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August 01, 2012


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How positively perfect ^_^ Seeing your pictures and hearing your stories of vacation gives me so much happiness. I LOVE the pictures of the green pastures stretching out for miles with the vast sky in the background. And the farm sounds like an absolute blast!


OH! WHY don't we have afternoon tea here in the U.S.?!?! That cottage is just what i picture when I imagine England ... old stone exteriors and rambling flowers everywhere, just like in old children's books. Now I have to find some scone recipes. :)

joan fallon

Beautiful scenery.. it reminds me of New England, USA...your should save and press some of your Mom's flowers and put them into tiny frames when you get home. I press them in heavy books and don't disturb them for a few weeks...just mark the pages with a Post It note so you don't lose them. Nice way to save memories from summer.I have been making and sharing your tiny flowers...the men in my life are wearing them on their suits, even business suits..apparently it is the rage for men this summer...i can't make them fast enough..also affixing them to crochet cotton baby hats in cool colors of sage green, mottled violet, navy blue and burgundy. I am addicted to the tiny flowers and just broke into my granny's old threads to widen my repertoie...i can't find tiny merino wool so i am using pearl cotton...you can make 4 flowers from one skein ..excluding the green leaf.


Gorgeous pictures and what an afternoon tea, splendid ☺☺


The colour and the heat! ::sigh::


I am loving your photos - they just bring back very happy memories of our honeymoon a couple of years ago. Thanks for sharing!


Your mom loves you all.
Wonderful, gorgeus tea time!


R'olls her eyes'!!!! Dictation gone wrong on phone!


Your mum put on an amazing spread.
You made me laugh about your mum and your taking photos- Mine just doesn't get blogging at all and rolls arise whenever I mention blogs!


Lucy I'm loving this post. I just stood in the freezing cold of a Christchurch winter day waiting for No 2 teen to finish his driving lesson and was transported to the warm sunshine of England. Ah bliss. It's all beautiful but that proper afternoon tea was to die for.


Well now that's another place I must visit as you have inspired me with your lovely account and beautiful photographs of your holiday. You really do appreciate and value the right things of life. I saw this quote today which I think you'll like...
As long as we have memories
Yesterday remains.
As long as we have hope
Tomorrow awaits.
As long as we have love
Today is beautiful.
JoZarty x


The countryside around Bridders is just the most beautiful. I got the giggles outside the toyshop when I last walked past as there was a lady walking a tiny TINY dog and the contrast of the gigantic duplo pirate and the itsy witsy dog was just too much for me.

Holly McLean

Oh, it all looks just so wonderful and so unlike the commercial vacations of many today. I even like reading about your meals, so basic and delicious. And that meal your mom put on for afternoon tea. Just amazing!

debbie @ happy little cottage

It's just all so lovely and homey and wonderful! Everything a vacation should be!!! xoxo Debbie

Lisa G.

The quintessential English countryside - nothing more beautiful, to my mind.


Lovely. Hello to you Lucy and your family, from Marlborough in Central Queensland, Australia. It's our winter, but the days are glorious as are yours at present.


Hi Lucy, greetings from Weymouth - glad you had such an amazing holiday a few miles west of here. Your pictures really are the most fantastic record of West Dorset's highlights! Sarah x hometoroostblog.blogspot.co.uk


These days sound wonderful, especially day 4 - I'd love to visit that farm but I'm too big for a ride on the tractors :(

Anne Marie

I love Dorset, have been to Wool, Durdle Dor? Spelling? Weymouth, Chesil Beach on to Portland Bill, mostly cycling holidays.

Your photos look wonderful, love the blue skies. Was it a REAL Lady?


lovely, what a treat...., I feel like I'm on holiday with you xxx


Wow! I want to be there!

Belmont Yarns

Swoon, I have relaxed just reading about your holiday! It all sounds wonderful, no wonder you found it hard to come home.

Happy, happy days

Helen xx


Lucy, your holiday looks AMAZING! Even just the first 2 days, now I'm going to read about the next 2! I'd love to visit Dorset, trying to persuade my family to go there someday!

Your camera always seems to take brilliant photos, could you tell me what make and model it is at all, please?

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