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August 15, 2012


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may I make a small suggestion for when you absolutely must have a few more minutes to yourself? A kitchen timer, preferably shaped like a ladybird or something. Somehow my kids would obey the ladybird without moaning when they had to wait.


Bem vinda a casa.

Liesbeth (The Netherlands)

Welcome home, Lucy. I do hope that you will find the time to relax after the vacation with the family. For a mother, holidays are often very stressfull. When the family gets home, mother is always doing the washing, cleaning, tidying, keeping everybody happy. Preparing Home Food again. I wish you well. And I am looking forward to read your blog again. Take it easy please,
so that you will get enough engergy to make me happy with your crochet-things, like the tutorial for the Granny Wheel......
No stress, take your time.
I read your blog every day. I love the way you
describe your everyday-life. Take care.


I hear ya! I always have the back from the caravan slump *sigh* in the midst of one right now.
Would you ever come to Ireland with the caravan?

Thank you for your blog. I have mastered crocheting now because of you. Just finished a "Summer Garden" throw for my folks' caravan :)


Having just got back from 7 days away in Bertie I can totally understand how you feel. The house seems too big and everything so spread out.

Have barely seen MrVV or LittleSon since we returned - everyone is in their own spaces again :(

Just the task of cleaning Bertie left to do - I do inside & MrVV outside.


I have a caravan too, and you described exactly what I feel when I'm back. You can live with very little. It was fun to read more people have this feeling.
I love your blog and all that you make.

Teresa Kasner

I look forward to your caravan photos. We just got back from our big annual lake camping trip and I just posted LOTS of photos on my blog. I invite you to visit - I think my high alpine lake photos will make you smile. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


I too have a caravan (actually mine is a campervan) and every time I come home I ask myself why I have so much stuff. No stuff = no mess. No stuff = never losing anything. Food for thought.

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Very nice, thanks for sharing.


Bad Mummy - Nonsense, just human and it shows the brood you are a person and not just there for their convenience! Post holiday blues are awful, but as my Health Visitor used to say 'It's only a phase'- she used that for every problem (as well as giving wonderful advice) and it is quite right.


Just a note to ask do you know your flower cushion was featured in 'CrossStitcher mag? issue number 256 page 26. Will send you the article if you like. Shows how popular your lovely work is! I have made lots of your patterns up for gifts and everyone is impressed - so easy to follow your tutorials x


Oh Lucy, you sound a bit down, it's this time of year when you can see summer slipping away, holidays are over and the longing for a 'routine' again pecks at your ear. Enjoy the next two weeks with the anticipation of abit of peace at the end of it, and of course, some much needed hooky time xxx


It will settle again...just keep riding the wave!x

Janice Howe

Welcome back! :D


This is EXACTLY the way I felt when we had to move back into our home after living in our RV for 2 yrs. I absolutely, totally adored it! I had spent an entire month before we moved in the RV whittling down our belongings and I loved the simplicity. When I moved back in our house, it was back to clutter and stuff again.

Rosy Hill

Lovely to hear from you! Can't wait to hear about your hols. Keep smiling through the good stuff and breathe when the going gets tough. :-) xxxx


We all have those moments when we just need 5 minutes to ourselves, I try to hide upstairs! I love the colourful pictures !

Lorena Sonido Retro!

Hola, The mess look colorful at least! :P

Take care!


i know you said your brain cells weren't up to much sentence-writing, but you found the exact words i needed to rationalise how i feel about these holidays and the extra demands of my wonderful, but full-on children: "wonderful and hard, happy and frustrating all at the same time". perfect, thank you! i feel much calmer simply for knowing it's not just me :)


Welcome back! I love your blog & have been looking forward to your return! Sounds like you had a fab holiday too. Funny, others have said the same, but some of your posts could be read from my mind! I can relate to you and your family life, lots of similarities! Wishing you a joyful weekend x

Christine Jolly

Welcome home Lucy! While you've been away I've secretly decorated my small Shropshire market town with crocheted woolly bumble bees. I thought it might cheer your soul to see the happy little fellows in the wild.


I also wanted to send you the photos as it was you who taught me to crochet through your lovely blog. My first yarnbomb was inspired by your snowflakes - the set of photos is on the same site. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for the inspiration.


Welcome home, so pleased the weather played nicely for you to enjoy Connievan time.


I am totally with you on this one, caravan life is so much simpler. That's exactly how I felt after our two weeks away.


hello, i would like to get mail of Lucy @ Attic24's, please help me,

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Even as a newbie to your blog of a few months or so, i missed your updates like all the other friends who wrote here. you have been an inspiration to me and i'm more the age of your mom than you. As women and mothers, I think we'll always have that internal wrestling between needing/wanting time for ouselves and needing/wanting to spend time withour kids so they are well-adjusted people who contribute to society and are happy. it may feel out of balance at times, and it probably is. but it all swings the other way again and you'll again see the beauty of the chaos as it settles down. take your time, be in the chaos with all your being. the same way you'll be in your creativity place when you do your hooky things again. i'm sleepy and rambling here in Denver tonight...haha. i love what you do. Best, Jeanne

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