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August 04, 2012


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Angela Earley

Hello Lucy! I love to read your blog and enjoy seeing your new posts and recipies. Your yarn projects are so bright and colorful! =) I hope your little one is feeling better soon. Take care and have a great weekend. =)


un arc-en-ciel dans le lavabo

I don't comment very often although I enjoy reading your blog & your sincerity in the posts, but just wanted to send some good vibes across the Channel for your son, hoping he'll feel better by the time you read this.
The summer has not been as sunny as we'd like here in Brittany, and this has affected many people' health. We may not have got our fill of vit.D either :(
Your outdoor space is lovely.


I quite enjoy your little corner of the world. Just lovely. I hope Little B is feeling much better now.


Hi Lucy. I'm sorry for Litlle B, how is he?
I hope that better,I have a litlle boy too, almost same age that your. 2,4 years old.

My boy is always with cold.
He was vaccinated against the chicken pox, but can happen a soft kind of this disease.

I pray for you and your family. You're special to make me feel happy here, with my too simple life.
God bless you, see you soon.

A big hug!


Ahhhhhhh it's been lovely catching up with your posts Lucy! I have been so far behind with my blogging. Real life has just got in the way, but it has been such a treat to catch up and sit down with a hot steaming cuppa and drink it all in!

Glad you had a super time away with your family. It always amazes me how long it takes to get back to some sense of order in the house after one has been away. I came back on sunday evening and my ouse looks like a bombsite! I think it will take all week to get the washing done and sorted and put away.

As always, your pictures are delicious and it's always such a pleasure to stop here and lose myself for a while!

Take care and hope that the summer holidays are going well for you and the kiddos!

much love

Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Thank you for sharing your world with us.
And I agree with Sandee, the recipe for the jam tarts would be nice if you have time to post it.

Lisa & Vicki

HI Lucy- my friend and I recently discovered your website and fell in love with it (and you!) immediately. We love your patterns and especially your colour choices. Please come and visit us in Australia. If this is too much to ask (!), would you be kind enough to share the brand, composition and weight of the yarn you use in your gorgeous blankets and bags? We would love to give a couple of your projects a go.
thanking you in anticipation Lisa & Vicki

Ninja Cat

Wow what outstanding colours that are in your pictures x




Lucy, I am so in love with your blog! All of your bright and beautiful pictures make me smile and your topics are enchanting!


Oh dear I remember chicken pox days well! Hope he's better soon.

Reklamos paslaugos

Love that cake picture! Maybe you can tel us recipe of them?


That chicken pox doesn't sound like a lot of fun, I hope your little man will get better soon! Both of mine had the jab when they were 1 yo, but apparently they can still get it which is a bummer.
That soap looks yummy! We only ever use hand made soap in our family, I make it myself. ;-) You should have a go, it's so easy to make! (It can be addictive though, and you might end up with the house full of soap...)

idiosyncratic eye

Ooh, chicken pox is nasty! I hope he's feeling better soon. And I want one of those bubble wands for me too! :)


Hi Lucy! I love your blog, and your crochet is just fantastic. Makes me want to rush out and buy yarn in a gazillion yummy colors so I can make everything I see!...I so hope your little one is feeling better real soon...It's so nice to meet you! :) Paulette (beedeebabee.blogspot.com)


I had a dreadful case of chicken pox as a child. All 3 of my children had bad cases, the youngest two at the same time. None of my grand kids have had it because they had the vaccine--they are lucky!

Janice Howe

What a wonderful read this morning.. bright and sunny. best wishes to your little man that he feels better soon. Have a wonder week away.


Hi Lucy, I've been trying to catch up on your previous blog days, but after day 4 in Dorset, everything has sort of merged together, and can't be read.....not sure if you're aware of this? :)?

Angela-Southern U.S.A.

Get well soon,L.B.Oatmeal baths help too with the itch,remember it well,both my Girls had it,(when little).Your flowers look lovely :)Looking forward to the secret project reveal!I've been busy with peach jam,butters and other fruit(canning).Oh and harvesting honey,busy-busy.Hope your trip is lovely for all!


i wish I lived in your colourful world - your pictures always make me smile. hope your little peeps are on the mend.


Aww, I know what it's like when the little ones are poorly. We once had chicken pox in our house when the boys were little, one had them Christmas week and the other had them new years week!! Anyway, hope all will be well soon.
Hope you have a lovely break and a good rest!! Val x

Maria Day

Now that's what I call a Staycation of extraordinary possibilities! Your photo essay of your week shows just how it's possible to see beauty every day, if only you allow yourself to have an artist's eyes.

I have long been a follower of your blog, since someone recommended it to me. This post is representative of just why, today, I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award (http://versatilebloggeraward.wordpress.com/).

My own blog post and nominations are at http://runningwave.blogspot.com/2012/08/with-admiration-to-my-fellow-artists.html

I've posted a link to your blog on my own, but you are truly not under any obligation to post back. I just wanted to honor all of the creativity your share on this space.
Very sincerely,

Sonia Petitpoint

Have a great holiday after this difficult period !

Bari Jo

I am so sorry to hear your little one has had such a time with the chicken pox. I hope the worst is over and that you all get a much needed rest with your get away!

Liesbeth Houtman, the Netherlands

Hello dear Lucy,
I am a daily reader of your blog and I have started "hooking" again and I am very in love with your projects! I made my first granny blanket 32 years ago, for my baby. She has her own baby now. Actually I am a quilter. But since I have read your blog, I started crochet-ing again. I love your stories, your photographs, your tutorials. And when can I expect the Granny
Wheel tutorial? I so love the Granny Wheel! You promised to do a tutorial but I have not seen this yet....
I love your blog and I love to read about your life with the Little People, your holidays, everything. The pictures you make are so beautiful! You are living the life I would like to live myself. You are living my dream. Thank you for sharing your life with me.

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