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August 23, 2012


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Silly Little Sheep

This is lovely. Your mornings with tin mug of tea seem idyllic. Your children will be able to say that they spent their childhood in the nature and not in front of the TV and computers as many kids do nowadays. And colouring - what a lovely activity!!!


Oh my Gosh! I have been having a little browse around your lovely blog and found this one about Moor End Farm. We used to camp there when we were in our teens - I'm forty-six now! I'm so pleased the campsite is still there and feel inspired to make a visit there with my dog and tent this summer. Thank you so much for reacquainting me with this wonderful spot :-)

Elizabeth Bowles

Hi, I love reading all about your babies and your adventures with them and the pictures, I love the pictures. I want to know what kind of camera do you have. I am looking for a good one. Thanks, Libby

margaret pawson

Dear Lucy: I just had a wonderful sentimental journey around York. Your photos and spontaneous chat are so lovely - it makes me so happy just reading it all and seeing the photos. Is the Pawson shop still at the end of the shambles? Some of our ancestors were Lord Mayors of York many many years ago. Thank you so much. Margaret


Great post and such a wonderful colourful bunch of pictures, we too enjoy getting away on our little caravan which we saved from going to the caravan graveyard! I have put your favourite camp site on my list of places to try when going further afield
thank you for a very enjoyable read :)


what a sweet house on wheels! It makes you closer to nature.
i love the colorful couch by the window, looks lovely!
this is what life is all about

Claire Hanchard

Came to your blog via the mini bunting and totally loved all your York pics as I was born there and will be going back in a couple of week for my parents 50th wedding anniversary at Betty's. Fab pics and great writing and I also love your mini bunting. Thanks


That trip looked like bliss to me! Hope you don't mind if I live a little through you!!! What fun! As usual you bring a smile to my face.
BeBe in VERY HOT Florida


Hi Lucy, love your blog! Couldn't help but notice you were enjoying a bottle of The Reach (third photo down). I recently discovered this wine as it was on special in Tesco (think it was reduced from £12 down to £6). Anyway that offer is no longer on and was quite disappointed as think it has to be one of my favourites (but can't quite bring myself to pay £12!) Quite by complete chance my hubby brought me back a bottle of sauvingnon blanc from Lidl and the label on it was exactly the same expect it was called Cimarosa sauvingnon blanc. I swear it is the same wine but at £4.29 it's two thirds cheaper! Thought I'd just share this little tidbit! x


Thank you for this lovely post - brightened an exceedingly dull but stressy day at work. I could just walk into your photos. You're so right about caravanning - the minute that step is down, that's home!


lucy. thankyou so much for transporting me for a delightfull half hour to a beautiful holiday in you wonderful york. i am in dreamland. so glad you had such a grand time and great weather. blessings, trills. ps. i now have pics of our housebus on my blog. trills.:-)

Lisa Wallace

As I sit here enduring the third week of rain in NZ my day brightens when I get to enjoy your little snippets of sunshine from across the globe. I love reading about your trips you take to places I've never seen and all your crocheting projects have spurred me on to crochet. I must say I have become a little obsessed with it all to the point where my husband is worried that my creations will take over the house. It is quite amusing! So thank Lucy for always making my day a little better.


Sounds blissful! York looks an absolutely delightful place to visit. I would be there in a heartbeat if I could!


What a wonderful vacation and you were able to fit in so many activities! When I think of York, I think of the Cathedral and Vikings - you've opened my eyes to so much more for us to do.

Montse Martí

What an enjoyable hollyday time. I could understand now your interest to get ready your caravan.
This time is special for kids. I still remember my hollydays walking throug the Pirineos mountains when I was a child, in contact with nature, learning about cows, meadows, lizards and fireflies.... because we loved to walk all paths, also after dinners.

True Story! Real hollyday is the time spending with simplicity. We have the rest of the year to become stressed.



Fantastic photos. Fabulous post. What more can I say! A visit to your place always leaves me hungry for more.


Oh, and I meant to add that the picture of Little Lady and Little B outside in the wet reminded of me of camping trips when I was a kid - my Mum used to send us all out in the rain in our bikinis (which were often handknitted or crocheted) on the grounds that then she wouldn't have lots of clothes to get dry. She would say "it's summer, it's warm rain".......


Wow, you were so lucky with the weather! We had lots of rain last week here in the Midlands. Looks like you all had a lovely time....poor J having to go to work :( We love York, especially the train museum. Hope you enjoy the rest of the school holidays!


Hi Lucy, So glad you all had a lovely time. Thank you for sharing it with us.It's like getting a letter from a friend. I love York and being a Yorkshire lass myself, anywhere in the area is always special. I love the dales, the pretty villages and long walks at the coast, brilliant. Hope you all have a good bank holiday weekend. Take care, Val x

Seaweed & Raine

Lucy, your post makes me long for summer. And the simple ease of days away from the usual. Bliss. Thank you for bringing some summer anticipation to my winter's day. :)


What a wonderful vacation in the Connievan ~ thanks for taking us along Lucy!



How charming that you bring your little tea cozy and your pretty little salt and pepper shaker. All of it. So pretty.

Bari Jo

Oh my... this was like reading a lovely travel log - it sounds like it was heaven! I would have loved doing that when our kids were growing up - sounds like you are making wonderful memories! Now I want a Connie Van! With pretty Attic 24 inspired crochet all over inside!


Hello Lucy,
I've been reading your blog for a while but never commented (until today). My family and me live in very green Cheshire and we also went camping this year - to London's outskirts. I wanted to thank you for such a lovely post, so warm and positive and full of love. Your blog sparkled my desire for learning to crochet and I'm hoping to begin a course in September in a local college - so thank you :)
Oh, and I think that my son is similar age as your 'elder' children :)

Once again - Thank you. I'll be coming here often.

Brianna Asaro

I've been to York 5 or 6 times and I miss it dearly. Being from America, it's not a simple trip for me to make, but I dearly love York. I love The Shambles, and the little restaurants and pubs. I love the cute shops.... Sigh. You've made me York-sick!

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