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August 04, 2012


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Michele Marsh

I hope your little one feels better soon, and that you all have a great week away :-)


I adore all the colors in your home. Your backyard is especially delightful! :)


I can understand so well what it's like to be at home... to do things you like, have your own space... I am leaving my home soon to be back to another home :)
Great pictures as usual and a great way of telling the story of a piece of your life!
Have a great day and keep on enjoying being with your family! May your children get well soon!

Elaine K.

Hi Lucy,

I have been following your blog for a few months now and I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I love and enjoy reading it. Being and avid crocheter and container gardener myself, this has been such a source of inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing your life and your passions with us!

I hope Little B will feel better soon! Also, especially for the ones on the inside of his mouth (ouch!) you can get a calendula tincture (found with the homeopathy) and dilute a teaspoon or so in a glass of water and use it as a mouth rinse. It will help soothe the pox and help them heal faster. It is also wonderfully soothing in a bath.

I look forward to hearing about your caravan trip!

P.S. I am especially in love with your ripples blankets and have schemes of my own to make one as soon as I can find the right yarn!


I open your blog everyday to check if there are news, I love reading it! it is so inspiring and you are teaching me how to appreciate the small things of life, the color of the sky, sunny days, the flowers in my backyard... Thank You Lucy!!
It is sad to read about your son and chickenpox... I know how he feels as I am experiencing chickenpox right now (I'm 38, thought I was too old for it but I'm not). It is not pleasant... Hope he will get well soon :)

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Awww, poor Little B. And poor mama. We do worry when our little ones are sick, don't we? But the extra cuddle time is pretty wonderful, I agree with you on that. Love how you are enjoying the down time between vacations (in spite of the laundry!) and the children are enjoying their treats so much. Summer is for a little bit of celebrating and spoiling, isn't it? Heal well, Little B and happy holiday-ing in Connievan!


Poor little boy, he really got a bout of it.
Better days ahead.
Have a wonderful week!


Lucy, thank you for creating such normal yet inspiring blogs. The colourful images that you post have really been very helpful to me since I came across your blog recommended by someone who was sitting and crocheting opposite me at the swimming pool one day whilst my son was having his lesson. (I was also crocheting). Life changed very drastically for me 8 months ago and being inspired by happiness and colour from others has helped me deal with life. I have also been able to re-start blogging Awalkonthewyldside.blogspot.com and I'm loving it! I realise that even in the worst situations we all still have interesting things to talk about and gifts to share.
Hope that little B gets better soon, once the spots scab over he'll be fine I'm sure, and hope that you manage to catch up on all that lost sleep in time for another relaxing family holiday. Take care and have fun!
Kim xx


It seems Chicken Pox must be doing the rounds - friends are having a hard time here in NZ with it too - especially the 11 year old. I hope Little B is feeling better soon. Thinking of you.


You're photography is so beautiful. You even make laundry look good.


lucy. such beauty and joy in spite of your trials warms my heart. im sure your little man will be back to normal in no time. good to get it over with while their young. cheers for your neighbourhood, what a blessing. have a great time in connievan. were just on day trips these winter months, usually to hot springs. have finished one ripple and starting another. such fun. blessings, trills:-)


Oh your pics are always bringing smiles with them. Thank you for sharing!

Ada Bea

Hi Lucy, I'm not sure if you will even read this but I have nominated you for a Lovely Blog Award'. I love visiting your blog, it's a happy place to be! Please nip over to my blog if you get a chance and 'pick' it up! Hope the little one is feeling better Ada :)

Becky in Texass

Poor Little B. My worst memories are of having the chicken pox. I've never felt sicker. Bless Little B - I can't imagine how miserable he might be traveling and in the little caravan.

Susanne Tyree

My daughters had chicken pox when they were in grade school. Both were miserable for a time and of course the scabs do itch and to relieve that I gave them a very small dose of Benadryl. They stopped itching and we all also got some much needed rest. I never took them out from home though because it is dangerous for a woman who might be pregnant to be exposed to that virus. Some women don't realize they are pregnant for several weeks. I do suppose if you stayed away from others it would be fine. I do believe it is during the first few days or so that it is catching. Love your little enclosed courtyard. Have a safe trip.
Susanne :)


Poor Little B. I so hope he is feeling a lot better now. So so hard when little ones are poorly. Hope you have a wonderful time in Connivan in York. So jealous as York is one of my fav places and it's nearly a year since we were there for a weekend last year to celebrate my 40th. Want to go again soon but I think it will be after no. 2 has arrived. Thanks for your lovely message on my blog by way. So lovely to hear from you. Fiona x


just wanted to say thanks again for the yarn bag i have made 3 now i just love doin this bag thanks again hope your litle one are better soon :)


Hope your little guy is feeling better! Hope you have been able to get some sleep! Oatmeal baths helped my two when they had chicken pox as children. If your other children have not had them yet be prepared... as one finished up another may start. When mine had them it was what seemed like never ending month of the chicken pox! Good Luck! :)

tracey dawkins

Hi Lucy, my top chicken pox tip is vitamin E oil its time consuming to apply as you need to put a little dot on each spot i found the best way to do it when my babies had it was to but the vitamin E capsules pierce them with a pin and apply whilst playing a counting game! i didnt find out about this tip until my daughter got it and by this time my son and i were COVERED in spots but lucky rebecca got it last and healed first due to the vit E oil!! it seems to moisturise the scabs which stops them being so itchy and seems to help prevent scarring she only has one tiny scar in her eye brow whereas scott and i have several! hope all is well soon and that you dont catch it too!!!
best wished Tracey x


Good that you love your home and street so much - it makes coming back from hols so much easier. Poor B - chicken pox is horrid but at least he didn't get it while you were on holiday, so quite good timing on his part really! Enjoy York. x


sending hugs to you dear beautiful mamma.


Hope you have a fantastic week in York and Little B is well again soon. I'll be thinking of you as I'm working away in my office in York this week, always seems strange to me, having lived here for 11 years, that people come here for holidays!


Oh poor wee boy- such a horrible time when the little people are unwell especially with the chicken pox. We used a brilliant thing from boots called Poxclin, although you're probably over the worst of it now. Hope the week away in York helps you all to recover and recharge. As a Yorkshire girl living "down south" I hope to show my children that lovely city soon. Can't wait to hear about it. X

Naomi @ redeemcreations.co.uk

Oh, Lucy, I sympathise. The four eldest of my 5 boys had chicken pox a few years ago, before my little Reu was born. he finally got it the second week before the end of term and he too was miserable with spots in his mouth (and other painful places!) He did get back to his jolly self fairly quick though, so I think you'll be fine - have a lovely time in Connievan. xx

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