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August 04, 2012


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Hi Lucy, I have read each and every comment and all I can say is ditto, ditto, ditto.

I will say, hope Little B is doing better. I never had chickenpox though my older brother and sister did. Knock on wood. But I don't think I need to worry. I am 67. LOL!!

Have a great trip. Looking forward to more of your colorful storytelling.


So sorry your little one has been unwell. I've seen three through the chicken pox and it was NOT fun! I love your garden space. I have a huge green lawn and wish for a small, cozy spot like yours. They say, the grass is always greener............


I love your back yard,and my daughter loves new Polly pockets :-)


I always read but don't often comment Lucy but couldn't let it pass that even your basket of dirty washing is a glorious riot of colour... it made me smile! I hope your little man feels better soon and you all have a wonderful week in York.


We've had chicken pox in our house all week too, you and Little B have my sympathies. Just waiting for my youngest to get it now... Get well soon little one x


Hope the pox clears up soon- it is tough on everyone when Chickenpox strikes, one feels so helpless...they just have to get through it. Your yard is looking very jolly indeed. I think some of those jam tarts should be popped straight into a box and posted please!
Hope the Connievan trip is blessed with sunshine, not spots.x


Hi Lucy, Sorry to hear that Little B is so poorly. My son just suffered with a really bad bout of chicken pox with vomiting and fever etc..I feel for you (and him). The best piece of advice I got was to try Piriton (liquid) and it worked a treat. Got us through that itchy stage with no worries! Enjoy your holiday. xxx

Sara Jenkins

Have a great time away - and I hope that chicken pox doesn't spoil anything for you all. I am looking forward to seeing the photos when you get back - they are always so colourful and I can't believe how you find the time to take them, edit and post it all. x


Oh I am so sorry to hear about Little B! It's awful for them isn't it. My 13 year old son has been diagnosed with Guttate Psoriasis and is literally covered from the top of his head to the undersoles of his feet with itchy, red patches. Like you, it's been a time for lots of cuddles and nights of sitting up late into the early hours with him because he itches so much he can't sleep...I hope Little B makes a speedy recovery xx


Hi Lucy
Very sorry to hear of little B with chickenpox. Its important to watch he stays well hydrated - am sure you have realised that sores in the mouth can make him reluctant to drink. As long as he is drinking and that there are no pox near his eyes he should be fine. I wondered if he was immunised for chickenpox - which we do routinely in Australia at 18 mths and 12 years, so checked out the nhs website and was surprised to not see that vaccine on the schedule! Thought you (and others) might like to check out the Western Australuan schedule to compare: http://www.public.health.wa.gov.au/cproot/4159/2/immunisation-%20schedule-wa-may-%202012.pdf
I know how horrible chicken pox is - many years ago - before the vaccine was available - our 3 kids got sick - consecutively one after the other and were off school for 2 weeks each. We each had take take 3 weeks leave from work to care for them.

Lynne Gill

Baby skin is sooooo elastic, believe me there will be no sign of his 'spotty scars' as he gets bigger. Also, though it is pretty miserable - my two had it at 4 and 6 respectively - they do get over it quickly when little. I then caught it having nursed them, and thought I was dying!

Enjoy Connievan, hope the weather stays fair for you all.


So sorry to hear of Little B's bout with the dreaded Pox.

As a mother of two middle school daughters I love seeing those Polly Pocket dolls all sitting on the couch in their bookshelf home. Reminds me of my own life not too long ago. If only I lived closer I could bring our neglected huge box of Pollies over and Little Lady could have a Polly party.


Everything in your home is so lovely and colorful! Even the garden! I hope you have a perfect trip. I know the change of scenery will help... Happy hooking!


Hi Lucy may I suggest using diluted oil of lavender for your sons spots, when my son (19 now and at uni lol! ) had chickenpox about the same age as your son this is what I used, I paistakingly dabbed each spot twice a day, it helped the itch and prevented scarring, he didnt have one single scar afterwards. Hope he feels better soon anyway and please don't worry about him, he'll be fine xx

Sonia @ fabricandflowersuk

Poor Little B - sounds like he's got a really bad case. I'm still waiting for my youngest 2 to get it...could make for a pretty tough month I reckon!!! The one silver lining to getting the pox bad is that you're less likely to get it again (or so I'm led to believe) - Little Girl got it twice because apparently the first time wasn't bad enough! Hope you have a lovely week away and fit in some relaxing hooky time :) x


mmmmm Jam tarts! Must stop gazing at that pictures .... anyway .... wishing you a fab holiday - and hope that Little B gets better. I remember having them as a child and I was really pooly - and then passed them on to my Dad who was REALLY pooly!

Still, homemade soap makes everything okay! xxx


Get well wishes for little B, have a wonderful week away in Connievan, enjoy!


Poor Little B :(. I hope he heals before you go on your caravan trip! But this was a very tender post! So sweet, I could just imagine your kids playing with there toys and you having cuddle time. Good luck with the next week!


I hope Little B feels better very soon :( I am glad you have the support of your neighbors :)

Ada Bea

This is probably too late now but when mine had chicken pox I kept them topped up with Piriton medicine and the Aquaeous cream with calamine in it was very soothing! Hope he is feeling better soon! Poor thing (you too!) Ada :)


Hi Lucy,
I just want to thank you for your generosity when it comes to your blog.It is entertaining, colourful and inspirational. I envy you the memories that you are making for when your kids are older and all grown up. My boys are 18 and 21 and yet it seems like moments ago they were babies in the cot. This weekend I find myself at home on my own for the first time in 25 years of marriage! Those crazy days of running around being a Mum are over. They have their own ways of being in the world now and don't need me as much. I did love to find the house as I left it when I came home yesterday (hubby also away!). I do love being able to work on quilts and other art projects without having to interrupt the flow in order to cook meals. I do love the silence and no one asking where anything is. But I do miss the little dimpled hands, the bright colours of Fisher Price toys and the smell of freshly bathed little men.
Continue to treasure your little peeps. Not very many Mums have the genius to do so. x Mary


So sorry to hear about Little B...hope he is on the mend now...probably just looking all spotty :)
You've probably already left for your week away but I wanted to wish you 'Happy Trails'.
Smiles, DianeM


Do you think at 62 years of age I am too old for the bubble blowing lawn mower? Love, love blowing bubbles and always have so envious of the big wand mummy attic got herself!
Hope the little man is better really soon, awful thing to have I know.



I hope you feel better soon Little B! :( chicken pox are never fun, although joing the dots with a bath pen is pretty fun! I found calamine lotion to be great for the spots, looks funny too, he might enjoy being very pink for a little while! Have fun in Connievan! :)

Jerra x

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