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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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September 23, 2012


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Anne K., Dublin.

I absolutely love your blog. My sister who is a knit & wool-a-holic put me onto it last year. Also love all your bits and pieces and I always get a creative spluge when I go onto your site. I am the same about holding off for as long as possible with bare feet and not lighting the fire, but have now given in! (We have small stove in our fireplace and its the best thing since sliced bread - very easy to light and clean and holds the heat.) A

Els WC

i spy a beautiful kirsty elson on your fireplace! lovely :) (as well as the crochet and fire of course! he he) x


I have the same owl and his eyes have both been sewn back on! Ours is used to play 'hide the owl' so gets thrown around quite a bit!

Knitting Pattern for Babies

It looks absolutely cosy. The fire as well as the colors I see is very relaxing. That cute little toes of your youngest have to use socks for this cold days.


Lucy,I have the exact same owl. And it has the exact same eye missing! Design flaw, methinks!

Gemma Hale

I have girl owl who is now sleeping! Both her eyes have come off they weren't sewn on very tightly and popped off when they got caught by the slightest thing so don't blame little one too much!! Your blog is my pure inspiration! You taught me to crochet in the past few months I have a huge granny stripe on the go it will easily fit a kingsize bed when finished! I am now making lots if various projects as Christmas presents from your site and others! Thank you sooooooo much! Gem H x

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Vous avez un très chouette blog! Merci!


I love the little toes peeking out. :~)

Glad you enjoyed your cozy weekend!


A home, especially with lots of little kids, can never have enough crochet and knit blankets. Indulge.

Angela-Southern U.S.A.

Yes! P.j. days are the best!Ooh..lemon drizzle cake sounds yummy.A fashion statement the world over..p.j.'s & aprons!Can never have too many hooky blankets(that's my story and I'm sticking to it)says the lady that has made three this year ;0 My youngest has been under the weather this week and has lived in one.Love the fire,nothing like it,I have the same blue bucket,except I keep my bee tools in it.LoL Winky the owl :) yes,have had lots of those"mystery mishaps".

Kathryn Holmes

It does make me smile to see the same things I have in your home - the owl cushion, the fleece blanket on the back of the sofa.
Oooh, I think, I have the same stuff that Attic24 Lucy has! I must have good taste.
It makes me smile even more to think that I'm turning you into a celebrity by doing it as it's a brilliant measure of how popular your lovely blog is. It must feel a bit surreal sometimes, but thank you for sharing your life with us all :)
Well done for giving in and lighting the fire and make sure those toes still get an outing when you're feeling brave. I'm wondering about a kind of "leave socks in strategic places" attitude to winter this year, so I can take them off and put them on when I can no longer bear it..


So funny that you should mention your owl's missing eye. I've seen those cushions (or ones like them) in Cargo, and was thinking, Lucy's owl doesn't look quite right. Poor fella, still one eye better than no eye. I'm sure you can fix a pretty button combo or crochet him a patch?!
Very jealous of your fire. It made me think we must light our woodburner but then I remembered that we've moved house and we don't have one in our new place. That's a job for next year. But I shall desperately miss sitting around a real fire this winter :( thank goodness that you'll be posting lovely pics of yours!
Jones x


I have a sass and belle owl too and exactly the same thing happened! One minute it had 2 eyes, next only one. There's a pic on my instagram @thepitts . No one owned up either but I found the eye, not in the coal bucket and it's now sewn back on. How funny!

Love the blanket and so lovely to hear attic tales again x
Sarah in Brighton x


oooh it is so cold here too.... so central heating is on. love all your blankets and have been following your patterns and making blankets of my own for my house and for my campervan... so wonderful.
good to have you back after your short break away.
blessings, Willow xXx


So glad you're back! I enjoy reading your blog while my 3rd grade students are at recess, and I am with you in my mind in front of your cozy fire! Thank you for sharing your lovely life with me!


At first glance, I thought the Owl was winking at me!


Love PJ days here too..... Which reminds me - haven't had one in ages..!!
Loving the colourful blanket - FAB... xx


I thought the owl was meant to be like that - he looks like he's winking!

Sara Jenkins

I had the chimney swept last week in preparation of lighting the fire. I love it - the warmth, the glow, the smell. :)


Welcome back! We've missed you but completely understand what its like to be the general manager of a home. Its a 24 hour job and I wonder how it is that we do it sometimes.
Lovely pictures as always- they bring a smile to my face.


So happy to hear from you and happy you took time off from the day to day grind. Getting my fall decor up around my house, hate to see summer go though, I love the no coats, long pants etc. but burning my fall candles is easing me into it with the fall decorations. Cozy times coming on.....and the slippers....


can you tell me the name of the game your child is playing on the iphone (or ipod?!?)


I was just going to ask you about the Owl...not his missing eye, but for a closer look at him. I think I might love him...is he patchwork?


That owl is winking. When I lived in Orkney, they called the smokeless ovals 'roondie ballies' (with an ah not an aw:-)

Lynne Gill

You're sounding really contented, Lucy, lovely to have you blogging again (having a short, self-imposed retreat myself!). Yes, winter drawers on, as the old joke goes, but it has definitely changed sharpley here in Norfolk and this week has been rain non-stop. Bang goes the outdoor craft fair this weekend, me thinks!

So, any excuse for another blanket...what will you have us all crocheting-along with this time, I wonder?

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