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July 10, 2012


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Oh, I love love LOVE sweet peas! They look so gorgeous, and have such a messy kind of beauty, not perfect like roses or tulips.


Heh...here in Iowa you can definitely tell its summer. We had a massive heat wave run through that made it nearly impossible to leave the house at all. Send all your rain down this way and you can have our sunshine. :)

Can't wait to see what the secret projects are, especially the knitting one as I decided that for my birthday present to myself I'd pick up a pair of knitting needles and teach myself to knit. Crochet is soooo much faster. :)


We've been hearing about the Brit summer and of course saw the poor Queen freezing during the Jubilee. I think you're all holding off for the Olympics, then you'll turn on the sunshine and heat!

Ada Bea

Yes I am too trying to trying to remind myself of summer! The sunshine HAS to shine soon! Beautiful photos as usual Lucy! Ada:)

Marilyn from Norfolk VA USA

Sorry to say the USA is getting all the heat this summer. My family in the middle of the country (Illinois) had 12 days in a row of temps over 100F. Cool and needing a jacket to pick flowers sounds good from this side of the pond. Our temps have finally dropped here on the east coast which means day time highs 80-85F.

Thank you as always for your lovely posts.


Can anyone guide me to the pattern of the afghan that's on the bed? I think it's one of the grannies ... thanks!

Kimberly V

so strange to hear that someone is getting sooo much rain. We need rain so desperately here in the states,(missouri) the grass is brown and crunchy. It has been over 100 several days and we even have a water ban. send us some of your rain, pleeease!


I can't wait to see your newest ripple blanket! Sorry for your foul weather. Send some of that cold and wet over to NY, please! We're sweltering in heat and humidity and everything's drying up. Sending you some sunshine:)


We'll be visiting London and doing a hike from inn to inn in the Cotswolds during September.Any suggestions for shops to visit for yarn and inspiration?

I wished I knew about the trip to France earlier----looking to see if I can still swing it.


I am very happy to hear about the ripple, can't wait to see it. I'm rippling along with you, and I'm anxious to finish my blanket. I'd love to trade your weather for ours. It's just too warm here, and it makes it hard to sleep at night, as we don't have air conditioning in the house. Oh well, at least schools out. No homework hassles. There's always a silver lining.

Pom Pom

Sweet peas! They smell so good!
Look at you go! Can't wait to see the "ta da" post!

Lisa Ruff

We have been having a crazy summer too!! We looked at the calendar to remind us what month it is. Seems more like fall!!

Sending happy smiles your way!

Kay Gu.

DEar Lucy,
I didn't get a chance to say how happy that you will be going to France and seeing the area where the artists were inspired. Since YOU are an artist, I am happy that you will go there too!
Hope you have a good time at the sea.


I'll pass on one of my knitting tips to you that I always pass on to new students. Always slip your first stitch knit wise of every new row even if it is a purl row....you'll end up with beautiful straight edges...perfect for sewing together, perfect for crocheting borders along and very neat if it's an exposed edge of the knitting ie a scarf....happy knitting with the big sticks.


Can't wait to hear more about your elderflower cordial! Isn't that the cordial that got Anne of Green Gables into trouble? Or maybe that was elderberry? I'll have to look it up. LOL ;-)


Lucy, when you get a sunny day will you please show us how your back yard garden is doing?


I just received sweet peas from my green thumb neighbour and they are delightful!! I have them in a crochet covered tin can!! http://instagram.com/p/M5qhXTKa2r/ I am new to your blog and can't believe I haven't come across it before! I love your creativity!!!


Ill trade you my summer for your summer anyday!!!We have hot 90s to 100 degrees everyday with humidity like the one you get after showering in the bathroom.:) yes Ill trade ...


It really be quite hopeless hasn't it - well at least the rain means the drought is finally over, hayfever has subsided and I don't have kids moaning about how much they hate suncream - I can count on one hand the number of times I have coated them in suncream this year! ... all that aside we too have had similarly un-summery excursions to collect elderflower and I spent today at a rain-soak sports day - fun!


I am your newest fan and follower. I am working my way through all the blogs on Tots100 list and sooo glad I found yours! You are a very talented lady and have the kind of colourful house I long for. I have written a little post about your blog if you would like to read it http://katsighs.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/attic-24-tots100-5.html
Thank you so much x

Rachael Iddon

Oh, I know what you mean about getting the weather for elderflower harvesting. I made my third batch tonight but it's been tricky getting a dry day to pick them. It is well worth it though isn't it? It's all about the elderflower in my kitchen at the moment. I even managed to make some elderflower flavoured jelly. Fingers crossed things improve in time for your holidays.


Love love love Sweetpeas! They are my absolute summer favourite. 11 days until a seaside holiday - bet you can't wait!


I am trying to keep my mood lifted with lots of projects too Lucy, I can't wait to see what you have been up to and fantastic you are nearly finished the ripple blanket hope we can expect the big reveal soon. I love sweet peas too you can't beat their lovely scent but the rain has spoilt mine this year and my beautiful rose buds are getting soggy, surely all the rain should have been rained by now lol lets hope for better weather soon,xx


Lucky you sweet peas. They look so pretty and next to your bed. I can just smell them now. I am so jealous, I checked mine out this afternoon and all I have it leaves. I am so praying for sun. I hope you have a sunny week. Ali x
PS Can't wait to see your new project.


I love having flowers on my bedside table, it feels like such a treat! I have been going into summer overload with strawberries and gardening and cooking and insisting on wearing sandals even though it's freezing, because it's JULY, dammit. x

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