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July 10, 2012


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Lucinda Lynx

That blanket looks awesome! I just know you will tame it.


Ms Lucy i have question about your granny strips jsut so i understand what to do if i wanted my blanket to be 36 in long it has to be by 3 am i right


Hello lucy ive Just found your fab blog ... It's making a very happy lady :) thank you to my friend for introducing Lucy to me .... I've just received the lovely colours of acrylic wool you used for the granny stripe blanket and can't wait to get going on it for my caravan.
Lucy you are so inspiring and you've made my summer complete

Chieu Lee

Hi Sweetie!

Looks like you're having so much fun! I just wanted to stop by and say that I enjoy your blog immensely! I also wanted to talk to you privately about something if you have some time I'd love to chat with you. What's the best way to contact you? My email is clee27 (at) gmail (dot) com

love love love your patterns/tutorials and appreciate all the time that you've put into it! thank you! xooxoxo


Hope you're not counting on it being sunny down here by the sea! It's been awful. The poor campers got washed away and a boat capsized in the harbour. Hopefully you can bring some summer with you!


So beautiful blog you have! Im in sweden and look at your pictures, so nice. you are very talented!

idiosyncratic eye

Yay, summery flowers and knitting! :)

Sandra Licher

Your sweet peas are so pretty. I tried growing them here but it seems to be too hot for them. I do have Mrs. Meyer's Sweet Pea scented cleaners so that will have to do for now.
You're knitting! Me too! Well, I'm a crocheter trying to learn how to knit. I have done a few things but this YOP group has me seriously brave and I've ordered yarn for socks and have several other knitting projects (all beginner except for the socks) on the docket.
I just placed an order for yarn and more yarn and my budget is seriously hurting right now but once I get them it will keep my busy for quite awhile. I didn't really have a "stash" like some do.
I've got your Little Grey Rabbit books on my wish list on Amazon as I love rabbits and books and children's books. I'm a big Beatrix Potter fan too.
I can't wait to see what you're knitting up and how exciting to be going to the sea! Soon! You'll be missed!


Usually You make something big for me. This time I make something little for You. :) I hope You like it: (pleasae copy these 3 links to your browser, it's not a spam! I'm a faithful reader and crocheter as well. )




Yvette Goodridge

Hi Lucy, your bedtime reading reminded of a purse I saw on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/listing/97932675/book-clutch-peter-rabbit-classic-cover?ref=af_circ_favitem some people are just too darn talented.


Yay!! I love that you are knitting!!! I have been a knitter for years and only really a proper crocheter (if that is a real word!)since February this year when I discovered your blog, I love both and it makes me really happy that you are now knitting too!!
x x x


I would gladly trade you a few days of our hot, humid, sunshine filled days for some much needed rain! My garden is droopy, the river is dry (not sure where all the fish go)we are all feeling parched!
Love the roses you found & the sweet peas, I never had any luck growing those. Can't wait to see your secret projects. You are such a talent.
Is the elderflower different from an elderberry tree? Ours bloomed awhile back but I don't remember them being quite so big. Or is it just a difference between European & American species?

Hope your weather dries up for you and you enjoy your time by the sea.


Lovely! Summer is defintely not doing what it should yet! Hopefully it will soon, in time for your holiday by the sea! Looking forward to seeing your projects! Rachel x


I can't wait to see the finished projects!
It has totally been summer on my side of the world-its been high 80's-90's.


At least we can always knit and crochet whatever the weather! I'm making the Blooming Flower Cushion at the moment and its bright colours are keeping me cheerful.

Sharon Braxton

We are finally, finally getting some rain after a long, hot, dry spell here in the south of the US. So glad to see the rain. Everything was getting parched and crackly. But if there had been as much rain as you have received, I believe I would be wondering about summer also. Here's hoping you get bright sunshine soon. AND you can send some, not all, of that rain our way.


Hola soy nueva aquí, soy del sur de los 40º a la sombra, echo de menos ese paisaje, me encantan tus manualidades y fotografias llenas de color,vida. simplemente me encanta. SUR.


So glad to hear you are KNITTING! I enjoy your blog, but do very little crochet. It will be fun to see how you take to the new medium.....


Hi Lucy,
Excited to hear you are knitting too. Now you and Little Lady will have 2 things in common to share of the needlework variety.I have the same with my daughter and it is wonderful when we craft together. Loved seeing the flowers, can't wait for the secret project to be unveiled. I myself just picked up my hook last night trying to get a flower patch square pattern for a throw rug. I must say it wasn't to successful. I know what I want but the colors and so forth were not happening. But there is always today right? I must ask who is the adorable little white mouse friend atop your books? She is so cute! I do adore tiny woodland creatures, and stories about them.

I feel your rainy days. Here today is is roaring rumbling rain. Makes me want to get cozy with some yarn & a hook.

We'll see what today brings. Can't wait for your Ta-Dah!

Sending you warm hugs from FL,


Beautiful photographs! You are a great inspiration for me! When you can go to my blog. I would like your opinion.
A big hug!!!!


What lovely flower pictures! I'm excited to hear about your cordial making. Also all your secret projects! Including knitting. I've been wanting to take a class to relearn that craft.


Summer? Where? We had clouds and rain for the past few days.... I have a question for you. I made an adaptation of your circle scarf. It seems you never wrote down the pattern. Is it okay by you if I publish my own adaptation on my blog?


Sweet pea sniffing happening in my house too, i keep shutting my eyes and sniffing and pretending i can see the sunshine in my minds eye... i keep wishing for it to come out to play. Did wonder about getting some ruby slippers and trying the click the heels thing...it has to make an appearance soon - hopefully when you are on your jollies and you can all enjoy digging in the sand and picnics on the beach.


Looking forward to seeing the secret projects you have been up to. Can't wait to see the ripple you have been working on to. Again another colourful post!!


Knitting with sticks? Sounds fun. Can't wait to see pictures of your knitting project!

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