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August 03, 2012


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Michele Boucher-Hines

Hello, I found your blog a few months ago, and love to see all the wonderful things you create. I absolutely fell in love with the beach bag you made for your friend using the most wonderful coastal colors. I am hoping to start creating one for my daughter, and was wondering if you might also share your pattern for the round medallions you created to use on the bag.


Angela-Southern U.S.A.

Looks like a grand time,thanks for sharing it with us.Love the shot of Little B feet,SO cute!The beach! love the beach,miss the beach,oh well..maybe next year..We had an odd encounter with some geese,of all places a parking lot,while out shopping lol.Are those the Queen's swans?Do you see the guys(in red)when they count them?Oh..LOve the little yellow boat!Glad it was a sunny trip for ya :)


Just want to say HELO :-) I love your blog and your crocheted stuff! Ola


I love your stone tower. That picture would make a great poster. We just got back from a beach trip too. It was amazingly fun and relaxing. No one wanted to leave. Can't wait to do it again next year.


Thanks so much forthe lovely vicarious holiday!


Have really loved sharing your holiday with you. Feels like I have had mini breaks when reading your last three posts ... I've even had a wiff of sea air on occassions (not bad seen as we're at the furthest point from the sea here in Staffs!).
Hope that posting has doubley embedded each precious memory into you brain.



so glad you had a wonderful time, and your photos are lovely, so evocative x

Mari (Finland)

A lovely post once again, Lucy! About the scent of jasmine, you CAN actually bottle it up: You can buy a bottle of jasmine essential oil and use it in a burner or in the bath, for example. It's probably not quite the same as fresh jasmine but close.


You certainly picked the best week of this years summer. It's been really enjoyable to sit my my cuppa and read about your excursions. I've never been to this part of the UK, but your travel guide makes me think I should visit there.

I hope the rest of your summer hols is lovely too.


Country Living? Is that the one with the Vet Dr. Robert Sharp?


I've so enjoyed sharing your holiday. Thank you.
Love from Mum


What a great beach! What fun, a nice relaxing day. You did sound very content and happy. Again fantastic pictures, I felt as if I was there!


Thanks so much for taking us on vacation with you all! We, too, have had a HOT summer in the U.S. Midwest and it felt sooo good to sit on the shingle and breathe in the seaside scents, miander through the gardens, and sup in your fave cafes with you. Your photography was transporting, as always.

Fleur Cotton

Oh Lucy, I haven't been blogging for about three weeks and have just popped over to see what's been happening in Lucyland ......and it's been a pure delight!
Oh you've taken me on such a lovely trip to Dorset, never mind that it's grey and showery here in Cheshire.....you transported me...I could taste the salt...feel the breeze on my cheeks!

How lucky were YOU on your previous post? what a beautiful necklace and I think that Emma must have been delighted with your bag... INSPIRING colours, I'm really loving those shades at the moment too especially duck egg, as you will see in my post today.

Thank you for whisking me away to the sea...I enjoyed the dream x

Happy Days
Fleur xx


The swannery is amazing at cygnet time.
Another few days and I shall be back on Hive beach:)
Have loved seeing your holiday.

Lisa Ruff

Thank you for sharing your vacation time with us!! The swan pics are so cool!! I loved the seagull as well!! Looks like he was saying "hand over the food"!!!

Have a super day! Your blog is among one of my favorites!!



It's lovely to read about your holiday!

Lynda M O

Many thanks for the lovely pics and the commentary too, Lucy. What a wonderful trip for your family and yes, with Little B being over two now, loads of fun await you all wherever you go.


Ah, more lovely photos...I miss the sun! On the last day of our holiday we mad the "radical" decision to stay in the village all day. It was heaven, so liberating. We fed the horses, went to the park, had a pub lunch and I crocheted all afternoon. So nice not to use the car. Sometimes we feel we must pack SO much in to a holiday that I come home exhausted. xx


How wonderful that you had such great weather. Life is much easier with kids. The many swans are amazing.

Sharon Braxton

Your holiday sounds just about perfect. I love when that happens. Your little people running, shouting and enjoying the freedom was a treat. Glad you got to spend some time away and relax.


I loved reading your post. Doing nothing is a luxury we must learn to enjoy without feeling guilty: children need free time to develop their creativity.


Of all the charming places to live in England, the more I see of your Mum's, the more I do think she has the most charming! I can imagine your having that wonderful tea outdoors on her riverside patio. Perfection! The rest of the photos are a feast for the eyes.

Jen Y

I am quite envious of all your visits to the sea. I've seen the ocean once in my life, the Pacific, & I loved every minute of it. The nearest ocean from where I live is well over 1,000 miles away. The Gulf of Mexico is over 600 miles away. How I'd love to be able to just drop by the beach, even just once a year.

Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful trips with us. It's almost like going myself.


Hi L - did you get my text? Shame you didn't enjoy the delights of the swannery - couldn't agree more with lisa etc we've always had a great time - esp cygnet time and stormy seas - maze is fun too! Catch up with you next time x

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