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August 21, 2012


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hee hee see what you mean spooky ay.Beautiful pics all the same.

Must tell you,I am about to start a Ripple Blanket,thanks to your amazingly easy tutorial,thank you so much you are a star.Will blog a bit when I get started.LOVE your blog,you are soooo talented.xx


Beautiful photos ... love the harebells ... love this time of year .. maybe an indian summer awaits ... Bee x

Lorena Sonido Retro!

Good old England!


I saw the 3. photos in my dreams.

Liesbeth Houtman

Dear Lucy,
how wonderful to be able to relax like you did.
I envy you. What a beautiful environment. Such a
beautiful countryside. Do enjoy life! And I do enjoy your stories about your life! You make my dreams come true, in a way. Take care.
Liesbeth, the Netherlands.


I love your walking photos. These are so beautiful and peaceful, especially the last one, Abigail xxx


"... little wheel spin and spin ... big wheel go 'round and 'round ..." Lucy, your life is a wonder full (and color full) spin in the wheel of life!

Teresa Zuehls

Lucy, I always enjoy you wonderful photos and these are no exception. What gorgeous countryside. Thanks for sharing your photos with us.


nothing wrong with freaky routines, all good :)


Routine is good. You live in a beautiful place, enjoy. Love reading your stories, they make me smile when I'm down in the dumps. Waiting for your knitting project and anything new on the hooks yet?


Absolutely beautiful! Routines keep us grounded, but it is those moments that we don't plan that are the most blessed.

Jen Y

I love that the same date last year you wrote the same kind of post. The sameness of the seasons & the rhythms of life are part of what make them so beautiful.


Lovely. Isn't it great to develop these favourite family routines. Your children will remember all these special moments with real fondness and they'll feed into their own lives when they grow up. Looks a stunning spot. X


Wouldn't that be a cool blog-a-thon. Post pics of a walk you took after dinner at 7:30 . . . see all the different posts and pictures. You're very lucky to be so close to landscapes like that.

Cindy Smith

I love your photos. It has inspired me to chronicle my family's lives. I am inspired!

Lisa G.

Order is good!


Ah, nice, beutiful weather and photo's! groetjes, Gerda


Lucy, thank you so much for taking us along for that after supper evening walk. Over here in New York, sundown is arriving by 8 pm, so on my way home from work, I am being treated to some magnificent sunsets (lots of pink-y clouds, sometimes with a slight auburn cast.)

It's hard to believe how the pace of shortening daylight seems to pick up around this time of the year. Let's enjoy that daylight while we can!



Love the wispy clouds. You live in a beautiful part of the world.


routines are important to me, too!!! such pretty photos, such good family memories you are building!!!


Just how family life should be - my kids love going back to places they know, the familiarity is comforting, yet they always discover something ... I find this astonishing and one of the most rewarding things about having children, seeing things afresh through their eyes ...
Enjoy the rest of the school hols


I saw those clouds when we were in England, we don't have them here. Thanks for the lovely walk Lucy.

Marja Tangel

Hahaha.....it ís kind of freaky!!!
But both from last year and this year, your photo's are beautiful! Planning a trip to North Yorkshire next month; looking so much forward to it!!! I enjoy so much reading your blog and looking at you photo's........
Greetings from Marja from Holland.


Love strolling along through your photos. You capture the most amazing vistas. You are a very artistic talented soul. Thanks for sharing. :)


I think its lovely that your life is on a cycle, it means you must have a very balanced life! :) Brilliant!

Jerra xx

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