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July 04, 2012


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Lucinda Lynx

It sounds you had lovely time together. And that crocheted item looks awesome! It resembles a blanket.

Aplinkos tvarkymas

That drink looks so delicious! That recipe of this?

Joanna Burkett

I would love to have a crochet group. Do you know if you can buy Pimms in the US?


Hi Lucy. That looks simply delightful!


I wish I had a hooky group like that! And I'm a fan of anythIng that involves gin. That's another thing my granny gave me along with my love of yarn - a love of London Dry Gin!


It all sounds like a delightful evening! My husband and I have been sitting inside in insufferable Midwest American heat - 104 F. today - watching the games at Wimbledon and he has fixed us some of the best Pimms Cups. We will have to try your recipe, as well.


enjoyed todays blog you are totally barmy but you make me very happy: ) i will be back tomorrow for prt2


Karen, it's an Angelica plant.

Miss julep

I have GOT to try Pimms when I visit the UK. It looks delicious!

What a beautiful post! Looking forward to reading part 2.


Can hardly wait!!


Can anyone from the author's area tell me what plant this is: in the second pic, it's a tall plant nearest the downspout, with roundish flower heads on it. The heads look similar in shape to the alium shown later, but they're green (and unlike alium, of which I have lots, it appears to be a tree/shrub)I'm not familiar with it here in the U.S. Thanks!


What a great post Tracys yard looks perfect - ah so envious xxx


Sounds like a lot of my favourite things


Is there any chance of you writting a pattern for the snake you did? I've tryed to get the book but cant find it anywhere :o(


Pimms does indeed induce laughter,especially if my Other Half mixes it- he misread the instructions and got the lemonade and Pimms proportion the wrong way round...


This sounds like such a wonderful night! You are so lucky to have a group of ladies to share a mutual love of crochet and family with! I have been hoping for that in my town but have not been lucky enough to stumble upon the right people yet ... Can't wait to here more about your little group! <3


I've had Pimms (an ex-pat friend here in the states made it for a party a number of years ago) and it is delicious, so cool and refreshing. Definitely a good drink for sharing, especially on a hot day. I think I'm inspired to find a needlework group. . .thank you.

Taciana Simmons

I 100%agree with you Lucy. I believe that getting together with people you love and have so much in common enhances our lives and makes us "richer" :) I also looove to knit and crochet in public. I bring mine with me everywhere I go. It starts so many conversations and I have made so many friends and met so many people who would've not approached me if I was not crocheting or knitting. I am so happy you have your group and that it's so happy for you! :)

I have posted on my blog about my group about a month ago and we meet again tonight! So happy!


i very very very very love your color
the color make me shock
confident ,vitality and warm
in my country like your style is very unusual
but i love it
and your garden too


Sounds perfect! I'm going to have to find some non-virtual people to crochet with! :-)


What a lovely memory. and such a lovely venue for your gathering.

thanks for the pimms 'recipe', never knew about putting oranges in. we usually do strawbs and mint...and we are certainly not brave enough for a 1:3 mix!!

right now, us 3 are still recovering from our 3 days in the office/nursery...knackered is an understatement! so, i look foward to my pimms o'clock time when you post part 2


How lovely to join up regularly with a group of friends for some hooky and chats! It sounds wonderful. I feel like doing that here too. How did you all meet each other and start up your friendly get-togethers?
Swiss people are more reserved... so I'm not sure they would nibble an invitation. However, nothing ventured, nothing gained!
If you have any tips on how to get a group started, my gmail address is attached to my blog.
Best wishes, Sandra


What fun! I wish I was able to get together with friends and crochet! Can't wait for part 2.


sounds so nice...i always love all your pictures..

Fiona Ridley

Love love love Pimms, but last night I was rippling with a glass of pineau.......Pineau des Charentes to be precise, that is lovely stuff too!

Fiona (KnitKnatKnot)

PS I think I can guess what the next post is about? crochet and France, 2 of my favouritist things? Am I right?!

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