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October 19, 2012


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BONJOUR, je suis française et j'ai découvert le blog ATTIC24 par hasard mais avec beaucoup de bonheur ! je suis émerveillée par toutes ces photos, par toutes les créations au crochet ! et vous envie, je fais quelques travaux manuels, mais regrette de ne jamais avoir assez de temps d'en faire plus !
J'habite dans une région du bord de l'Atlantique, à ROCHEFORT SUR MER,
merci pour ces belles choses de la vie,


You have brought to life for us all the sights, smells and most importantly the tastes!
Further to the above remark about the Nespresso... yes, yes, yes... while you
are beguiling Santa make sure you convince for the milk frother at the same time- it is sublime :)

Cheers from Canada

Amanda Thornton


Angela-Southern U.S.A.

OH,it all looks glorious! So glad you all had a good time :)

idiosyncratic eye

It looks wonderful, I particularly liked the photo of Mt Ventoux - I have a cyclist in the house but I've never seen it before. Oh and the cheeses, isn't that the best reason to go to France?! With a proper baguette of course. :)

JoDee Costello

Glad to see you back! I'm looking forward to seeing the "project"!


Bonjour, et bienvenue en France !


Gorgeous post - I wish I could have been there! Best wishes, Pj x

Karen Huber

Where can I get a colorful hook like yours are? I live in the US but would love to have one.


All I can think of to say is ... WOW!!!!! It looks truly fabulous xxx


After over a year of enjoying your blog and learning so much from it, I have decided to finally drop you a line and say "welcome back!". You have been missed here in Croatia, too- I too was one eagerly awaiting your return with news and photos from Provence. Wish we all could have been there with you!It must have been bliss sitting there with all your colourful yarns,sunshine on your shoulders, lovely people to chat to and all that yummy food! I had a similar experience (on a much more modest scale, but still..) this summer in Zagorje (a lush rural area of Croatia). Crocheting in nature is indeed special. It really does seem as if the sunshine, the murmur of the trees, the birdsong...all seep into your work. Sheer bliss! I am so glad you had such a great experience. Can't wait to read more!
P.S. I've wanted to say this to you for a long time, so I might as well do it now. Since I know how much you love the sea, I think you should definitively give the Croatian coast a try! Not just Dubrovnik, which seems to be all the rage these days, but everything else too- especially the islands of Brac and Hvar, Istria... I think you'd love it!


I am a French reader of your blog and I am delighted to read your pleasure discoveries french because I spent my last vacation in your country and I have wonderful memories. That is why I feel your excitement in the scenery, upside down ...
I'm sorry for my English because I used Google translator. I hope that I have not told too much nonsense ...
French big kisses!


Welcome home. Been thinking about you and your friends enjoying your holiday. Oh, the food! Makes we want to rush out and buy some French cheese and bread. Yum!
Can't wait to see the crochet project you ladies worked on. Oh, the suspense.


What a great place to go crochet and good food what could be better! Looking forward to seeing more of your trip.
Sarah x


Hello Lucy, I'm Laura and I live in Italy. I read your blog for some time, it's my favorite and always look forward to your posts! I love your crochet projects and photos! Kisses


YES! YES! YES! You are back! YES YES YES! You are oké! YES! YES! YES! You tell us all about it!
Your blog today is like a present to me. I have a big smile on my face reading it and looking at your photographs, imagining how it must have been like out there. I have never been to France. So happy to read that you have had a good time! You needed that! Hey, we ALL need that, but you were the Lucky One! Thank you Lucy, for sharing your experiences with all of us!
Love from the Netherlands!

Michele Alexander

Bonjour. I'm a new fan and live in the south west of 'very rural france'...I loved the pictures of your lunch - so typically french and so delicious. LIke all your other fans I'm just waiting to share in the 'tadah! moment!! Bon weekend Michele (Frenchy)

Jenny Williams

Hi Lucy, have missed you, can't wait to see your project. It looks fab! Wish I could of been there. Jenny x


Welcome back, what a fun time you had.


Oh that looks so delicious Lucy! The views, the food, the crochet! And I really hope father Christmas gives you your present, I've got a Nespresso machine too and a very nice milk warmer/frotter and it makes lovely latté's :)
xoxo Carolien


Oh, your photos are so lovely. I wish I was there too.

M. Isabel

What a wonderful trip you had, Lucy!! I will look forward to the whole week, I´m happy travelling with you.... See you tomorrow!! :) M. Isabel

Brianna Asaro

My my!!! What a wonderful week away!!! Glad you had fun. The food pics were my favorite!


Hi good to see you back and I can't wait to hear all about. Lovely photos as always. xx


Another beautiful post. I love your photos. I've been to that part of France too and totally get the whole light thing. I love taking photographs and always fascinated at how quickly the light changed and gave such different pictures. Looking forward to seeing your project.

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