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October 28, 2012


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The Cogaroo

Oh, I love these sweet birds! Please please please can you do a pattern? It doesn't even have to have pictures! I am completely smitten and must make a flock. :)

Pauline McDonald

Hiya Lucy,
I am absolutely in LoveLoveLove with your blog and simply HAD to post a comment for the first time in my life:)))
I've sewn, knitted, crochet and too many other crafts to mention since I was impossibly and possibly precociously young and, having spent the past 20 years raising four offspring of the Pink Variety all less than 4 years apart, I have recently made an ecstatic rebirth of my Inner Creative Goddess and along with my Dearest Friend rediscovered the Utter Joy that is crochet(insert Enormous Smiley Face that is filled with Yummy Peace Love and All things Wonderful). As such, when I literally stumbled upon your happy, glorious World of Colour and Crochet Enchantment, I find myself revisiting simply to experience the Giddy Addictive Rush that is the result of browsing through your cherished world and am filled with Gratitude for the wonder that is the Internet and the beautiful things I now greedily peruse:) Am TRULY hoping you can find the time in your very busy days SOON(!??!) to publish a pattern for this delightful little Bower Bird as I can already see one sitting happily in my new little craft "studio" ( I emptied out the tiny little walk in wardrobe, painted it my favourite colour(teal) and made it into MY space)
A now off to encourage the aforementioned offspring to eat as much tuna as they like so I can continue making beautiful jackets for the tins to adorn my new shelving and fill with Buttony Treasures:)))))).
Thankyouthankyouthankyou for brightening my days.


Dear Lucy,
I just stumble upon your blog page attic24 and was so u happy and mesmerize with your creation and colors choice. I really love to make the bower bird can u please post the pattern. Thanks a millions.

Vivi gonçalves

muito lindo, amo seus posts!! Vic Brasil


I love these gorgeous birds! Especially with the wonderful colours you use! When will you be releasing the pattern - I really can't wait to make a flock of them! ♥


hello! I fell in love with your christmas wreath but i'm lacking the bird pattern. do you think you can give it to me?

keep doing what you do marvelousely!


Sonia oliveira


I have been scouring your blog trying to find the pattern for the bird. Did you ever post a pattern?


Adorable! Love your awesome crochet masterpieces. Would love to make a swap with you :). Thank You very much for sharing your work with us.


Just Lovely! I love your blog!! Thanks for sharing with the world.


Hello Lucy
Iwish you a good and wonderful year 2013 for you and all your family
I am always waiting for the tutorial french bowerie bird !!
Is it possible or not ?
Can we have an answer please ?
Thank you very much

Jackie Tessendorf

Hi Lucy
my name is Jackie,I live in Durban South Africa.I so enjoy your blog you are a wonderfully creative generous person who has helped inspire me to pick up my crochet hook after years of dormancy and try out your ideas.Thank you.Will you be doing a tutorial for your bowery birds? I would love to try one of those.I wish you and your family a happy healthy prosperous New Year.


Lucy I love all your work and the fact that you are willing to share all your ideas.

Any idea when the tutorial for the Bower Bird will be available?


What a pitty.
no pattern . To late for a christmas gift. I love it
so i try it myself
Happ y new year from provence


Would you please tell me which camera you use?
I have a crochet project that I want to post on YouTube, so it has to have a movie/video function. Still pictures will be included with the step-by-step instructions.
Researching cameras has only lead me to be more confused!
Then, ta-dah!, I realized that I could ask you which camera you use.
Please tell me which camera you use.
Thank you ever so much!

Catherine Lutes

I love you bird and the little sun. Would love, love, love to see a pattern for both!! What a wonderful idea for Christmas gifts for friends and family who are hard to buy for. I am going to try and figure them out by looking at your pictures, but a pattern would make life much easier! Thank you for your wonderful talent!

Catherine in Southern California


Wow that looks great, I wonder if you have the attern of that sweet bird, lots of love from Tenerife


Hello, so sad, no pattern for this french bower bird
I'm waiting but ...............nothing
May be one day !!


I love your birds and decided to make a couple of my own. I had no patience to wait for a how-to-do-post so I took a good look at you birds and headed straight into the making of them. And the results are not to bad if I may say so myself! Due to the very grey November weather the picture are not making them justice, but there it is. November is an utterly unnessecary month if you ask me. But the birds make med happy, hanging there in the window!


Definitely very talented. Nice work

Debi Lord

Hi Lucy! I fell in love with your birds so today on my day off, I attempted to copy your little lovelies. If you care to look how he came out, take a peek here:
Thank you so much for the beautiful inspiration! I love your blog :) Debi, Missouri, USA.


Wow, i just happened upon your blog while looking for easy crochet flower patterns and i am so taken back by everything you got going on. The colors are so bright and cheery and just what i need in my life this time of year as everything gets so dreary. Thank you so much for sharing your talents - it really brightens my day and it's so inspiring... now to get crocheting...

:) melissa
p.s. do you have a book? you are simply amazing!


Lucy, I love these little birds. Oh dear, every time I read your posts, more "must do" things are added to my list. In fact, I've been working on a hexagon blanket since Christmas last year, after being inspired by yours. I recently went to a weekend craft retreat where I continued to work on it. The Crafty Mummy wrote about the retreat here http://thecraftymummy.com/2012/11/creative-craft-retreat-2012/ and hey presto there were my hexagons in the very first photo. I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of this year... Thanks for the continued inspiration. I love reading about what you're doing on the other side of the world.


I absolutely love the little sun! Any chance you could do a tutorial? Thank you so much!
Summer x x x x

Janette Bennett

Yes I too love this project. A great one to take away to do on a holiday. I would happily pay for a pattern. I'm sure you would do well selling it via Etsy, Raveli, etc.
Enjoy your blog every day, my first foray into blogs. What an addictive habit it has become!
Fond regards,
Janette (from Geelong Australia)

Glauce Fraga

Hi Lucy, Good Night
I'm a Brazilian artist and I love your blog. Almost always give a look to admire your work and the beautiful pictures (I travel with them !!!). I loved the birds, beautiful, I'll try to make one. If I can, show you, Ok?
Glauce Fraga

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