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August 21, 2012


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Muito lindas suas fotos. Fico imaginando um lugar tão distante e diferente do lugar onde vivo. Aqui o clima é muito quente e a paisagem, embora muito bela, é bem diferente. Estou sempre te visitando e me deleitando com suas postagens. Um grande abraço.


amazing how life is cyclical


By the way, you've inspired me to get ripple-y! It's my first "proper" crochet project, but is looking alright so far - your ripple pattern instructions were super-clear and easy to follow! You can see my work on progress in my blog :)

Enjoy the rest of your break xx


What lovely photos, Lucy! Aren't evening strolls just the best, especially when the scenery is so beautiful! :)


Thank you for sharing your lovely photos. Val x


Hi Lucy thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.that was funny that they were almost the same as your post last year.you sure have some beautiful scenery over there.your blog makes my day a happy one thanks from australia

Kate - The Garden Bell

Always nice when I pop by blogland and find you up to something new. What a summer it's been here. Crazy busy and hot too. I always love when the weather changes and the fall is upon us. Hope to be back into the swing of things here soon. Had to make some unexpected changes in my journey this summer, but all is well. It's great to see you out and about with the little one's before school. Speaking of an evening walk after dinner......toodles...now where did I put those sneakers?????


the pics of the clouds were awesome!!!


gorgeous snaps - i live in a beautiful part of the uk too. I am a new blogger and have just figured out how to add your blog as a link on mine. I have just started to teach a crochet class and i gave my students your blog address too for inspiration! I only learned to crochet about 18 months ago and love it. I am working on some solid colour hexagons just now - my own design - and will post about them when i figure out what i'm going to make with them. I am leaning towards a big round cushion! I love stripes and bright colours but I am restricted to salvaged yarn so i make do - but i like the challenge!


Lovely pics, especially liked the cloud one, they looked like hands! I go on your site every day and it makes me feel happy to see all your crochet, craft and photos, it must take up an enormous amount of your time but you obviously enjoy it very much. Xx

Cockney Blonde

Love the summery photos. Tracked back to your 2011 posting - spooky but lovely, x

Southwest Greens Synthetic Grass

great blog, thank you and keep it up!


What lovely landscapes! I'm sure that was an enjoyable time! I'm glad you are finding time to relax.


I love the light. Autumn is almost here, you can just feel it!! Think what great things you're doing for the UK tourism!! We're planning a trip to London in November. Hope this Florida girl doesn't freeze or melt!


Le lieu est magnifique!!! les photos superbes. Je voyage avec toi ;-) je vais bientôt commencé la ripple pour ma petite princesse avec ton superbe tuto ;-) merci et douce journée xxx

Eli Kristin

Relaxing stroll, love the photos of a beautiful scenery. Enjoy the rest of the school hols, our's is over already :)

I fancy your colourful blankets and will start my first this fall. Fingers crossed I'll manage your English details, LOL. Thanks for the superb info & tons of inspirations :D

Eli Kristin


Hey Lucy, I've got into a bit of a habbit popping by to see whats happening in old Blighty. Love your photos. I had a bad hair cut yesterday and have been toying with the idea of a crocheted hat, but I suspect it just wouldn't look good on me. I recently threw my MIL's crochet blanket that she made (and I never used) into the charity bin, with only a small hint of guilt. Never liked the gruesome colours and it wasn't wool. Snob that I am! Then I saw a little man at the supermarket in his buggy with Grandma's blanket on him! I did get a surprise, but happy to see it is loved by someone. I refuse to believe your shouted at Little B, really. Now that my Mr A is almost off to school I am overwhelmed with the sadness of it all, but also very aware of how bright the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming! I totally get what you mean about the clutter, aren't we all just mad, rampant consumers? Enjoy the rest of your summer, keep the pics coming when you can. xxG (NZ)


Hi! I only came across your blog recently but I've been looking through your archives - I've just taught myself to crochet and whenever I look for a pattern, the best ones always bring me back to here! I live just south of Leeds, and I have to say I love seeing a blog that's local to me rather than off in America - there's something really welcoming about seeing silly things like Tesco and Yorkshire weather being mentioned :) Loved the photos of this walk, we've been noticing the nights have been drawing in quite suddenly this week...

Jo Rees

What beautiful photos - you live in a very pretty place....
Jo. x


Beautiful photos Lucy, thanks so much for showing. Love your blog!!!!!!!!!

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy, I'm glad you enjoyed my lake photos.. and thanks for the nice comment. It was fun to know you showed the pix to Little Lady and that she enjoyed them. I love your late summer photos.. it's hard to think it's over so fast and that we have Autumn to just around the corner, isn't it?
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Hello, I need help! But if you don't have time to answer, I'll understand. I have a whole bunch of granny square that need linking (edges different colours). Have you got a favourite method? Thanks so much in advance

Taciana Simmons

It's incredible ... I did notice ... :) same day...walk with the family... About the same time ...same happiness about simple moments in life... How great life can be, ah???

I'm glad you have and can enjoy these moments as I believe that is how a real family is built . . . Great moments together :)


Wow, great coincidence, and the post is almost word for word too!

Bari Jo

Family time walks are the best! Your scenery is gorgeous!

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