, having just opened my WI Life magazine and seen a reference to "creative websites such as Attic 24..." I thought I'd mention it just just in case you weren't aware of your new extra publicity!


I really need to grow our own strawberries, those look amazing! And I love love fresh flowers! They are such a spirit lifting kinda' thing. I also wish toddlers sleeping patterns would come with an on/off switch button haha ;) You got a lovely blog! :)


LOVE the view of the sunrise you get over your hill!
Many thanks for being such a fab inspiration to so many people.


Have a lovely time when you are away!
I am looking forward to see your pictures from France!

Vicki R

My daughter aged 2 is also an early riser waking especially early at the moment and it just saps your energy completely doesn't it? Have a fantastic time away and I hope it helps to clear your thoughts and make those difficult decisions. I always read your blog but don't often comment, will try and become a more frequent commenter as your words and pictures bring me much joy and inspiration xx


Hello Lucy. I am in Love with your blog... sounds cheesy ;)
Every time I crochet something.. I am here..
would Love to READ a HIE from you :)


Ohhhh Little B...so sweet!
My oldest just turned 21 (ouch!) but still needs his Mummy as he has a cold. My "baby" is 15, and tonight needed lots of TLC for a strained muscle in his shoulder. Even let me make some Sleepytime tea with milk and honey and banana bread. What ever will I do when they think they don't need me?
Pray for grandchildren, that's what.

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