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July 05, 2012


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Sue McQueen

Hi Lucy, I'm planning to go on this holiday! I found it quite by chance whilst googling crochet and your blog came up, and now I'm totally hooked by the idea :-)
(We have actually met, at Wild Oats, and I'm just wondering if you'd drop me a line by email, please? I'm travel planning and want to pick your brain!) Unbelievable that I am travelling all the way to Provence when I can rarely manage the trip to Skipton these days!



I'm living in Provence! near Avignon.


Je viens de la provence de Fayence trés exactement ;-) maintenant je suis au québec.
Passe une merveilleuse journée au plaisir

Annie Legg  Mango House , Torquay TQ2 6TJ

Hi Lucy
I have just read about your Provence trip, boy do you deserve it!.
You have helped me with Tiny Hearts, Snowflakes, Christmas Decos,Sewing up Granny squares! Ripple Pattern I'm just starting a cotton scarf with that one, you are truly a generous girl in every way and YES you are No.1, your blog beats the rest.

I went on the "Cool Crochet " trip to Marrakech with ALL Dutch girls and boys, it was amazing, so I know how it feels to just be with girls and boys who are all thinking about the same stuff. Oh my! you are in for an amazing time, take loads of photos please.
Also Google yarn shops in that area and take the list with you.
Well I am about to donate towards your trip, for all the help you have given me over the years and pleasure reading about your world.
Bon Voyage Anix


This is fabulous and I know I'd book up 20 seconds after I win the lottery..... now you've caught the bug where's a venue in Yorkshire you could use?


Ah, I have just come back from a wedding in Provence and I went to a wedding in Pernes Les Fontaines 10 years ago. You will be near there. You will have a wonderful time. I live a few hours away since we abandoned our London home and made our French holiday home of 23 years into our permanent home. I am very tempted to contact Provence Temptations... Lucky old you. Have fun!

Jennifer W

Such a lovely trip!!! As many have commented though... a little rich for this hooker. ;) heh, heh. But sounds so relaxing & fun. Maybe a shorter trip next year that isn't so pricey??? We'll all just inundate you at the Attic. K?


Hi Lucy, long time no see! I never seem to make enough time for coffee in skipton on a Thursday any more. Just wanted to say hi and please think of me and my bunnies (now have 90!) when you see the Angora rabbit lady in France. My website should go live any day now and my girls have sorted me out a facebook page for 'Bigwigs Angora' so please give her that name to google and get in touch.
I'll try and make thursdays a priority again after the holidays, would be good to catch up. x


Have a wonderful time. Life is short. Cease the Day


Right chaps - enough!
I have filled in a booking form for Lucy's jaunt - not because I'm rolling in money nor am I an extravagant woman.
I haven't had a holiday in years because my priority was my lovely, lovely husband who suffered from multiple sclerosis for a very long time.
I never thought I would recover from his death (nearly 4 years ago)but have found great solace in my crafting ability culminating in Lucy having taught me the one thing that eluded me - the art of crochet.
No, I have never met Lucy, yet I know she gives gladly of herself, her talent,her family and her home.
This opportunity for her must not be missed and why anyone would begrudge her this beggars belief(check spelling?!)
I have looked at singles holidays(too awful); my dearest friends go on hols in couples, but this would be the thing I could have wished for - a week of, ok - a bit of luxury but friendship, and crochet - no money can buy this.
I'm sure Lucy has the gumption to let any negative comments wash over her.


I quite agree with Karen and a couple of others who have spoken. I noticed the sour grapes attitude first on Ravelry but as that is such an unpleasant place with people who jump on you, I didn't speak out there and I'm sorry I didn't. (Apparently you are welcome to holiday as long as they can all go, it's free and you can meet up in Grimsby or some such. in the pouring rain). Ignore all the whinging ninnies and don't think anymore about it.

Isn't it funny how as soon as money comes into the equation people get nasty, and jealous too? I hope you and whoever goes with you on this holiday have an amazing time, and why shouldn't you? Goodness me, there are others doing things we can't everyday, do we really want to make ourselves go pop with envy? Deal with it people and be happy for someone who deserves a nice break and a special one at that.

You didn't plan the holiday, you have been asked as a guest because people like you. You have no responsibility for the holiday, people can go or not. I hope all these miseries haven't put a downer on your enthusiasm. Enjoy yourself to the max and then tell us all about it! I for one will love to hear all and see all your lovely pictures.

