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July 04, 2012


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nell ward

Oh the joy of Pimms! I "discovered" Pimms when we went to the UK in May 2010. Many a beautiful summer's evening was spent outside with Pimms. Thanks for bringing back the sweet memories.

Incidently, I think "Sociable Crochet" would be an excellent name for your first book!

Thomasina Tittlemouse

What a lovely evening! The sociable side of crochet which of course can apply to other handcrafts too, is one of its deepest delights. It took me a bit by surprise actually in the way it transcends all other differences between people so easily and completely. I think previous generations knew this as a matter of course but perhaps because we tend to lead more separate lives in this generation it's been a bit of a rediscovery. Nothing nicer than a crochet/ knitting/ sewing bee with some like-minded souls and add in cherries and Pimms and a warm summer evening in a garden and you've got heaven! To anyone who doesn't have such a bee to pop along to, I'd say start one! Wherever you are, there's bound to be several of you and look at what fun you'd be setting up for yourself!


What a beautiful time --- you make me long for summer :-) (southern hemisphere here!). Can't wait for your next installment ...


Isn't it such a joy, to get together with friends like this?
See what we did Friday, down south in Petoria. Our Craft Share, hosted by Cornel, takes places roughly every second Friday morning.



What a lovely evening!


absolutely fabulously delightful. i am green with envy. good friends to gather and share with is a treasure. i get together with my good friend steph for days of wine food and handcrafts including rag rugging, patchwork and crochet. shes an hour away so its like a mini vacation to anothwr land. joy!! looking forward to part 2. blessings trills.:-)


I love the last photo on the post. You are so lucky to live in a community who join together in things such a crochet.
When ever I used to mention to any of my friends that I can knit,crochet,sew, etc , they laughed and called me an old lady. Now I have arthritis, they would maybe say 'its your own fault' but I don't think working years in a sewing factory helps either. I'm almost 41 and my hands are buggered.
Don't try to do too much Lucy :)
Look after those lovely invisible joints

angela-southern USA

Sounds like a dream come true :)Can't wait for part II.Have a great evening!


I adore Pimms!! Add some crochet and friends...what a wonderful evening!!!


Lovely stuff!


What a lovely post about friendship. I'm now feeling upset that I missed my knit and knatter yesterday!
xx Susan


I'm loving the social crochet idea! Pray where did you find that lovely spotty hook. Red and white spots are always a winner! I have been on a ripple bender since a little diagnosis recently. Two in a couple of months. It stops me biting my nails and the kids love them. They want one each now which is okay but I do have five kids. With 24 weeks left in treatment I should have the blankies in the bag!

Kay G.

You had me at the bowl of cherries!

Shannon Mesker

Cannot wait for part II. I anticipate my daily foray to Attic 24 - it makes me smile no matter what my day may have been like. Thank you Lucy.

Marie Jones

Oh Lucy :) I really hope you are going to say that you are organising a crochet retreat?!


Sounds like you all had a wonderful cheerful time and the Pimms sounds delicious. :)I have never had it before, as I don't really drink I wonder if you could make it virgin style???


Thanks for explaining Pimm's, I really had no idea and now I would love to have a glass and sit outside and crochet with friends til the stars came out! What a fun, wonderful evening!

Lisa G.

There are few things nicer than sitting outdoors in summer at a pretty table with good friend(s) and refreshments.


You can add me to your list of learners because I only ever succeeded by following your instructions and photos!! x

Claire Jackson

Oh Pimms! I'm in! My favourite drink too, made even better when drunk with friends in the sunshine, bliss! Here's hoping for plenty of Pimms opportunities to come. Can't wait for Part 2.


You're so lucky to have a great group of friends to hang out with. You kind of remind me of the group of women friends in Sally Godenbaum's Seaside Knitters Mysteries. Except obviously you crochet, and don't solve murders!!! But other than that...
Looking forward to tomorrow's post.


You have found a perfect combination of friends, crochet and refreshments. Enjoy !


That sounds utterly delightful - looking forward to part two!

Fleur Cotton

It looks like a fantastic evening....and what great memories to treasure especially when the evenings are so gloomy and wet at the moment...it seems a lifetime away since our last warm summer evening.

Looking forward to Part 2!
Fleur xx


Sounds great, I'll bring a big summer fruit trifle! Eagerly awaiting the next instalment and wonderful photos! Have been enjoying your blog for a while, I'm from your hometown originally so love seeing the pictures and getting homesick (in a good way!) Have sent your blog link on to my mum who now lives abroad, just know she'll love it as much as me! You're so right about the importance of social crochet - I tried following so many patterns in books and on the internet when I wanted to learn, but only when I sat with my step-mum for a whole lovely afternoon did I 'get it' and crocheted my first granny square!
Marg x

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