As for selling out, ha ha ha! from what I gather this is arranged quite independently by one person and not big business. All this stuff says far more about them than it does about you. Anyway Lucy, have a fabulous time, it sounds great.


Bonne chance! Lucy - I am so glad someone has recognised your obvious talent. I have been reading your blog since we all started and I am sure there will be plenty of takers wanting to spend the time and have a wonderful experience, all that lovey relaxed chatter in the sun. This could be start of something very special and I wish you all the very best with the adventure.


Jak, I don't think you pondered long enough. All you gripers, here's a woman who has small kids and a family, yet has taken loads and loads of hours and hours to develop and run a lovely blog, and as long as it all goes the way YOU think it should, it's all roses. But if the poor woman does something you aren't crazy about for one reason or another, you're all "WHAT??!! It costs MONEY??!!?? HORROR OF HORRORS!" Get over it, people. Blogs don't pop out of your head and plop themselves down by themselves; they take time and thought - lots of thought - and energy and commitment. Bloggers who stick with their blogs and entertain and inform readers SHOULD be able to make money from their efforts, just as magazine article writers make money. If she were writing a column in a newspaper, would you begrudge her a salary? No, you'd say what a lovely column it was and pray she didn't retire. Keeping a blog like this up and running for such a long time, and with followers from around the world for goodness sakes, means she's doing something right and I'm GLAD she can make something from it! Look at all the effort it requires! And you get it all for free. Nada. Zip. So stash the sour grapes and be supportive! And if you can do a better job, then get out there and do it.

Jak Winter

I'm atonished! Did you sell out to your own ego and big business? This is a long way from your down-to-earth, back-to-back house, hill gazing, family orientated life! I can totally understand you grabbing at this offer, but to try to induce others to pay extortinate sums of money to line the pockets of a company who totally intends to exploit you, beggers belief! I'm afraid you have really gone down in my estimation!

It has to be said, this comment was not written lightly, I pondered my opinion over several days, but it remained the same - totally astonished!


Good grief, people - so many of you with your "congratulations," while at the same time throwing cold water on it all with comments about the price. Just be glad for her, tell her so and be done with it.

Paola Lins

Hi Lucy, I follow your blog from Brazil, and I love everything that you do. Im a big fan of your talent. Today i'm here just to say that if you have a chance, you must go to the Matisse Chapel, in Vence, beautiful little city near to Nice. You will find the most beautiful inspiration to new crafts. It would be awesome to see something of Matisse's chapel in your work.
Anyway, enjoy the trip! bon voyage!

Half Acre

Hi Lucy!

I've chosen you to pass on an award! Come see!



What a fabulous opportunity Lucy! The stuff of dreams for sure! I might have to pop in a lotto ticket and cross my fingers. Failing this, I'll be watching for the beautiful photos on your blog. Have a wonderful time.


Hi Lucy,
Me again, all excited about the idea of a hooky weekend near you. I KNOW its just a suggestion at the moment lol but my mind is full of possibilities...no pressure ;-). It would be great...a weekend at a local hotel or B&B, a walk along the canal, visit to the castle and a trip out to Bolton Abbey...hooky in between, and food and wine of course and BAM....Fab weekend had by all....what do you think???
I'm off now but do get in touch if you fancy doing it and I can help at all,
Tess xx

Lone Mendelgren


LOve your pic...

Have to ask. Where can I buy Crochet hooks like your?



Hi Lucy,
The holiday looks a-maz-ing! No budget for such a thing though sadly. I hope you have a fabulous time and that you feel you can organise something in and around your hometown...I am just over the hills from you in Hebden Bridge and would be over like a shot! Happy to help with organising too if you'd like :-)
Bye for now


Oh, this is incredible! Crochet with Lucy! :)) I'd love to participate if I could!
I am so happy for you and so excited too :))) Have a great week and take care! Waiting for more crochet stuff to come:)

Liz J

Hi Lucy,
I'm from Wakefield but reading your post on holiday in the South of France!Bought my crochet with me to make a blanket for ababy nephew due in September.Crochet is my first love but taught myself to knit a couple of years ago when I retired and my first grandchild was born.Miranda at Create in Ilkley told me about your blog.I went on a course there about this time last year so how about you doing a crochet one there.
Have a wonderful time in France.Love your blog and your lemon drizzle cake!

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